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Mercedes Benz to launch new Maybach S 650 at Auto Expo 2018 #In India

Mercedes Benz to launch new Maybach S 650 at Auto Expo 2018 #In India

Mercedes-Benz to launch new Maybach S 650 at Auto Expo 2018 German luxury carmaker mercedes-benz will launch its May walk has 650 and showcase concept tech a forerunner of the company’s new product brand for electric mobility at the upcoming Auto Expo in February The company is seeking to strengthen its leadership position in the Indian luxury car market with over 10 new products during 2018 mercedes-benz is Participation in the fourteenth Auto Expo is a reiteration of our Commitment to our customers to the market and also a manifestation of our support to the government’s vision of making India mercedes-benz India Managing Director and CEO Roland Folger said in a statement He further said we are confident of leading the market is the number one luxury car maker in India and our Auto Expo 2018 display will firmly underline this fact last year mercedes-benz envious old 13,000 231 units to continue its leadership position for the second successive year in January to September this year it sold 11,000 869 units a growth of nineteen point six percent from the year ago period the company which had 12 new launches this year expects a similar number of product introductions in 2018 on the company’s showcase plans for the Auto Expo which will be held on February 9th to 14th? folder’ said that apart from the display AMG and other luxury sedans and SUVs there would be specific products underlining attributes of luxury versatility and future mobility the mercedes maybach has 650 the e-class all terrain in the concept tech represent these attributes effortlessly and will present the most overwhelming product offensive from mercedes-benz for the Indian market he added Folger further said the mercedes-benz s 650 will debut at the Motor Show and will kick off our product offensive towards sustain leadership in the Indian market for 2018 The company will also launch an artificial intelligence based chat bot which uses AI to answer customer questions on mercedes-benz product It will also have an artificial reality based function which will further enhance customer interactivity with the bot he said mercedes-benz f1 car AMG SLC 43 II class all terrain c-class Cabriolet new 350 PS abandoned SUV GLS 350 dr among many products that will be on display at the company’s pavilion

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  1. Sir Roland folger plz can u gift dis car right hand drive Mumbai India …sir u got so many ….may u get more nd more success

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