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M2M Vehicle Telematics: Fleet Management

M2M Vehicle Telematics: Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles
for instance heavy machines on a large construction
site can be a difficult and time-consuming task. M2M technology utilizing a Cinterion wireless modules and a SIM card gives
fleet managers in time updates on the whereabouts of
their vehicles and equipment. Current vehicle data is automatically
transmitted to the fleet management system of the
fleet operator. A wireless M2M enabled fleet management
solution alerts supervises in advance. When fuel is lowe at a machine the site supervisor can order a fuel
delivery service in time to the current machine location. Supervises can easily detect that two vehicles are only used 35
percent of the time and would be better utilized at another
site. To reduce equipment theft alert messages are sent when a machine leaves a construction site, allowing supervisors to confirm the
vehicle is authorized to change locations. Maintenance becomes much easier as
well. A message is sent when the air
filter the machine is blocked preventing a machine from running at
optimum performance. Another piece of equipment sends an
alert, when maximum load is exceeded possibly
causing damage to the vehicle or a dangerous environment for other
workers. The site supervisor can respond
virtually immediately ordering equipment to be serviced or
replaced to fulfill the job tasks at hand.
Cinterion powered M2M fleet management systems help create a more efficient cost-effective job site.

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