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Lexus | Know Your Lexus: Smart Key System

Lexus | Know Your Lexus: Smart Key System

[Upbeat music plays] The Lexus Smart Key
System makes it simple
and easy to enter your vehicle without
searching for your keys. The system allows a driver
to unlock, lock and
operate a vehicle while simply carrying the Smart
Key in his or her pocket
or purse. As long as the Smart key
is within approximately
0.7 metres of a door handle or a trunk release
button the doors will unlock. The driver simply grips the
door handle, touching the
lock sensor on the back of the handle, to
unlock any door while
carrying the Smart Key. A beep will sound twice and
the four-way flashers will
flash twice, to signal the door is unlocked. Keep in mind, the sensor
might not activate if the
person is wearing gloves. On some models, lighting
on the side marker,
parking, tail, and license plate lights illuminate
automatically when the
doors are unlocked. On some models, opening
the front passenger’s door
will automatically unlock all the doors. Some Lexus models allow
the driver to set which
doors the entry function unlocks using the
wireless remote control. Depending on the model,
there are two to four
different unlock
programs to choose from by pressing
and holding the lock and
unlock buttons on the Smart Key until one
to four beeps sound. The person carrying the
key can also unlock the
trunk or liftgate easily by pressing the external
lock button. On some models, holding
the unlock button for five
seconds will also open all the windows and
the sunroof – a useful
feature in hot
weather to help cool down the vehicle’s
interior before getting in. This feature must be
activated at a
Lexus dealership. The driver can also start
the vehicle without actually
using the key. Simply apply the brake pedal
and push the start/stop
engine switch or
the power switch on hybrid
models to start. Upon exiting the vehicle
with the Smart Key, and
with all doors closed, the driver needs only to touch
the lock sensor on the
upper or front part of the driver’s door handle
to lock all the doors. A beep will sound once
and the four-way flashers
will flash once to confirm the doors are locked. And don’t worry: if you forget
your Smart Key in the
cabin or trunk and attempt to lock the vehicle,
an alarm will sound and
the doors won’t lock so there’s no chance of
accidentally locking
the Smart Key inside. A panic button on the Smart
Key also acts as a
deterrent in case of an emergency. If the button is
pressed for more than a
second, the vehicle’s horn will sound intermittently
and the lights will flash.
Pressing any button on the Smart Key
will shut off the alarm. In the unlikely event of a
Smart Key malfunction
or if the Smart Key battery is depleted, access to
the vehicle can be gained
by using a mechanical emergency backup key
contained within the
Smart Key fob. The vehicle can be locked
or unlocked manually
using the emergency key. Start the vehicle by
depressing the brake
pedal and holding
the Lexus emblem side of the Smart
key against the front of
the start/stop engine or power switch. An indicator
light will appear in the
Multi-information display allowing the driver to
push the engine switch
and start the engine. Visit a Lexus dealership to
have the Smart Key
remote battery replaced or the Smart Key
system inspected. The features and functions
described in this video
might not be applicable to your Lexus model.
See your Owner’s
Manual for details. Thanks for watching
this Know your
Lexus video! [Upbeat music
fades to silence]

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