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LEGO Ninjago Empire Dragon + Cole’s Speeder Car reviews! 71713 71706

LEGO Ninjago Empire Dragon + Cole’s Speeder Car reviews! 71713 71706

hello this is my first look at new stuff
from lego ninjago season 12 over here most of the stuff you’re looking at on
the screen is the empire dragon set hand over on the left is Cole’s speeder car
which comes with just these two figures let’s look at the big thing first
this season’s theme takes us kind of into a cyber verse where we’re going
into a game world so everything is a little bit retro and very digital and
supposed to look electronic a little bit on the cyberpunk side I would say with
just slightly more modern flavors and themes with some of the specific things
there are some new molds that have been introduced for this season such as these
winged lit pieces which you can see from the underside are actually pretty decent
in size and those can be used as very very large blades if you want this
dragon has some Technic pieces on it a lot of just regular system pieces and a
combination with some CC BS or a creature and character or character and
creature building system parts that all go together it’s a little bit on the
skeletal side but it is pretty sizable when you compare this to the size of
just a regular plain boring minifigure you know it’s not even coming up to the
knee and yeah this has knees but they’re not able to bend the articulation that
you get here starting I guess from the tail since we’re looking at it is you
know lots of ball joints in the tail itself so that’s able to move all over
the place these are these ratcheted joints that have a lot of stiffness in
them so that’s able to go in and out forward and back and then you have ball
joints for the feet feet are done a little bit differently from things that
I’ve seen before it’s not too many pieces but actually it looks kind of
interesting and then for the front legs it’s a similar thing same type of joints
are available there ball joint down here for the ankle everything is able to hold
itself up pretty well the neck has a couple points of articulation you can
bring it up and down here and then the head itself is on a ball joint and it
just has some limitations won’t go down all the way but you know you can kind of
rotate it around that is a printed piece underneath there it’s printed on both
sides just like they’ve done for some other recent
Dragons it’s a 2 by 2 brick printed on both sides you can open up the mouth
like so you can close it up that greenish looking color is teal Lee
recently resurrected color and then you have just kind of the the ears or horn
things it’s really like ears you move those in and out just a little bit and
maybe this is more more like a horn and that can be brought up and down this has
a couple of shooters there are stud suitors here you can angle those
independently they kind of look like pauldrons or shoulder armor but they are
on ball joint so you can rotate them around one on either side
this one’s moved out of the way a little bit this is supposed to be like a
windscreen here and then the pilot stands or sits but in this case this one
can only stand in the cockpit which has controls there that’s just a sticker and
taking the figure out see just stands on some some studs and this is a little bit
open so he’s a little bit hollow around some of these spots but that’s pretty
much it for this dragon itself there’s the the whole thing and you know it’s
it’s intended to be on four legs with the really really short rear legs it’s
not intended to stand very well but you can get it to stand because it does have
enough friction in those joints and there’s enough stable support especially
with the help of the tail to get this to stand up and there’s what that looks
like so again a bit skeletal a bit skinny but fairly long or done this way
fairly tall this is Emperor una Gani who I’m assuming is the main bad guy so an
important one to get he introduces brand-new molds for the hair the beard
and also the pauldrons the hairpiece is dual molded so the
white and red are two different plastics that is semi soft you know not super
rubbery but a little bit soft so one brick will not break too easily and the
printing goes around the back for the body that includes the torso as well as
the leg robe kind of piece which is the exact height of a regular set of minifig
legs so that all works pretty well and it has consistency to it
to be sure and there’s what it looks like with everything removed and he does
have an alternate face and this one to me looks a lot like Darth Maul but I’m
assuming that they’re just doing though they’re kind of you know good and bad or
normal and infected kind of thing so he’s got two modes and this is his most
mean most evil and most dangerous mode here’s digi Lloyd and I had to zoom out
a bit because of all the stuff that he has on including the flag or banner on
his back which is showing a projection of his current life status so that’s his
health bar that’s projected up above him back there and that’s just attached on
to this new scabbard and pauldron piece that has an extra attachment for a bar
at the back of it he gets to katanas in the bright spring green color and this
is a new piece for the hilts for the weapon there it’s dual moulded with
