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New Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back the Volvo
v90 cross country 2019 model it’s here with me
and I will do a review interior exterior and I will try to show you every single
detail on this beautiful tourer and state or combi the way you want to call
it this v90 it is really a beautiful car and also the crossover if you know the
normal v90 the crossover it has a little bit of higher how it’s called that the
ground clearance so the car have a bigger higher ground clearance so you
can go with the car a little bit of offroad
here are some information about the car so you can see there t6 all-wheel drive
if you are in Switzerland you can check out the Volvo in Bern they have a lot of
cars here you can see all the information also 310 horsepower 2-liter
engine price ninety three thousand eight hundred francs dollars also Volvo offer
10 year warranty free service this is a really really great thing that you don’t
have to worry about the car for 10 year or 150,000 kilometers this is quite
amazing and I’m really impressed with what they can offer this is super cool
so you just have to pay for the the oil and all that thing’s fluid things but
the service is free you can see the caliper here Volvo brakes caliper also
the discs are really big for this car because it has a lot of horsepower we
have fairly p0 as expected air 20-inch rims here on this v19 crossover
they look very nice those rims on the car in my opinion the car looked
fantastic also I like I like the way they protect the edges of the car I was
sure in the moment I also liked this black plastic black glossy plastic
around the windows it looks fantastic in my opinion and this this this edge is
here this plastic on the edges it’s gorgeous the best plastic I ever
see on the car you can see normally this plastic it’s matte plastic but this time
Volvo choice to to add some extra extra how you say extra design extra quality I
can say because this plastic is not like the normal one so you can see it’s kind
of a grey plastic but it’s not mad it’s it’s a combination between a glossy and
matte and the quality of this plastic it’s quite better also we have it here
so that that plastic protect the car when you open the door so you cannot hit
things if you hit it you can change it very easy also down here is the same
plastic and it’s very easy to change if you if you scratch the car or something
anyway here this line it’s super nice also the plastic around the windows as I
show you before it’s super fancy I see it on main car these days also a BMW use
it and also already up there we have some extra support for the extra trunk
the shape of the car it’s quite interesting if you also already see that
v19 it’s not so big difference but the shapes are quite interesting and also
the model is a little bit taller back here we have the same same plastic that
protect the car this plastic it’s made very very nice in
my opinion and also it go all the way to of the other side and here in the middle
we have the cross country logo I mean it’s writing down there so it’s quite
interesting now the way they do it the exhaust pipe look also very nice and
sporty-er and I can’t believe this card so although these days all manufacture
will begin to make powerful car I’ll I mean like tourer powerful car so you
have these days a family car with a lot of space and a lot of power you can see
here the engine t6 all-wheel drive v19 logo on the other side and down here we
have the LED light with the back camera on the numbers plate also the brake
light LED here of the spoiler it’s simple nothing complicated not so many
edges there it’s just a simple and then it’s begin this LED light that cool
classic on the old Volvo cars it’s kind of classic this LED light in the back
they keep this signature on the back that looked very nice also I like the
big windows here I have great visibility from the interior of the car you will
see it in the moment we will go inside we have keyless entrance here a nice
door handle it’s very nice it’s for good quality when you open the door
also the mirror here it’s very nice I like the way the choice to leave the
same color in the interior here you can see normally the car have a black mat
there but all the mirror it’s in the color of the car and I like that LED
blinker and here it’s what I’m talking about they keep the same color around
all wheel we also have the blind spot technology on this car a lot of new tech
as expected at this price you expect a lot of great technology also here in the
front we have the same protector we have parking sensors as well we have this
rubber protection for the wheel there LED light on the fog lamps down here
again some nice shape and those adopted full LED lamp in the front with Volvo
signature right here look quite amazing in my opinion also down here we have
some space where the air go in and go out around the wheel that helped a
little bit for the technique of the car or aerodynamic and also I like the
shapes the shapes and the way they they design the front car with these two
grills one small down and the other grill here in the middle look fantastic
I like this grill I like the fact that the car have front camera as well as in
the back camera here the design of the grill it’s beautiful we have chrome
around its kind of classic almost all the car have the same grill also two
three lines on hood here very beautiful nice shapes that help the car look a
little bit more aggressive and sport here now I like the big the big ground
clearance I like the fact that you can go on a little bit of off-road I can say
like that not so much I like that and in the city with many also on the streets
the car it’s it’s great also or when you live in the countryside anyway I like
this metal here Armenian plates the hooks also all minimum super nice they
look very nice we have LED lamp in the trunk the trunk
is huge 12 volt port as well here and a lot of hooks also we can see in the
front there it’s kind of big it’s huge this trunk
I think it’s bigger than the SUV’s wand I think it’s bigger it’s kind of big and
I like the fact that you can load your stock directly flat there it’s look
Fanta because we can take this protection out
