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Officially A TEXAN ~ How I Did It ~ Nomad Domicile

Officially A TEXAN ~ How I Did It ~ Nomad Domicile

alright hey everybody I am going to try
some phone vlogging on my iPhone 11 Pro it’s got that super wide angle lens I’ve
got a little editing program put on my phone so I’m still waiting for my
macbook to come back more on that at the end of the video as I have gotten some
feedback back from Apple but yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about some cool
stuff again this is that new wide-angle lens for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro if I
hold my hand out all the way it’s actually quite a bit extreme it’s like
whoa that is this to wide-angle Eric so I’m gonna hold it right there and think
it’s good I am in Texas and I have officially become a Texas resident y’all
I’m excited to tell you how this all worked by the way it’s still soaking wet
here it has been raining all day here in Livingston not like flooding but my
particular campsite is pretty flooded and Oh more Christmas lights yeah well
you know got my battery-operated LED lights on the front wreath here just
takes three Triple A batteries I’ll replace those about every four or five
days heck yeah and look at that Christmas lights inside the windshield I
love it looking good Miranda this is the woodsy
section by the way so it’s getting a little darker here but it’s been dark
and gloomy all day so the most popular question people have asked me since
March of this year is why do I have Texas plates on Miranda when you guys
know that I’m a South Dakota resident and the way it stands right now is it’s
time to register the motorcycle is that I would literally have to possibly be up
in South Dakota and Texas the same month on if I can’t get my registration stuff
so it just it just made perfect sense just to change everything up and I got
nothing bad against America’s mailbox or domicile in in South Dakota I don’t this
just simplifies everything and puts it all in this one spot here and I do want
to say my experience with America’s mailbox was spying I don’t have anything
bad to say about them and I mean if I did I probably would have told you and
criticized the only thing is the mail process and
as I understand they’re still working on that trying to make it better by
changing the personnel in there but you know my criticism to the owner was that
hey if I mail myself a postcard from here from Texas to South Dakota how come
it takes a month or five weeks to get there slow they’re slow with the
processing there’s no doubt about that my Daytona 500 tickets were lost for a
period before they found them anyway that’s not what I’m here to talk about
I’m here to talk about escapees RV club or escapers and Libya stone as a
domicile because guess what folks I’m already a Texas resident yes I got here
at 10:00 a.m. and by 2:00 p.m. I walked out of the DPS office with my paper
temporary Texas driver’s license and motorcycle license and the main one the
real one I’ll get in like I think three weeks maybe that’s something different
because South Dakota gives you that permanent license right there that same
day here I got to wait or have it shipped to me later on the road so
there’s that but yeah this is their office here this is where you get your
mail they’re doing some remodel on the backside so you pick up your mail right
here but later you’ll probably pick it up over there I guess and they have a
massive campground I don’t know how many RV years there are here a lot of people
dealing with some issues like waiting for certain paperwork to come from their
original state or didn’t have the right notary or they didn’t sign it let’s go
back in the RV where it’s dry and I’ll talk to you exactly about how the
process worked for me and how it could work just as easy for you I’m gonna give
you all the tips in case you’re looking for an alternative to one of the other
places and want to be a Texas resident all right so let’s go over all this
again I don’t really want to call this a filler video because this could be
really really really useful information in fact one of my most popular videos is
how I became a resident of South Dakota in one day and how I how I did that all
because videos today technically are not really showing you what to do and the
process of that so I’m sorry if I’m talking fast I do not want this video to
be really long but I want to walk you through the steps if this is something
you want to do or how you should do it okay I’ll get to one specific step and
I’ll tell you what I did wrong and why it took me an extra six months to get
this all taken Sherriff but for most people it’s going
to be an in and out in one day in Texas without even spending a night in Texas
honestly so the very first thing you’re gonna want to do is pick which state
you’re gonna go with escapees does Florida Texas and South Dakota and
you’re just gonna have to do your own research and find out what’s what’s best
for you insurance is act like vehicle insurance
or the RV is cheaper down here in Texas than it was in South Dakota believe it
or not I have no idea how that works but I went from paying one hundred and fifty
seven dollars a month for full-timers full coverage insurance down to a
hundred and ten dollars a month now for the same exact stuff here in Texas I
have no idea how that works but I’m not going to complain also medical insurance
you’re gonna look into that I’ve heard that Florida is the best for RV
travelling insurance but I don’t know for sure
