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Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017 [#VLOG19]

Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017 [#VLOG19]

Hi everybody I hope you’re fine ?
I’m so good. This morning we go to Monthléry autodrome, the famous “Monthléry autodrome” with its speed ring for an event I already took part last year “Les grandes heures de l’automobile”, and that was great ! you can see Classic cars, two wheels, single seats, rally cars.
This event really seems to grow since last year, so let’s see what it looks like now with VIPs, like rally driver Sébastien LOEB and some nice supercars, last year I saw a nice Saleen and this year I think we’ll see a P1, I think I saw a mclaren F1… A really nice line-up which make me excited really excited to go. So, let’s see what it looks like, let’s go !
So, it seems that we are arrived…according to my navigation system and according to the queue in front of me normally, we can park on the.. we have the access badge which allows us to park on the “parkings clubs” Not sure it will facilitate our entrance but it will facilitate our parking! Let’s see that.. So, we are arrived… the small tunnel to go under the ring Great, honestly ! Not sure I would have the courage to ride this they are wonderful we really have an incredible chance compare to last year last year it was raining, First! and it was really not as big as it is now organisers really pushed hard on promotion and advertising of the event thanks to that, we really have an incredible line-up classic cars, wonderful cars we normally see in museums or TV docs but unusually all together I think this event really count now a importante place in the middle of the other events who count So ok, it’s not “Goodwood” yet, but when you see cars like that It is not Goddwood but we have reached a turning point since last year and we have this chance to get this track so specific with this ring it will always stay a plus (bonus) for this event. Incredible, so here we have great “classics” machines more and more improbables Personnaly I won’t take the risk to drive these machines honestly it is just incredible, did you see the quantity of cars ? I don’t know where to film to.. Some cars and in the back the motobikes Incredible ! I fell crazy right there. However this kind of cars I think it is just purely hapiness to drive ! The two wheels there.. Something great also, compare to events like “Le Mans Classic” is that we can… they trust the public and I hope they will be rewarded. We can go absolutely everywhere ! We can touch the cars (even if it’s some the goal of course) we can approach the cars really it was your own garage ! OMG, here we have something “special” ! First, a P1…really nice but not so rare and it’s “grand mother” (can I say that?) the mclaren F1 ! It’s just madness it just costs a few millions of euros, it is ultra rare If you now this car, you won’t be surprised to see the wheel in the middle like this but if you don’t really know this car, have a look. The wheel is in the middle with the driver seat, and two passengers on each side ! so the driver feels like a Le Mans’ car driver, in the middle ! this car is incredible We can approach…we really can enjoy Great ! And I think we’ll see them on the track Diversity of cars is also incredible. Side by side you can a Mustang, a Mclaren 458 challenge or GT3? a ferrari P3 I don’t know if everybody can understand/mesure but it is just incredible to see that, approach that and probably to see on the track Incredible ! Honestly you know what is my problem of the day ? I think I won’t get enough batteries to film all I want to film the density of cars ! this car also is fantastic, with some legendary names We saw it on track track during Le Mans Classic, it sounds madness ! Porsche 917, right here AC Cobra it’s fantastic, it’s like the paradise for PetrolHeads.. Type E density of cars is incredible GT 40 right here with Gulf livery I try to make you enjoy as much as I can I’m not sure I manage to transpose the profusion of.. here is a M1 if I’m correct I love this car, first because it is so beautiful because it looks phenomenal and this car is literally is a flamethrower ! I don’t know if we’ll have the chance to see what I’m speaking about but this car spits flames.. Ok, I’m hungry now. I’m going to take something to eat and I see you later So, as planned, I didn’t get enough battery, so much things to film, it was a crazy weekend. I think I said the word “incredible” 200 times. The last sequence with the group B, with the sunset it was just wonderful. I hope you enjoyed, do not hesitate to put a thumbs up on the video and to subscribe to my channel. See you soon, Ciao !

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5 thoughts on “Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017 [#VLOG19]

  1. Bonjour,
    une question, je filme avec une gopro 3+ en camera inboard. j'ai essayé la Gopro pour filmer de manière classique et je n'ai pas un rendu acceptable, le images sautent et lorsque je bouge pour faire un suivi ce n'est pas ça du tout. je filme en 1080 s 30. Pour avoir un rendu comme vous avez, vous utilisez quel réglage ? Bonne soirée.

  2. Topissime ton reportage sur les Grandes Heures! Congrats… on va meme ma Huracan au debut..;-)))…… a tres bientot. Olivier

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