from here this is the trunk protection you can
take it out without any problem and then you can carry big big items really
impress with this thing here it’s also automatic you can see you have air I
don’t know how this is : I forget the name but it’s quite automatic and it
will stale you will stay it will stay up there when you push it up and under this
floor we have a spare tire with all that mechanical stuff to change it so quite
quite nice and a lot of space here in the trunk amazing great job great job
Volvo I like that I really like it also going inside in the back here let’s
fold down the seats to show you that those are the best seat I ever seen in a
car I have to say that my favourite seat are in woven the way they do flat floor
the space that you still have it there on the legs the fact that everything is
flat and the mechanical stuff mechanical part the comfort on the seats it’s
fabulous look at this look everything flat everything perfect you can even
sleep in this car without any problem you can put a mat there and you can
sleep here is the protection when you open the door super cool and super great
idea you can change those plastic parts very easy if you hit the door and
something isn’t fantastic anyway here in the middle you have a center armrest
there you have a space where you can put some stuff and also here up and then
push this and you have two cupholders quite useful the bad thing is this part
here when you want to carry long items the big big problem is that this in the
middle you have to open it only for the trunk so you have to stretch out there
and open this from the trunk and only from the trunk so when you carry long
items yeah you have to go in the trunk stretch out a little bit and open it so
you cannot open it from the interior but that’s not a problem even not close it
from the interior you have to go in the back again to close that if you want to
close it so you have to go again and then close it I think this is the
only thing that I find negative in this car or in the Volvo new Volvo scar but
other things are fabulous the seats the way they fold the huge space that left
here on legs huge huge space it’s phenomenal
something that I have to tell you that the space inside these cars and the way
they fold the seat this is one of the best car on the market you have to keep
in mind this also I love the beautiful glass roof there and in the car the
Volvo car look fantastic also keep this in mind everything
material of this seat it’s very very good but they are heavy they’re really
heavy this it’s not like in other cars you have to know that they are heavy but
they have great great quality usually the good quality materials are heavy so
you have to keep this in mind so when it’s something heavy that means good
quality as well not always but yeah it’s like a principle also I like the leather
around here that protect the passengers in the back a very good job we have a
step there in the middle a kind of big step but you have still a lot of space
here the vents and the touch screen for the vents down here we have a 230 volt
so you can charge your laptop and the back of the seats are made from
something like a rubber we have a storage space here and also I like the
fact that this seat are very very tiny very skinny and that helped the car have
a lot of space inside in the same time they are tiny and
skinny and they are very comfortable they did a great job with those seats
and I like that also around the windows here great quality around the windows
everything look fabulous and well made and everything what you touch here it’s
soft material and good quality even this solar protection here it’s nice down
here we have kind of a nice design I don’t think it’s a word it’s kind of a
plastic but this plastic it’s well integrated in the door with some chrome
design the handle nice and chrome also the speaker look fantastic Bauer and
Wilkins super nice quality also the button for the electric window it’s
black glossy a lot of storage and I’m really impressed the fact that they put
a letter here in a storage space behind the storage space it’s leather it’s
quite crazy well who make this really nice I didn’t see first time when I seen
a car leather in the storage space it’s kind of impressive also down here chrome
designed with LED light going inside the car and phenomenal those seats are
phenomenal they are my favorite seats from all the car I ever been handle
vents here in the b-pillar rubber here also good quality handle
hooks a lot of hooks up here I have LED light on the roof and good quality as
well on this roof they make it nice it’s not Alcantara but it’s good quality also
good visibility on the windows here you have a great visibility no worry about
that also nice nice to have this glass roof over your head it’s super nice huge
space on my legs not big huge space because the seats are very small
the space it’s huge and I like it and I’m really comfortable here also in my
head I have plenty of space so no complaining at all I’m really happy with
the space here really happy here in the middle as well I have a lot of space on
my legs and also on my head and around me left and right I have a lot of space
I can sit here with three people without any problem even for long trips I can be
here no problem at all but maybe we have to make more stops than normal and
change this places sometimes but you can drive without any problem long trips
really impressive with the space I really impressed how much space look how
much space is there on the legs I can even put my legs aside it’s amazing yeah
great job Volvo I have to tell you the truth so I I don’t make any video that
it’s sponsored from some car company you have to know this you have to keep this
in mind if you see my videos no videos sponsor it from I say everything I see
everything I feel the true so if you you want to find out the two about all the
cars that are on the market check out my other videos on the channel and then you
will see there also in the front great quality Bauer and Lincoln’s amazing
sound in this car you have to know it the the sound is fantastic the quality
of the materials the leather the lines everything it’s well made in every