white and black to represent the look of a game controller but you just hold it
this way and then you can attach things to it I will show you more pieces that
are included in that kind of frosted trans neon greenish yellow color here’s
the figure just by itself though and you can clearly see one arm is just that
bright spring green color and you can see the rest of this version of his face
and then he also has an alternate face which is just more normal one and
there’s a pretty good print on the back of that torso as well here’s digi Chi
who has almost an identical setup just the different colors for him and also a
different blade that is attached to his hilt right now of course obviously the
headgear pieces for this season are new again and also dual molded so you get
the one primary color and then the white and then there’s additionally a print on
top of that otherwise yeah this one’s pretty much set up the same so there’s
nothing else dramatically different to see here and here’s what it looks like
with everything removed the printing work again is pretty good the white even
on the torso has decent opacity to it not so good on the legs I’d say and then
here’s the alternate face which is probably not as generic not as useful in
as many different scenarios because it’s it’s so
expressive and has that one specific emotion the set includes this one weapon
or powerup stand and it has within it one of this season’s collectibles that
is called a katana it is a specialized weapon that also acts as a am assuming
digital key for probably unencrypted it’s important to ultimately win the
game and you will see this piece in multiple colors throughout different
sets it can be held from the end as you can see there’s a bar shape at the end
for sticking it into a slot to represent you know using it as a key or you can
use it as an actual weapon as a blade and obviously this is dual moulded which
is always nice to see now there are a ton of spare parts in this set because
they include a full pack of the modern Ninjago weapon parts just molded into
this transnih on greenish-yellow so they only use two of those pieces in the
official set so all these are left over and very useful you also get a couple of
spare bright spring green regular katanas with the square guards on them
and this extra stuff now there’s not a lot to the Cole’s speeder car set
because it’s just a little four Plus set with a total of 52 pieces and previously
this would have been called a Ninjago juniors set so you get a car which is
pretty basic because again it’s in the four plus line so the whole chassis is
one piece and you just stick the wheels on there handful of decoration pieces
that is a print that’s one of the great things about the four plus line and just
the younger targeted stuff in general they give you these really nice printed
pieces little suggestion of a Nintendo style there without getting into too
much trouble hopefully and it just holds a single figure in there and there’s
some basic details actually like the offset tires the stagger tires and this
roll is just fine and everything so you know it just kind of does its job as a
basic toy what I don’t like about this though is that these little pieces at
the front and at the back can relatively easily get broken off if you’re just
playing with it you know just grabbing the thing so probably a lot of
kids after not much time will simply leave these off entirely the figure here
is digi coal who does not have any of his head on armor pieces or anything he
just has the new hood or head gear piece and none of the special stuff except for
the katana there so they do include one color of katana and one of the
collectibles is nice to get one of the collectibles in a particularly cheap set
you know inexpensive set the print on this is not that great in my opinion
it’s just well the the legs especially on this one that I got are not printed
well the orange is particularly bad and just I think the design takes away a lot
of the the brightness of the cold character you know he doesn’t have a
different colored arm he doesn’t have too much of his more integer what used
to be brown or whatever you know just he looks almost like he could be just a
generic bad guy in my opinion and kind of like a oh just like a mystery kind of
thing to me no he just looks like he could be generic the actual bad guy in
this set though has plenty of visual flair on him and is interesting the
primary color there is sand green and then it’s contrasted against flame
yellowish orange oranges yellow color and then he has that special hilts the
game controller hilt dual moulded in black and red
that looks pretty cool the name of this character is Hausner he is a rat a
digital rat after our thing okay I will see how that works had actually in the
story but you can see it it’s a humanoid rat with some sort of visor on that I’m
swimming is a set of VR goggles or something like that and he has just a
single horn up on top there is no actual minifig head underneath there that is
just a single dual molded piece within the horn piece attached to it and I just
find this to be interesting at least it’s different I do kind of wish there
was one additional color something to separate the torso from the head I’m
assuming they’re there trying to say that the skin tone of the
