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New Peugeot 508 SW GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Peugeot 508 SW GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back today I have
right here with me the new Peugeot 508 stationwagon
tourer or Kombi estate the way you wanna call it depends where you are in the
world and I’m really really excited to present it for you
first time I want to show you a little bit of the new digital copy that looks
fantastic it has great resolution nice colors one of the best on the market
today also this cockpit and the dashboard of the car look gorgeous
the exterior as well look fantastic you can see the new 508 which I think in my
opinion one of the most beautiful car in this class the most beautiful tourer so
I have to say it’s my favorite tourer car from from the beginning of the time
I can say like that it is a very very beautiful car with a lot of great
technology exterior of the car it’s gorgeous also the interior I like every
single detail on this car and I have to tell you this is my favorite station
wagon on the market today here are a few information about the car if you are
interested this is the GT line so a special 508 station wagon GT line or
combi tourer GT line and I’m really really happy to
show you the exterior interior and all all over the detail so we have the GT
line logo here on the side also you can see the beautiful rims down here they
are gorgeous in my opinion they are super nice the past super good with the
car we also have Michelin tires also 18-inch rims there
and they look fabulous on this car I can’t image to put something like 19 or
20 will be phenomenal on this car even so the 18-inch look fantastic I love the
LED lamps on the back they are really really nice I really like all the shapes
and the lines of this car and these LED lights are gorgeous it’s this car it’s
it’s I can say much more beautiful than BMW or like chalice or any other car in
this class and in this category we have backlight they’re also LED lamp to the
number plate also you can see it for yourself
exhaust pipe loop fantastic also the lines they’re in the air diffuser down
there the bumper everything everything look gorgeous
even this beige logo here on the black glossy plastic look fantastic we have up
here the brake light you can also see it from close up and yeah that’s the back
I’m really curious what do you think guys please write me in the comment and
tell me what you think about the car also we have parking sensors in the back
you can see here on the side and also GT line logo and the LED lamps 3d a little
apps that that are super nice so here on the side we have some nice shapes
muscular body with beautiful shapes on the side also on the roof you can add
some extra trunk to carry stuff around the windows if you see the windows have
a nice design there also down here those shape of the car look gorgeous the
down part also it’s all white no plastic there at the edges of the car
we have plastic glossy here around the windows the same as you see on our D and
also I see on the new BMW x7 the same many manufacturers start to put this
plastic around the windows and in my opinion look very very nice on this car
particularly look fantastic keyless entrance as expected on the car
also the mirrors we have blind spot there you can also
see it an LED lamp light here a blinker inside a mirror and everything around
there it’s glossy black a plastic GD line on the other side here as well and
we go in the front the front it’s also very beautiful we have this hood here
that look fantastic the lines of the hood there we have a camera for Lane
Assist and emergency brake I think the rudder it for emergency brake the the
camera rights for Lane Assist and for reading the street side here down here
is the rudder for emergency braking adaptive cruise control pretty awesome a
lot of new technology even those LED lamps are the new technology and they
look super nice we have also parking sensors the grill it’s nice as well the car has have also a great great
aerodynamic and the great consumption it has a low center of gravity that way the
shapes help her to consume less gas you can see from the side here the shape of
the car yeah anyway I really like this car that way I did before and review
with the car if you check out on my channel you will see that I review
another car another 508 Torah station wagon but this
time I just want to show you one more time because it is a very nice car here
we don’t have any electric duplicate so it’s manually so let’s see the trunk
down here we have some aluminium some hooks aluminium hooks here also the
entrance in the car it’s flat I like that very much so you can load your
stuff very easy this hooks here you can change the position this is awesome that
you can adjust it and put it in every position you want we have another two
there we have a speaker here is a focal speaker great quality also here we have
LED lamps a 12 volt port here very useful also the protection for the trunk
it’s up here really useful as well and under the floor we have a spare tire
there you can also take it out and put something else like a repair kit and
then you have a small space there this net Tara can also take it out very easy
those handles are for the seats so you pull the handles and you see that the
car it’s really spacious here we have another one so I want to show you that
the car it’s going almost flat there so it is a huge space in the interior this
car is really also practical it has a huge space inside and also a beautiful
design a lot of great quality materials also on the legs there you have a little
space and you can see for yourself it is indeed a lot of space inside the car
also here in the middle two cupholders and this armrest it’s made from leather
also you can carry items if you live this down pretty
practical really really practical and also you can carry one person here or
two and in the same time you can let down once it and you can carry long
items if you want so anyway it’s fabulous I really like it I can’t
believe you can you can have these days a beautiful sport car and super nice car
and in the same time it’s a family car I can’t I still can’t believe this
also the glass here the windows are without any frame so that make the car
look much more sporty or like a pop a super nice quality on the doors it’s
fantastic one of the best I love it I like everything on these doors even
the speaker leather stitches phenomenal also the storage space down there
everything look nice even this button here we have some chrome around it it’s
it’s super super cool anyway if you want to see this car if you are from