South Dakota gets really cold in the winter and Texas gets really hot in the
summer however I personally see myself going through Texas a lot more than I
would South Dakota me personally so the very first thing you’re gonna want to do
is go to escapees dot-com and sign up as an escapee member you’re gonna pay about
$40 a year I think there might be a discount if you do multiple years but
right now it’s 40 bucks a year to be a member of escapees and then they also
have some forums online where you can pick one of three packages they have for
your domicile address which in my case they have a couple different ones but
it’s gonna be 160 rainbow drive and then number that’s gonna be your domicile
number and then Livingston Texas will be your address if you are brave enough to
try this online and I highly highly highly recommend you don’t do this but
if you want to you can try to add up everything you’re trying to do and sign
all your paperwork and get every piece notarized that has to be notarized make
sure they’re originals and not copies and then add all that up and send a
check with the amount but I guarantee you there’s no way you’re gonna get it
right the first time honestly in my experience the best way to get these
things done is just to come in person have everything you have with you in the
RV that’s going to be registered in Texas all your other cars all of your
paperwork your birth certificates your passports bring everything here to
Livingston Texas and walk in that office with a big old
folder full of crap and get it done that way that way you don’t to go to any
banks getting anything notarized you don’t to worry about anything you’re
gonna sign every form in front of them and then you’re gonna give them your
debit card cash or a check to pay for it right then and get your member card and
get out as soon as you have signed up and you have your new physical address
they’re actually gonna give you a sheet with some return label stickers they
will go on your envelope that has your new address I’m talking 15 20 minutes
after you walk in there you’re gonna have an address now as soon as you get
back in your RV after signing up you’re gonna make a phone call to your
insurance company you’re gonna tell them hey I now live in Texas I need to change
everything for my full coverage insurance on my RV my other vehicles
everything we’re talking about get that new address updated with your insurance
company and be mindful that your your rates are going to change most likely I
think they’re gonna go down from where you were but just be aware you’re gonna
want to make that change immediately you can then email the forms the PDFs the
new ID cards and the new policy to the Livingston office there so we’re gonna
go right back in after I say forward this to them and then ask him at the
counter hey well you print that for me the thing I just emailed you make sure
that your new insurance cards your new policy that she printed has the new
address on it that’s going to be technically your
first piece of documentation that has your address on your new address on it
and then we’re gonna go drive down the road so what you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna take that address that physical address you have and you’re gonna take
your out-of-state vehicle to the vehicle inspection shop which is about two miles
away south of here north of here in Livingston Texas and you’re gonna have
them inspect your vehicle it’s not an emissions test it’s a vehicle inspection
where they make sure all of your lights work your your windshield wipers are
okay your brakes are good your ball joints and that type of stuff
they just make sure your vehicle is Road worthy in my case it takes less than
twenty minutes it cost seven dollars you can’t fail it and then you have to wait
24 hours they might say you need new intial hyper blades or you have one
blinker that’s out or one marker up top on the RV you got to come back the next
day and pay another seven dollars but it’s very simple to do and easy to do
when you get that inspection complete you’re going to have them put that new
address that you just got here in living stand escapees on that form and they’re
gonna print you an official document that says this vehicle with this VIN
number and it’s going to have that new address I want to back up here because
this is where I messed up originally and that is because I bought an RV here in
Texas I financed that RV here in Texas therefore I already had the inspection
done back in April it’s not due again until well for some reason February but
yeah anyway I got that done already and so I already have a Texas address in a
different County therefore the vehicle itself I will not
get a new print out when I got my vehicle inspected again because it’s
already going to have an address so what I had to do is make a special trip down
to the licensing office there I had to change my address to the new rainbow
Drive address there and then pay two dollars to get a new print out of my
registration it doesn’t change the ticket or the registration in the window
but I got a piece of paper saying this is my new address this is where my
mailing address is that’s where the physical home of the order D is and this
is where all of my renewal notices go to but most people are gonna get everything
taken care of at the actual inspection place now we’re gonna go to the
Livingston tax office and again escapees is going to give you information on the
steps of where to go there’s actually a little map and it shows which stops to
