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My Trip to put a Hydro Assist on the Jeep Gladiator JT, 🇺🇸 Redneck Ram!

My Trip to put a Hydro Assist on the Jeep Gladiator JT,  🇺🇸 Redneck Ram!

Well, I got up early this morning, jump to the gladiator and I’m headed out west to somewhere that does really cool stuff like we do. Stay tuned Alright, so in addition to everything else we’ve done on the Jeep, UD 60s and 40″ Trail Grapplers, KMC Beadlocks List goes on and on We also need some hydraulic steering assist so today I loaded up early way, early and jump to the Gladiator and I’m heading out to San Angelo, TX to West Texas Off-Road home of the Redneck Ramp The guys out there are going to do an install on the truck since we’ve never done it before They’re gonna install it give me a good tutorial on how to do it so that we can make sure that We’re installing them at the shop. We’re doing it correctly. It’s a little bit different than in previous models like the JK’s and TJ’s and whatnot because all those platforms had power steering pumps that were belt driven and on the gladiator in the JL Wrangler the power steering pump is electronic so the bleeding procedure is a little bit different so In order to make sure that we get it done correctly, and we’re installing them correctly on your vehicles I’m heading out there for a little instruction. Hey guys, it’s Justin with the Redneck Ram. I’m going to show you the Redneck Ram Department and how it goes down here. As your orders come in they get dated and they come back here to the back side and as they come through they get broken down. I’ll break them down right here in the bins. They’ll do two inspections. They’ll do the sector shaft inspection and they’ll do the piston inspection. Once that happens it gets put in the parts washer It’s cleaned up spic and span comes back out, gets reinfected again From there it gets put on the built table Once it goes from the built it goes through the Builder Sam himself will do three inspections himself he’ll do the previous inspections for all the good parts that are in this box Determine whether they’re going to be good or salvageable And not of course we give you a call let you know we find, take pictures, and do what we need to do. If everything is good he continues the build The final inspection is a pressure check, from there, if everything is good and goes back to you. So this right here is the previous Ram design that we have which is a Very good design, there’s just if not much you can do to this. This is our new design. This is being cut in-house by Matt Hodges himself with a CNC machine This design is completely rebuildable. You can rebuild the glands you can replace the glands You can replace fittings. You can replace the piston shaft. You can replace the plunger. You can replace the seals. On the pre-existing Ram. The only thing you could really do here is just the replace the seals. There’s no parts for this one So we’re trying to make it to where you can replace it if you’ve bend or break it or blowout something I’m low on boxes because is wheeling whether season. When wheelling weather seasons happens it’s hard to keep stuff on shelf. But, this right here is normally where that JL/JK Boxes would be sitting and you can tell I only have two 4 doors call me is you need them I got the Ford boxes is all different
designs and dimensions of Ford boxes. I got Chevy boxes CJ boxes Bronco boxes I’ve got K2 Chevy blazer boxes I got TJ boxes, you name it it’s here. If it’s not here, I can get it. Awesome and turnaround time is usually? Turn around time is a week and a half on the busy days three to five days when it’s nice cool and easy around here. Awesome. Thanks Justin I saw that break on the Rubicon And they slot it so when they squeeze it down, so it broke right there where they slotted it. So what he’s doing is centering the RAM right there making sure that it’s centered on the tie rod The key to making it drive nice going on the road is to having it parallel with the tie rod Because if it’s not parallel then It’s gonna try to rotate like if it’s crooked like this the Rams on there like that It’s gonna want to rotate the tie rod that way when you when you try to turn right then when you try to go left It’s got to rotate back this way before you turn left, but you want it perfectly parallel. So it’s not twisting the tie rod. We have people all the time say, “hey the steering is twitchy.” 99% of the time you get them to take pictures if it and send to us the Rams is mounted crooked. I’ve always tried to mount a parallel just because it looks good. I didn’t know it would cause your steering to be weird. Right there, out just a little bit, right there Too much That’s it right there. Did you read the warning labels in my shop on the machine? come look let me show you. And then this one I’ll read it out to you Attention all tourists in and non technician looking peepers Das computer machine is not for your finger pokin and mitten grabbin Otherwise, it’s easy to snap into Springer work blown fusing and poppen corkin might spits and sparking It’s not for the gear workin and be bump in there rubber necking sightseeing keeping dust Anders in dust pocket much. So relaxing and watch cinder blinker lightning. oh yeah,? You need to pre-fill the Ram. Pre-fill anything you can. because that electric power steering pump gives you problems. So you want to take out as much of the air in the system. This is different fluid too, right? Yeah, this is electric steering fluid. you’re gonna have to have Special power steering for you. I’ll try to pre-fill any and everything. You can to get as much air out of the system so I go bleeding it your electric power steering pump won’t cavitate and cause you to bleed for the next three hours. So far we’ve only had one vehicle that’s had problems with the electric power steering pump. Yeah? He ran it dry. That’ll do it. See I completely didn’t even think about the power steering fluid being different because it’s electric. How much is it a quart? I don’t know. They don’t even sell in quarts. They sell in pints. It’s like $20 a pint. That’s crazy. $40 a quart and that’s our cost! Open a nail salon here now Well, I am on my way back to New Braunfels from San Angelo just got the Redneck Ram installed on the truck by the Guys at West Texas Off-Road in San Angelo, Texas. What a great crew. I mean these guys do a bang-up job of Installing this stuff. I learn a few tricks for example, we no longer use ATF 4 as power steering fluid, but there’s a special Power steering fluid that is non-conductive. Add that to the list of stuff you need to add to your Trail bag and carry from now on. But stuff that you got to have you’re gonna be running hydraulic assist steering because if you Break a rim, crack a line, you know something happened like that happens You got a cap it or you’re gonna lose some fluid You don’t want to run these electric power steering pumps dry because it’s going to ruin them. I’m here to start some cavitate and all kind of stuff Anyways back to the Ram the guys did an amazing job Matt, Justin, Jack, everybody. They’re super nice super friendly super professional did great job. Did a bang-up job on it. And right now the performance wise immediately in the parking lot when I drove off it felt like the way and Jeep with 1 ton axles and 40s shouldn’t feel. It gives me a little bit of feedback. A little bit of push resistance, I guess. Really tightens up the steering. I can let go of the steering wheel and it drives straight down the road now. Ever since we lifted it the steering is just always felt kind of weird to me and now with this steering assist on there Redneck Ram has really tightened it up. I love it feels like it should and I can’t wait to get on trails and rock crawl! Next up we’re going to go to Katemcy Rocks also known as K2 in Mesa, Texas next weekend where we’ll see Matt the gang again for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of West Texas Off-Road So we’re going out there and let this thing shine on some rocks. I got a long drive ahead. So peace out! Stay tuned!

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