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Marshalls | Natural Stone Manufacturing

Marshalls | Natural Stone Manufacturing

A £3m investment transformed our natural stone site into an industry leading facility. Operational 7 days a week. 7000 hours per week processing time. Over 14,000m2 of natural stone can be processed per year. Stone arrives to the site as blocks for local quarries. Over 250 tonnes of blocks arrive daily for processing. One block can weigh up to 15 tonnes. An initial cut creates a flat stand edge for efficiency. Multi wire saws, with diamond tipped tooling, cut blocks into slabs. Water reduces friction between the wires and controls dust. An average block takes an hour to cut into slabs. Vacuum lifts reduce manual handling, carrying up to 1600kg. A truck lifts the slabs into the SX3 automated loading area. The computer takes an image of the stone and calculates the area available for cutting. Paving and setts are cut at the same time. This increases yield by up to 25% and minimises waste. Processed stone is vacuum lifted, quality checked and stacked onto pallets, ready for packaging. Each pallet is heat wrapped with Marshalls packaging to protect it in transit. Order labels are attached to each pallet to ensure accuracy when sorting and delivering. A forklift takes the stone ready to be loaded onto a truck. Pallets are loaded onto vehicles and secured in place to avoid movement during transit. Over 20,000 pallets of paving are delivered to customers per year.

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  1. It was great getting behind the scenes and learning more about natural stone 😄! It'd be great to know what brought you here and if you have any questions, drop us a comment below 👍

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