make where at everything is within about 8 mile radius here in Livingston ok now
you’re going to take these two documents you’re gonna take your insurance update
it that has your new rainbow Drive address and you’re gonna take the
inspection form that has your new address those two pieces of documents
and an ID and you’re gonna go down to the tax office there in Livingston again
depending on who you’re dealing with there at the office you may have to just
explain to them how you’re going through the steps in the right order they did
try to give me a little bit of a hard time and asked me why I didn’t have my
ID let yet why was I still a South Dakota resident trying to and I said
this is the order that it is required to do I hadn’t really had to school her but
she did have to call over a supervisor and say he’s trying to register this
vehicle and he doesn’t even live here yet and then I told her no I have to do
this to do this to do this then to prove I’m a Texas resident and finally after a
little bit of talk they let it go through again I will mention that
escapees will help you through this progress but I have talked to people in
this park who have been here for ma and months and months trying to get it
done the best fastest way to do it is to always do it yourself at any of these
places so you give them those documents and then hang on I forgot two things two
things that I didn’t have to do because my vehicle was already registered in
Texas but you are going to have to before you go to that tax office get
your RV Wade you can do it right over here right across the way right here
inside the campground they have their own way station here at escapees rainbow
Drive you can pay to get that printout or you can go to any truck cat service
and have it wade there or I’ve also heard that sometimes you can take a
picture of the gross weight mine’s actually right here on the wall some
class C’s will have them inside the door but they’re gonna need your gross weight
and gross combined weight information if you’re coming from a different state so
make sure you have that stuff ready and and then you can get your new
registration for your vehicle you’re really really close now the last step is
gonna be to go to the DPS office there which is another two miles away I will
warn you it is very confusing because it’s a prison it’s a jail the entire
complex you’re gonna park in like almost right outside a sally port of a jail but
there’s a tiny tiny little building that only holds ten people max and that’s the
DPS office where we’re gonna get our driver’s license now I’m not gonna go
through all the different ways you can get your driver’s license because
there’s a bunch of combinations between birth certificate and all this stuff but
but it has to be you know it has to be original it can’t be a copy it can’t be
a certified copy so what for the easiest way for me to do this is to tell you
exactly what documents I brought in that worked perfectly okay I am bringing my
old ID which has not expired your driver’s license from another state
which has not yet expired I’m bringing in my passport which also has not
expired my social security card my new vehicle registration that I just got at
the last stop with my new address my insurance card with my new address and
my vehicle inspection paperwork with my new address while you’re waiting in the
lobby this part took about an hour and a half but while you’re waiting in the
lobby you’re gonna fill out the new drivers life
application it’s a two-sided form you need to fill out got called up there she
was very impressed that I had all the paperwork that I needed I do not think
she asked me a single question just typing away doing everything like this
and then all of a sudden she said okay we’re gonna do your eye test then we
took a picture then we do two thumb print identification thing and then she
said that’s gonna be $40 just $40 that’s it
each I have to kind of go back here and say something else
because like I said my situation was a little different with the RB already
being registered you need to understand that if you did not pay any sales tax in
another state when you originally got your RV that you are going to have to
pay the difference in sales tax Washington State is really high and some
other states are really high but you know if you bought your RV with a 7%
sales tax and Texas has a 7.5 percent sales tax you are gonna have to pay the
difference in sales tax on the value of the RV at the registration office and
sorry I just forgot to mention that I was kind of just explaining it how I go
through it but I do want to give you as much information as I can
based on what I’ve heard and what I’ve realized from other people right they
are going to give you a paper ID not a real ID like South Dakota and she said
it’s gonna be three weeks so that is gonna be mailed here I’m gonna hit the
road but since I signed out for the scanning service I’m gonna log into my
escapees account and they’re actually gonna email me when I get any mail scan
it show me a picture of it and then I can set up where I want it to be
forwarded to they’re gonna take it out of my $50.00 postage deposit fund and
I’m gonna get it physically so you don’t necessarily need that $10 a month
scanning service it just kind of helps me know what’s there some people would
just know that it’s gonna be there no matter what if it says they got mail
they’re gonna say well it’s been about a month I’ll bet it’s my ID my new
driver’s license also the motorcycle endorsement from South Dakota in