detail so quite impressed the quality of the
materials the buttons are glossy plastic they are nice they are interesting that
I see better in other cars but they are simple also the leather in the glow box
this is about the person when I see that in a car quite interesting but quality
is good Volvo logo here down with some LED light
inside their electric adjustable seat in the front you can see here the
buttons the seat are my favorites one of my favorite very good quality very soft
nice holes and stitches there side support they are gorgeous really good
for long trips as well they did a great job with them so I like them very much
also the interior you can see it from here from the front part it’s nice the
front part it’s nice here we have some storage space where you can put some
stuff also very useful the button for the electric lift gate in the back of
the trunk and as you can see now I’m closing the door and the visibility is
super good on the windows great visibility also in the back I want to
show you that you have very good visibility even though the car have a
bad camera and still have a lot of good visibility the seats from the front side
you can see it they are nice we have speakers up here on the roof also LED
lamp up here we have the button for the adjust glass roof on the roof the mirror
it’s nice you have good visibility also very fancy up here we have a glass with
LED light super nice as well handle and everything you need the fans
look nice and typical for Volvo good quality nice chrome design around her
the dashboard it’s soft you can see it’s soft material everywhere head-up display
as well soft soft soft everywhere so nice nice design you can see that way I
have a good visibility because it’s simple day to the dashboard really
simple and super quality also I like these speakers here in the front
look super fancy I like them very much and also you can see on the dashboard
very very nice soft material some chrome insertion here the glovebox it’s big
very big actually have two parts up there and down super nice cloth box yeah
what I wanna show you now the multimedia system we already know it from my other
videos here in the middle have the center armrest in leather with white
stitches the way they do it it’s super nice you have a CD player here I don’t
know who use this anymore two USB port and a lot of space down
there quite okay now going forward the center console it’s super nice with
leather so you can see the leather continuing to the front part down here
you don’t have any plastic you have to keep in mind that here it’s fabric
material so those are a very good quality around here so you don’t find
many plastic in this car I like the fact that the leather go all the way to the
front we have a space here and can put your key or something small and also
this is very nice this is wood here so it’s really good I think I’m not sure if
this is a wood also on the dashboard but down here it’s hundred percent wood and
here we have two cupholders 12-volt board and electric a handbrake I will
hold driving mode you can change driving modes economical comfort or sport also
start/stop button it’s right there kind of a button it’s not like a button and
stick for changing the gear actually it’s automatic so change in the auto
reverse or drive mode also down there you have the space for SD card and some
buttons for the climatic system and the blinker the vents are integrated
in the middle as well they are super nice and the multimedia system we
already know it’s super fancy it’s simple to use it’s very responsive and
here you can change different six Lyman safety settings you can see what this
car have blind spot and adaptive cruise control traffic sign reading and all
that stuff when you have the key in your car you will see it all so you can
adjust everything here you can see the consumption and information about the
car also you see it from my other video I don’t want to go into detail with this
multimedia system also we have to cop it the new cockpit digital and it has great
colors it’s work perfect you can also see the map in Freddy it’s fantastic one
of the best as well and the cockpit as well look look much more with the
cockpit from the Volkswagen this digital cockpit here you can change the
different settings you can also see the navigation right there in the middle so
it’s super fancy and I like it you have a lot of information there on the
display the colors are good it’s very responsive and from the driver point of
view it’s a gorgeous I like this thing wheel it’s look a little bit like a
Range Rover you know if you remember this line here in the middle a little
bit like a Range Rover it’s super nice quality also when you touch it it’s
super cool and good quality the buttons are glossy black you can see it here you
change different settings in adaptive cruise control from here you can change
the digital display and the setting that you want to see there in the front I
don’t want to go into detail because maybe you see it already I just have to
tell you a few words it is one of the best and the colors in the video you
cannot see it so well but in real it will blow your mind it’s really well
made and I like it very much I like the information that you can see there and
all that stuff also the mirror it’s nice and you see it already and everything
it’s feel great the car it’s really expensive but it has a lot of great
technology and great quality and also the engine it’s fantastic
and strong as well I guess that was my review guys with with this car I hope
you enjoyed the review I really like the car I find it a little bit expensive but
I like it very much so thank you for watching my videos guys subscribe to my
channel and check out my other videos and thank you very much for watching I
wake you soon with the next course so stay safe and see you soon you

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  1. Wow… Place for Cd located there… I didn't know, but for me its very important, because I have a lot of disks with music, I like to listen to it, because it takes me back in time. Your video is great, first, who showed such an amazing parts of the car. I fell in love on the second time with it….

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