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Jeep Wrangler Zone Offroad 4″ Lift Kit w/ Hydro Shocks (2003-2006 TJ) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Zone Offroad 4″ Lift Kit w/ Hydro Shocks (2003-2006 TJ) Review & Install

This Zone Offroad 4-inch Lift Kit with Hydraulic
Shocks is for those of you that have a 2003 to 2006 TJ and are looking to run a set of
33-inch tires on your Wrangler. If you are looking to run a set of 35-inch
tires, you’re probably gonna have to go up to a 6-inch lift kit or just know that you’re
going to have dramatically reduced suspension articulation. And if you want to run something smaller than
a 33-inch tire, you can probably get away with a little bit less lift, probably something
around 2 and 1/2 inches of lift. So, again, I really do recommend 33-inch tires
for a 4-inch lift kit like this one. And if you are looking to run a set of 33s,
I think this kit from Zone is a very nice option, because it’s going to save you some
money over some of the other kits but also be a very complete lift kit. Installing a lift kit like this is going to
be a two out of three wrench installation. It’s probably going to take you two to three
hours depending on what tools you have access to, and if you have a lift, or if you’re doing
this in the driveway on your back. This is going to include everything you need
to get your Jeep back on the road again, and that includes a lot of the smaller pieces
and parts that some of the other kits on the market, even the more expensive kits, don’t
include. Of course, you are going to have your new
taller coil springs, and those are gonna be what provides you with that 4 inches of lift. You’re also going to have a set of hydraulic
shocks from Zone, and, in general, a hydraulic shock is going to ride a little bit softer
than a nitrogen-charged shock, which is something I really like. If you are going up to a bigger lift, if you
like a little bit of a stiffer ride with a little bit less body roll, then maybe a nitro
shock or something that’s a little bit stiffer might be a better option for you, but, for
something that’s gonna be a comfortable ride, this is going to be a great choice. Now, a nitrogen shock is also going to avoid
any sort of foaming and cavitation when you work that shock really hard off-road. So, again, if you’re looking for those benefits,
look to a nitrogen shock but something that’s nice and comfortable and that’ll save you
a little bit of money. These hydraulic shocks are gonna be an excellent
option. This kit’s also going to come with four new
longer sway bar end links, and those are going to accommodate your new taller ride height. This comes with a rear track bar bracket,
which is going to get some of that rear geometry back into check after you have finished your
lift, and, of course, this does come with lower control arms for both the front and
rear of your Jeep, and that’s very important when you’re lifting your jeep 4 inches. When you add that much lift, you’re gonna
be rolling the axles, you’re going to change the caster up front, and the pinion angle,
and then the rear of the pinion angle as well, which can cause all sorts of issues. The steering wheel won’t want to recenter. You can get driveline vibrations. Four inches of lift is really when you have
to worry about getting some driveline vibes on your TJ, so these lower control arms in
conjunction with the transfer case drop that comes with this lift kit is going to eliminate
any of those issues. That transfer case drop, again, is going to
be included in this kit, and that’s one of those things that some of those other kits
out there on the market do not include. This is also going to include some transfer
case linkage, adapters that are going to help make that four-wheel drive linkage work properly
even after you have your transfer case drop installed. So, as you can see, very complete kit, a lot
of pieces, a lot of parts, but Zone’s still able to do it at a really, really reasonable
price. Of course, there are ways you can upgrade
this kit. You can go to control arms that have spherical
joints on one or both ends. You can change out all eight control arms. You can start adding adjustable track bars. There are, of course, different ways that
you can upgrade this, but if you’re looking for a really complete starter kit, something
that’s gonna get you rolling down the road again, hitting the trails, or running a set
of 33-inch tires, and doing it effectively all while saving you some money, this is going
to be a really good option for you. Installing a lift kit like this is going to
be a two out of three wrench installation. It’s probably going to take you two to three
hours depending on what tools you have access to, and if you have a lift, or if you’re doing
this in the driveway on your back. Either way, the steps are going to be pretty
similar. You’re going to have to loosen or remove any
of the components that keep you from fully sagging the axles down in order to remove
the springs. That means you’re going to be removing your
brake line brackets, your shocks, your sway bar end links, and your track bars in order
to fully sag that suspension down. When you do that, you’ll be able to pop out
your factory springs, install your new taller springs and all of the other components that
come in this kit as you go ahead and reassemble the Jeep. Now, when you have no load on the axles, that’s
also a really good time to install these new lower control arms, and, as I said, then you’re
just putting the pieces and parts back on the Jeep as you put it back together but using
these components instead of the factory ones that you’ve removed. This is not going to be a difficult installation. There are a lot of people that do this in
their driveway with just some traditional hand tools, myself included, but if you’re
not comfortable doing this much disassembly to your Jeep, there is no shame in taking
your Jeep to a shop and having them install the lift kit for you. I said it before, one of my favorite parts
about this kit is the fact that it is so all-inclusive and it comes in at just over $500, which is
a very fair price. A lot of the other kits that are gonna be
in this price range aren’t going to include all of the little bits and pieces that this
one does. For a kit that has lower control arms, shocks,
springs, all the brackets, the transfer case drop kit, everything that this kit has, I
think $500 is a very reasonable price, and I think this is going to be a really nice
starter kit for a lot of you. So, if you’re looking for a fairly priced
and complete lift kit that’ll allow you to run a set of 33s on your TJ, I highly recommend
taking a look at this kit from Zone that you can find right here at

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11 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler Zone Offroad 4″ Lift Kit w/ Hydro Shocks (2003-2006 TJ) Review & Install

  1. Will I be able to run 37s with a 4inch lift? I currently have a 2.5 lift running 33s and have a decent amount of flex room

  2. i dont think that time frame covers removal of all the rusted ,frozen bolts,lol , 4hrs to do the rear in my driveway yesterday before the rain washed me out from under my jeep,4 hrs front next day, you will need angle grinder or a dremel for rear control arms two spots,take your time instructions are clear where to grind, drill one hole on track bar bracket up front passenger side , drill one hole on each spring perch for bump stops (front), put antiseize on bolt that goes thru trackbar bushing, other than these areas the rest is bolt on. pb blaster is your friend ,wash underside and crawl around and spray all the bolts that your going to remove the day before and get the right size wrenches and sockets,ps some will be metric some standard, two may be torx (front and rear track bars),2 months wheelin it hard and no complaints

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