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NVIDIA Shares What They Look For in Hiring for the Autonomous Vehicles Division

NVIDIA Shares What They Look For in Hiring for the Autonomous Vehicles Division

>>My name is Tim Wong. I work at NVIDIA in the Automotive Group. I handle technical marketing. So you may know NVIDIA as a gaming company, but we are so much more than that. We are heavily into artificial intelligence, virtual reality and self-driving cars, which is why we’re here today to talk about. You and I both drive with just our eyes and for better or worse, humans are terrible at paying attention, whereas the car is always paying attention. It can look all the way around it and that’s where deep learning comes in. I can basically train a car to understand whether it’s lanes, whether it’s pedestrians, whether it’s a moose or a deer. I can train all these different things. And the more objects I can classify, I actually don’t increase the reaction time of the network. You can understand all these things in the world around you. You can make your car essentially intelligent and basically keep the occupants safe and have the car drive autonomously. What the Udacity Nanodegree program does is it raises that capability of the engineers coming into NVIDIA, that now, I know they know about deep learning, they know about traditional CV and they can hit the ground running very quickly. This whole autonomous vehicle industry is a very exciting industry. There’s just so much to be discovered, so much to understand and to us deep learning and GPUs is essentially how you’re going to do it.>>My name is Jennifer Griffin and I am the director of university recruiting at NVIDIA. So we’re really looking for several things in the students that we choose to interview. I would say the most important thing that we’re looking for is passion. You have to be passionate about the industry, you have to be passionate about the more macro industry of artificial intelligence and machine learning and self-driving cars and what that can bring to the world. Showing passion, showing that you really understand the technology, where it could go, that all makes you a great candidate. Once you’re here, those interviews are usually pretty technical. And so what that means is that you’ll actually be standing at a whiteboard with a marker coding or doing something that is technical. Not necessarily if you can get from A to B, but how you get there. Even if you don’t get the answer right, we want to see your thought process for how to get there and that’s way more valuable to us than your final answer.>>It seems like every week there are a couple of autonomous vehicle announcements. So being up on current events is a very big thing. Showing that you know the industry, you know the current trends is always very important, always helpful in an interview.>>Our internship programs are real world projects, they are 12 weeks long and they’re determined ahead of time what the project’s going to be and there’s performance management and guidance built in along the way. I think the most important thing to know about the internship program is that it is our most strategic pipeline to new college grad hiring. So anyone who comes in as an intern is automatically considered for a full time role once they graduate. You need to bring your authentic self to work here and that’s the only way it works here. This is work-life integration that we’re doing here. So I bring everything about me to work every day, including the fact that I’m a woman and I feel appreciated for that here and I feel like I’m definitely supported here in terms of all the facets of my life. We are so incredibly open to diverse skill sets and diverse paths to get to the skill set. We’re hiring people, we’re not hiring pedigrees. We absolutely focus on what the individual will bring to the table and to the team and what we can do for the individual as well. There’s tons of camaraderie, there’s lots of fun, there’s a ton of hard work. I feel like I am holding on to the tail end of a rocket ship, and I didn’t even know what a rocket ship it was going to be when I joined. I look every day at the news coming out of NVIDIA and my mind is absolutely blown.>>Autonomous vehicles improve quality of life and that’s to me what makes it exciting, and that I’m a part of this. I’m a part of making something that’s useful for society, solves a fundamental problem and improves people’s lives.

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  1. I'm curious how much autonomous driving be successful if it is implemented in India. India's most metro city and high populated cities are all filled with traffic. It would be a great challenge for you here in India. I am keen to know more about this if you're planning to implement of such kind here, do share your schedule if you bring it in India, specially in New Delhi, India.

    Thank you and congratulations on the concept.

  2. What career do I have to study to work in nVidia? Electronic Engineering? Electric engineering? Is there another type of work on nVidia that does not require maths and physics?

  3. @ 2:59 why does she have to say "including the fact that I'm a woman." Dos it really matter anymore?

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