100 thoughts on “Knight Rider KITT Car Replica Most Screen Accurate Build

  1. This is truly an amazing car, very high quality in all areas, I especially like the KITT automated voice system, responding to questions and comments. It may not have been built over 17 years like the Basement Lamborghini, but it is still a work of art.

  2. For added effect you should have kidnapped William Daniels and locked him in the trunk. Then gave him a microphone to respond in kind to your questions…😉

  3. Man I woukld buy this car in a heartbeat and leave it the way it is. Excellent job on K.I.T.T. thanks for the upload. But to sell this car, I would sell it for a cool million thats what I would ask for. If someone bought I would sell, if not, I would just keep it but that would be my asking price.

  4. I was not born nor did I grow up in the 80's but my dad showed me this show and I just fell in love with it. I still remember when Michael first got in KITT, he said "What's all this? It looks like Darth Vader's bathroom."

  5. Knight Rider, I loved that TV series, golden days sweet memories, glad KITT is reborn, I just wonder what happen to the original KITT on this present day???

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  7. This is awesome! I got off a casino bus yesterday. I was trapped in a car show. I ended up posting a youtube video of an awesome KITT 2000 lol

  8. the red light doesn't go as fast as it should from side to side – my initial thought as the light was the one thing that made it space age from the get go

  9. I sat in KITT at a comic book fair in Leighton Buzzard. My son took the photo, he really didn’t get what the fuss was all about. But I got to be Hoff for 5 minutes..

  10. Get the Hoff for a picture and have a good time with him. After that take car to an auction and set the price for at least 1 million

  11. 50k $ doesn't seem that much. A mid range mass production car costs that amount these days.
    But it is for sure worth more than 100k, there are so many rich car collectors that would pay a lot more for the "most accurate" KITT.

  12. No seat belts? I saw a seat belt clip on the seat. Why were there no seat belts in the original on the show? They had shoulder style seat belts in 1982.

  13. Anyone who put a thumbs down for that amazing effort is clearly not a Knight Rider fan. Way to go Chris, I too wish for the 1982 body Trans Am one day. I'd even be happy with a basic dash and sound and actually sell off the V8 engine and with all that great body space, give KITT an electric conversion. Even a standard Trans am from 1981 through 1989 turns me on as they just looked so cool. Compare the beautiful looking Pontiac Trans-Am to some of the horrible pregnant roller skates of today and there's just no comparison. Currently I drive a 1988 Toyota MR2 MK1b and there's not a car on the road I'd trade it in for right now. It out cools the lot. Except…. for the 1980's Lotus Turbo Esprit, the Ferrari Testarossa and the Pontiac Trans-Am of that era. PLEASE manufacturers bring back style and coolness to cars. The latest Ford Mustang for example sucks compared to the 60's and 70's Mustang's and even Lamborginni doesn't look as cool as it once did. (The Contache versus the current Montelado(or however that contraption is spelt), the coolness has died in cars and then when it hasn't there so low to the ground as to be impractical. There's still not many cars that out cool KITT!!!! (Who saw that horrible remake and groaned when you saw the alleged new KITT??? I personally nearly threw up in disgust. When your on a good thing…….

  14. I loved that show, and I absolutely loved that car. I used to tape the episodes so I could study the interior dash and console. No internet back then. I actually think this replica looks better than the car used in the TV episode. I'm going by the dash and console views when I say that. Don't know that I ever saw it that clearly and concisely and with the awesome detail depicted in this youtube video. Love it – even more now! The Hoff would be proud – who knows, he may be the buyer once he sees this.

  15. So throughout the entire series, Michael was breaking the law by not having a seat belt! And he's the hero!
    Anyway, phenomenal job. It looks perfect. I wish we'd seen all the overhead buttons and things, but there you go.

  16. I was born the year knight rider aired. This was my super car growing up and still is. Anyone from the 80's will understand. I hope I get to own one.

  17. I love kitt forever i would love to own him someday or find one and be able to do what this man did with his until then i can only dream amazing work

  18. The steering wheel is off-center; or maybe the car needs an alignment. Seems like a pain to drive with the off-center steering wheel.

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