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Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Stainless Steel Exhaust Header (2007-2011 3.8L JK) Review

Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Stainless Steel Exhaust Header (2007-2011 3.8L JK) Review

These Rugged Ridge Stainless Steel Exhaust
Headers are for those of you that have a 2007 to 2011 JK with that 3.8 liter engine, that
are looking for a replacement exhaust manifold. These are going to be very similar in design
to that factory exhaust manifold, but they are going to be made of 409 stainless, so
you’re not going to have to worry about these rusting out, like you would in mild steel
or even an aluminized set. This is going to be a fairly involved installation. There’s no cutting and there’s no drilling,
but I am going to give it a strong two out of three wrenches. There’s a good deal of disassembly you’ll
need to do in the engine bay of your Jeep in order to get these installed, and we’ll
talk more about that installation in just a second. So, like I said, whether you have a cracked
or rusted out set of exhaust headers on your JK, whether it’s one, whether it’s both, let’s
face it, even the newest 2011 JK with that 3.8 in it, is getting a little bit older. This is gonna be a great replacement, and
it’s going to be an upgrade in the fact that it is 409 stainless instead of aluminized
or mild steel, so this is a job that you’re not going to have to do again any time soon. Now, stainless steel is going to be more expensive
than aluminized steel or mild steel, so you are going to have to prepare to spend a little
bit more for this kit than you would for an OEM replacement set that is made out of an
inferior metal. But, again, this is going to be higher quality
stuff. With 409, you can expect to get a little bit
of surface rust, some oxidation on it, but you won’t get rotting through like you would
with other steels. So you are getting something for that additional
money. So, as for construction, the main point to
make is one I’ve already made, and it’s about the materials these are constructed from. This is 409 stainless. It’s not 304 stainless, but it is 409 stainless,
and it’s gonna hold up a lot better than steel or aluminized steel would over time. You’re not gonna have to worry about this
rusting, like you would with some of those other materials. Now, these also boast a little bit more of
a free-flowing design. You might get a little bit of additional power
out of these. I wouldn’t expect it to be something that
you feel, even in that seat-of-the-pants dyno. This is not going to be a performance mod
by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you’re gonna swap out your header,
you want them to be a little more free-flowing than those factory ones, and that is something
that Rugged Ridge is going to give you with this set of headers. This is going to be a very complete kit. This does come with your gaskets. It comes with all of your hardware. It also comes with some heat shields for all
of your spark plug wires, which is going to be a nice add, as well. So let’s talk a bit about that installation. Again, I’m gonna give it a very strong two
out of three wrenches. No cutting or major modification, so we’re
not in that three-out-of-three-wrench range, but a lot of disassembly in that engine bay
underneath the hood to do, in order to get a set of these installed. So keep that in mind. You might wanna purchase these and take your
Jeep to a shop to have them installed, if you’re not comfortable doing this type of
work. Now, you are going to have to remove your
intake air box, your power steering reservoir, a fuse block, your battery and your battery
tray, to make room to get your headers out of the way. Once you have them completely unbolted, you’ll
have to remove the old gasket, ensure that the new gasket is properly placed so everything
steels up. Reinstall your new headers with your new hardware. You’re also going to put your spark plug boots
on at this time and go ahead and reassemble everything back into the Jeep. This is probably going to be a three-plus-hour
installation, for most of you in your driveway. So this set of headers does run around $400,
and that is mostly because of the material that they’re made out of. This 409 stainless is going to be a lot more
expensive than mild steel or even aluminized steel. So, if you’re willing to spend a little bit
more money, I do think that these are gonna be a good buy. I do think that you’re getting something for
the additional money that you have to spend. With these, you’re not going to have to be
replacing your headers any time soon. These are gonna hold up very, very well for
you. In my opinion, because this is a more difficult
installation, because it does take a lot of time and energy to get a set of these installed,
I’d rather spend a little bit more, knowing that I’m getting something better, higher
quality, that is going to last longer. And I think that’s what you get here, all
for a pretty fair price. So, if you’re looking to swap out the headers
on your JK for a set that are made of a nice, high-quality stainless steel, that’s gonna
hold up really well over time, I definitely recommend taking a look into this kit from
Rugged Ridge. And you can find it right here at

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  1. This headers are garbage I don’t know why rugged ridge keep selling this trash they get so freaking hot the boot sleeve don’t help at all because they get so hot plus ur under hood is freaking hot

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