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Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017 – alexsmolik

Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017 – alexsmolik

Hey everyone, alexsmolik here!
Where were you on september 23/24?! Well, I was at “Les Grandes Heures Automobiles”
And you should’ve been there as well! But first things first What exactly is “Les Grandes Heures Automobiles? It’s a great project started with one man,
Franz HUMMEL Whose purpose was to give back its illustrous noble past to the mythical autodrome of Linas-Montlhéry Indeed, one has got to admit that the autodrome,
after having such a glorious past after hosting so many events, wether it’s the “1000 km of Paris” or the “Bol d’Or”, and so many more… With renown drivers, such as Jean-Pierre BELTOISE, Louis CHIRON, Jean-Pierre WIMILLE… (( BTW, those two names should ring a bell to every Bugatti fan out there )) Despite all this, the autodrome was somewhat age worn Especially since the non-renewal of its “race homologation” back in 2004 Still, that didn’t stop Ken BLOCK from filming his Gymkhana 3 there in 2010 Which is not bad! With passion as its guiding principle “Les Grandes Heures” aims to unite and federate Wether it’s passionate people, drivers, curious people, around this famous race track During a festive and family-oriented kind of week-end in the hopes of bringing back to life the Autodrome The adventure has been going on for 3 years now Many would say the 2nd edition
was the real “first edition” Considering how good it was That being said, this year was on another level so… The event keeps getting better and better each year, getting bigger as well BTW, the event might be called the “Grandes Heures AUTOMOBILES” (mentioning “cars”) But motorbikes have a say in it ! This year, no less than 200 motorbikes took part in the event and participated to the show As far as I’m concerned
I know shit about bikes I’m afraid So I can’t really talk to you about that…
… hey… maybe I’ve got a new angle there… One thing is for certain:
There were some MEAN machines there! So the 2017 edition was special for us
for many reasons Firstly, giving the quality of the cars present there, which simply was outstanding But I’ll get back to that later But there also is a second reason: we had an agreement with the organizers to try and bring to life
an “outstanding GT” and supercars batch whose name would be
“alexsmolik supercar series” Seeing your name being associated
with an event known for its quality it’s flattering but it’s also quite intimidating Thanks to the Cars & Food club, a bunch of outstanding GT were able to join us to participate in the event and enjoy themselves With a pretty remarkable honor and privilege Which was to have four driving sessions around the track, including one night session Which is pretty impressive and… for some, still traumatizing (

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2 thoughts on “Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017 – alexsmolik

  1. Malheureusement je n'es pu être présent lors de se magnifique week-end 😕 j'aurai bien aimé voir la F1 et la McLaren P1.

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