Washington State that transfers over automatically but Texas doesn’t call it
a motorcycle endorsement so all my old IDs said endorsement motorcycle Texas
just says the class of driver’s license is a see em so I have a Class C driver’s
license which means I that’s the biggest one you can get twenty-six thousand
pounds and I thank 16 passengers in a vehicle and in
the M stands for motorcycle so it’s written in the class not the endorsement
but yeah automatic and it is a what seven year license so it doesn’t expire
until 2026 however as you know Texas vehicles need to be inspected every year
and again you’re probably thinking Eric why would you do that it means you have
to be in Texas every year for your motorcycle in your RV no there is a
loophole for specifically for travelers and people like us that that might not
have planned to come back during that three-month period be at ninety days
before it expires so what they do is they they give you a break they give you
an extension on the actual vehicle inspection so let’s sign up in Maine and
my tabs are expiring next month I can do it all online I can have my new
registration sticker mailed out to escapees and when it gets there I
haven’t shipped up to Maine put it on the front – it doesn’t go on
the tab the license plate on the back in Texas it goes on the windshield for some
reason and then what happens is I won’t get in trouble unless until I come back
to Texas as soon as you reinter Texas as a Texas resident who has not yet done
their annual vehicle inspection you have three days to get that done okay and
again nothing really changes it’s just something automatic in the system so
once you get it done at any shop it does not have to be from Livingston or Polk
County it can be at any accredited state inspection facility in Texas just do it
within three days of getting back and it’s gonna be fine you’re not gonna get
in trouble you don’t have to come back to Texas every single year the same time
you don’t have to well before we go any farther everybody is always interested
in the cost associated with transferring your domicile from another state so
let’s go over the cost that I paid and that you’re probably going to pay so you
can understand this little breakdown so your inspection your vehicle inspection
is going to cost seven dollars it could cost more if you fail and have to come
back another day I did have to pay two dollars for the new print out for my
registration but you won’t have that cost you’re escaping membership is going
to be $40.00 no matter what that is going to be an annual
cost also your annual domicile cost to the escapees it’s gonna range from I
think 195 dollars to possibly up to 250 like I said I got the middle category
that was 215 your postage deposit is $50 the first time you can add money to that
throughout the year however you like scanning service that I’m paying for is
$10 extra a month to register your RV mostly this is an average but this is
the exact number that I paid back in February it was two hundred and ten
dollars to register my RV my class ARV for the entire year that’s gonna be
reoccurring that’s what you’re going to pay at the office similar to that I
would say in Texas for your RV like I said you may have to pay a tax if you
didn’t pay enough tax in the state that you’re coming from depending on that how
that works I didn’t I think most people won’t though but something to consider
and then your physical new license itself is gonna cost $40 so the total
for me in one day in four hours I spent five hundred and seventy four dollars to
become a Texas resident and again some things to consider are the reoccurring
annual fees that I can’t do anything about I’m going to have to pay the
membership at $40 every single year 215 dollars a year to renew that membership
and then I’m really adding adding the postage deposit I asked me go through
that time as well so that I can continue to get this stuff forward to me on the
road so so there are those costs it’s literally almost identical to the costs
of South Dakota not even kidding you almost the same exact price so there you
go let’s see did I cover everything any questions I can answer some questions in
the comments below I’m a first-time Texas resident they obviously have a lot
of people who have done this in South Dakota Florida and Texas but you know
for me this just makes everything a lot more convenient and I am proud to be a
transplant Texan y’all yes a astros to give you a little bit of it’s actually
game 7 tonight and Texas is just going wild around here I’m about less than a
hundred miles from Houston where they’re playing game 7 tonight
and as I alluded to earlier in the video I did get word back from Apple
they have diagnosed my MacBook and they have given me a quote of about $1,900
$1,900 to fix the screen the power board the power port computer board and
they’re gonna replace the battery under warranty there’s no cost
so basically 1,900 dollars for a new screen new power port and I told them to
simply mail that back I am excited to be visiting an Apple store in a few days
when my new MacBook Pro arrives very very excited excited but like I said all
this needs to be edited on my phone still and uploaded from my phone which
seems crazy but it’s all good I just want to let you all know I’m doing
really well really excited about the future and and
kind of getting out of Dallas and everything so we’ll chat soon and I’ll
keep up these little videos until I can actually start editing again normally
okay all right bye guys go Astros

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