character is that sand green but it feels to me like he has a shirt on I
mean you’re seeing musculature right there you’re seeing edges of ribs and
everything but I just don’t quite feel that personally I mean he’s got armor on
the back like an armor plate okay there’s just something that is missing
about this design to me feel like it needs a little bit more distinct
printing or some other color something on the arms something he rides on a
hoverboard which is just a basic longboard piece or surfboard piece I
think actually with a couple of neon transnih on greenish yellow parts
underneath to represent energy and you know the fact that it’s supposed to be
floating and then he has this kind of plasma chain I guess something like that
electro chain something in the digital world that allows him to attach to
things and he’s going to try to steal away the key Tana and you can attach
this on to the car so that you know he’s kind of being dragged along by a door
he’s trying to get himself to it and it’s just that kind of thing pretty
straightforward but it works you know he can actually pull him along although he
does want to fall forward there we go got it and that right there is the spare
piece for the cold speeder car set that’s it the cold speeder car set is 10
bucks for a car and a couple of figures and at least one of the figures is
interesting to me has interesting parts and the car includes a very large base
part and a nice exclusive and decently large printed piece as well so I think
the value here is pretty good if you like what you see and I think that even
some folks who are a little bit older than the target age range for this will
be able to appreciate this because of its components especially Hausner and
also that printed piece right there and the inclusion of the katana you know
there’s good stuff for older fans of Ninjago season 12 in this small young
oriented set the Empire Dragon is $30 u.s. for 286 pieces and night
don’t think that is a coincidence I think whoever designed this specifically
added one or two pieces removed to one or two pieces to get it to 286 to be a
reference to the old IBM PC 286 DX 80 computer systems
my parents had one of those back when I had an XT was just an 80 88 but anyway
it’s the little historical digi universe computer kind of referenced there but I
think the value for this is very good because it comes with three good figures
with a full set of accessories and plenty of extra accessories even and the
dragon itself is very respectable in its size for of that price yeah I think all
of these figures are are good and well and well set up and you know they’re
playing different options for how you can use them between the different the
different expressions the different faces they have and all the accessories
and everything there’s a lot that I think you can do with the set I think
there’s a lot of value that you can get out of this set without changing it
without adding anything to it again specifically what I like personally
least about this dragon is this area right in here I don’t like the fact that
they left it hollow around the I guess it’s kind of a ribcage kind of structure
and to me the front third of the dragon just looks really good it looks very
finished looks like it has a theme to it and it just makes sense to me the back
third and and more of it also looks fine you know it’s a little bit smaller but
that’s okay you know things can just taper off in general this is a little
bit wonky here but it’s no big deal it’s just that center section right there I
feel could have used a few more pieces to cover up the side right here and to
thicken up kind of the waist area at the waist and stomach area of it but that’s
I think is slightly nitpicking you know overall again the value is what
this is all about and I think that’s where this does shine because you know
30 bucks this is pretty sizeable and then you also get two well setup figures
with plenty of accessories this guy is special as well even this is pretty cool
so yeah good good they’re over all my Lego check out the
combined build videos for these two sets I did the two together as pure builds
and also as speed build so if you want to see either of those they are alive
now and see them on my respective other channels thanks for watching and I’ll
talk to you again right here very soon

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81 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago Empire Dragon + Cole’s Speeder Car reviews! 71713 71706

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  13. I’m wondering whether the skinny-ness of the dragon’s midriff is meant to mimic the more lizard-like, dragons of east-Asian lore – the one’s that coil around a bit more? Personally though, I’m gonna mod it to beef it up.

  14. I feel like the standard of lego ninjago dragons has slipped quite drastically. They seem to be the same, repetitive style of build lacking a lot of creativity, ie compare this dragon to the morro dragon which I reckon is the best ninjago dragon to date. Then compare this dragon to the hands of time "Fusion" dragon, it's too similar, as if the designers rehashed the design swapping a few details or pieces. Finally I cant help but feel build of Jay's dragon for s12 is heavily underwhelming.

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