Switzerland you can come at Bayshore piece.i
in Bern they have a lot of new cars and great price also second-hand cars so I
don’t hesitate to come here in motion door around Bern so also if you know
shown goal it around there so anyway the seats are also fantastic leather soft
seats so they are very good for long trips they are really soft and really
comfortable nice white stitches also you can see it from the close-up they are really nice and I sit on them
and they are fantastic really good for long trips
anyway also the roof if you was a glass roof there I think that was the perfect
car perfect perfect car here behind the
front seat the driver seat we have some rubber with a storage there’s no plastic
it’s just like leather and rubber inside there really awesome and great great
they make great job also the vents they feel good quality we have two USB port
and an LED down there super nice the down there it’s almost flat like in the
electric cars we don’t have any step in the middle something that I love it also
you can see the position of the seats it’s in a normal position almost and I
still have a lot of space on my knee I can stick my feet a little bit under the
front seat the head is still a lot of space up here no complaining at all also
we have an LED light and a hook up here and on the other side the same you can
also see it there the visibility on the windows it’s good as well also let’s
close this door and let’s show you so I have a very good visibility here no
complaining yeah it’s very comfortable I really like
to be here in this car going in the middle it’s super easy not easy super
super easy and I have plenty of space on my legs I can even put my legs together
something that’s amazing you don’t find this in other cars in
this class also a lot of space on my head in the left in the right you have
space here for three people without any problem for long trips as well great
comfortable seats I like them very much I really really recommend it for you if
you want to buy this car to take these leather seats because
they are they are super good also the the front part the digital copy tender
dashboard it’s phenomenal it’s super beautiful design very nice keyless entry
ins you already see it at the beginning of the video also no window there super
nice like the coupe a car and the same great quality as in the back we have in
the front but in the front here close to this chrome we have an LED ambient light
let’s go all the way through the door and it’s looked fantastic in the night
also the speaker and chrome and leather down here with the buttons you can also
see it it’s really really really great great quality no complaining at all I
like it very very much down here we have a show logo and the seats in the front
are also super nice and great quality you can see here the stitches the
leather also the way they work on it we have side support down and up you can
also see it here also down here we have position of saving the electric seat they are also heated dose it as expected
in the middle leather armrest here and space big big space actually a huge
space down here and we have also new SB port down there really useful these days then two cupholders the great quality
here leather in the middle the console under the middle console there you can
see we have another USB port and you can put your phone and also the pedal our
army so I like this I like this center
console from Fisher because you have under the console another space down
there great visibility on the windows I like
it very much and also I like the way they they shake this copy they shape the
door the vents the way the vents look it’s amazing it’s super fancy in my
opinion we have LED light down there if you can see it with chrome we have soft
material on the cockpit great visibility in the front they’re all sort of ends in
the middle everything it’s soft and nice as you touch it so we have no plastic
here on the dashboard everything it’s soft and look look super nice even down
here even down here it’s soft material it’s really great job great job with
this car with 200 and with 508 you did a great great job super car also the globe
box from Asia are enormous you know this already from my other videos they make
great glove box super huge super super space down there now going back to see
the driver position it’s phenomenal you have access with your hand to all the
things here you already see the cockpit at the beginning of the video the vent I
show you before also here on the dashboard look how cool it is everything
it’s soft we have some stitches there the LED lamp goes all the way to the
dashboard with the chrome then we go here to the cockpit you see it before
and yeah super super nice position of driving it’s sport position quality it’s
great here is the navigation system you already know it from my other videos
also the buttons there to change the different
settings and the shortcut they get you to you can check out my other video if
you want see that cockpit in the detail it’s fantastic great colors and here
start/stop button driving mode the stick gear shifter electric handbrake with
chrome very good quality also here we have a huge space and 12 volt port and
two cupholders so very nice it’s very nice
under the the center console you already see it the space there and steering
wheel it’s you know it it’s phenomenal with the GT line right there the buttons
on the left on the right also good quality leather and materials are super
nice the clappers changing the gear manually also great and visibility in
the back it’s super super good you already see it before I like this car
this car is my favorite I have to admit that the new page of 508 station wagon
it is my favorite part I wish although to have here the glass
space the space for the blesses and here mirror with everything it’s nice the
quality of the roof is nice I wish to have two things on this car
and the car it’s perfect the glass support up there and the glass
roof if you see panoramic glass roof and the glass support and the car it is
perfect I really like it I like the designer like the quality of the
materials I think it is a supercar even these blinkers look how fancy they
look I really like it really like the car it’s phenomenal I really enjoy it so
guys I hope you enjoyed the review with a new 508 Station where
in 2019 model please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos
send me your feedbacks tell me what you would like to see in the next videos and
thank you again for watching and see you soon waves you

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