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Manufacturing of a Clarinet (PART 1) | Buffet Crampon

Manufacturing of a Clarinet (PART 1) | Buffet Crampon

BUFFET CRAMPON PARIS At Buffet Crampon, our clarinets
are made from Mozambique ebony. All the wood is stored in our workshops
before the manufacturing process begins. It is first dressed and then treated, next it is turned, sanded and pointed. The first stage of treatment
is drying the wood. We place the bodies on
trolleys and the trolleys in a drying oven. The aim of this stage is for
the wood to reach a state of equilibrium. Then, the second stage of
treatment is impregnation. We take the bodies out of the oven
and place them in baskets. These baskets will then be lowered
into a tank and treated with linseed oil. The aim of the treatment is
to improve the wood’s stability and, consequently, to
reduce the risk of splitting. TURNING

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