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Our Biggest Electric Car Challenge Ever! 1,400 Miles in 48 Hours Inc The NC500!

Our Biggest Electric Car Challenge Ever! 1,400 Miles in 48 Hours Inc The NC500!

hi guys I’m EVM and welcome back. Octopus
EV’s lease full electric vehicles very much like this BMW behind me and they
get given many reasons as to why sometimes people decide not to dip their
toes into EV ownership, I hear the same reasons myself through the channel of
course. Now some of these are perfectly valid reasons but a lot of them are
based around a misconception one such misconception is that long
journeys are very difficult or as some genuinely believe, impossible to do in a
fully EV, especially if you go somewhere a little bit more remote or rural and
leave the confines of the motorway network. What better way to show people
how easy it is to do a long journey in a full EV, than to do a long journey in a
full EV! But not just for long journey a ridiculously long journey and we’re
going to do it in a ridiculously short timeframe and to try and get rid of the
‘well I never have to check to see if the petrol stations working before I set
off’ we’re also going to do this with no planning not checking at all we’re
literally going to get in the car stick the destination in to the sat nav and go so
we have a long journey we have a full electric car we have a very short time
frame and we’re not going to do any planning I mean how hard could that
possibly be right now let me tell you exactly what
we’re going to do because this is kind of a two-part challenge the first part is
basically we’re going to do Scotland North Coast 500 which is as the name
suggests a 500 mile coastal route around the very tip of the UK in the Scottish
Highlands we’re going to try and do that in a full electric vehicle and we’re
going to try and do it in under 24 hours and of course with no planning. We have
to not just do the north coast in 24 hours but we have to get to the start /
end point of it which is Inverness from where we’re going to set off it’s
well over 400 miles away so we have to do 400 miles to get there 500 and odd to do then of course itself and then 400 miles to get back so while
we were doing near as damn it 1,400 miles in a full electric vehicle
but unfortunately we can’t set off any earlier than late afternoon on Friday
after work and I have to be back by late Sunday afternoon to look after my
daughter so ultimately we have to do 1,400 miles in this in just two days 48
hours for 1,400 miles. Now as you know I’m looking into my next EV right now on
I’m giving some serious thought into leasing one. So if you’re in the same boat
as me you’re thinking of leasing your next full electric vehicle please do
visit the very very nice people at without them I
wouldn’t be able to do this video and ultimately probably heard of their
sister company octopus energy of course so the link to their website will be in
the description below so please do click on it and see if you fancy leasing
a full electric vehicle. Right now I’m going to go upstairs and pack and get some sleep
before we set off tomorrow because I imagine I’m not going to get much of
that sleep over the next few days If anybody’s wondering why we didn’t do John O’Groats to Land’s End or anything like that as the challenge
and back again which had of being quite difficult and I think someone’s done it
before we’re on a motorway which is just boring! Yep! Boring to watch boring to do. The North coast 500 is far far better all round so I guess there are longer distances you could have done in the UK Oh look we’re going to another service station to charge! Oh look we’re going to another service station to charge! Too easy as well! It’s
too easy. Right! We’re here at our first charge nothing special really
it’s a Polar charger, yeah that’s gone really easily would come all the way up to
nearly just shy of Scotland basically and we thought we’d get something to eat
and so what we got okay I’m out of a drink first yeah I’ve got some drinks
with us. 2019 if I’m not mistaken I think so! It’s amazin what these electric cars can hold! It certainly is! People think charges are chore but for me I just
don’t see you know look at week we could have been driving on a motorway right
now if we’re in petrol car yeah I’ve got a good mind to throw this out of the
window! We’re about to enter Scotland Nearly, nearly! – We’re in Scotland! Second charge. Yep. 115 miles
went very very easy on that one we’ve been very efficient we’re only stopping
to charge therefore we got to charge and fuel ourselves yes if we pull over for
some food and the cars not charging that’s wasting time we don’t have time
to waste on this journey so what we got the question is do we want the anti-pasto. tapas selection… chicken that’s red thai. Some salsa.
Potato salad, I like a bit potato salad! falafel yep yep beef sticks bacon
bites! Something missing. Almost, almost perfect! Seasoning? Salt as well please? Got any salt? Yep! right we’re here in Inverness we’re at a
charger in Cathedral car park with some sort of music thing going on over there
Three charges and it’s been clear run to be perfectly honest with
you so yeah we just paid for the car park is it working?
it’s not? No! I put four pounds in there it printed a ticket and nothing came out and
people worry about charging things working! We’re just gonna walk along the
river into our hotel and then get a relatively early night so we can set off
and the plan is set off about six ish yeah let’s leave dumbass stops coming up
this time then we have done the times before it’s actually been an easier
Drive early it’s it’s early o’clock and we’ve just had the only sleep we’re
gonna be getting on this entire journey so we’re gonna be setting up in a bit
and then seeing if we can do this thing here we are outside
inverness castle sauce courthouse wherever it is this is the start point
and end point of the novel’s 500 challenge it’s precisely
6:52 we have the octo car to do the octo challenge and we’ve got until basically
653 I’ll say on Sunday to get back here to doing 24 hours not only that but we
also have to get all the way back home which is effectively almost a thousand
miles away from here by Sunday afternoon tomorrow in Venice bridge yep
we’re basically leaving Inverness over this bridge it begins it does
so hopefully traffic will be kind this is that we’ve kind of mentioned and why
the average speed would be quite low but then you just look over and why would
you want to do a journey like this at speed you don’t want to do it’s too much
to look at the scenery the Sat Navs been trying to get us to do the u-turn for
the past couple of miles but the it doesn’t matter just look at that it’s
breathtaking let other people pass it’s easier for
everyone but that’s also why the average speed is quite law and you can see the
road we’ve just come up and then you can see the cloud level and we’re literally
about to go into the clouds we have got a lot of time to stop we don’t need to
waste time on this journey of cars but we’re at the top of the pass and quite
frankly the camera does not do it justice full electric no problems probably more because we’ve got a lot of
region ahead of his nap so the cariocans we’ve got about 80
miles left but we’re at the stat of the descent descent yeah it’s the best
school got a tunnel region so this won’t benefit that people don’t really know
about till they only evey it’s that region makes it so much more efficient
and it’s only when you do something like this when you think well I’ve just
driven four miles and I’ve gained ten or something like that in energy first
charge so far about think hundred and twenty miles hundred twenty something
like that and it’s it’s been a doddle so far traffic’s actually been surprisingly
light given the fact it’s August and so yeah so far so good
and not much to report other than that it’s stunning the weather’s nice and
it’s easy in a navy bit of breakfast Oh missing something you have a glass of
fresh orange in the morning what a gate lock there’s a charge if we
don’t need to use it but because we’re on YouTube you have to prove everything
you do so we’re gonna give you all the not all the charges but most of them to
prove we’ve actually done the North Course 500 in this timeframe yeah yeah
all the name of the town or whatever and so yeah we’re here and now we’re gonna
carry on again we’re into a good Scottish weather now and it’s getting a
little bit busy we’re having a lot of cars coming the other way so this is
where the average speed really drops off I’m still making good time but the
weather here we are at all the Poole Harbour there’s two in all the pool this
is the hammer one and we’re charging all right and so we’re gonna go get
something to eat I think how long I’ve got left II reckon in mildly terms 300
300 300 350 miles to go up what time is it it’s one o’clock one o’clock I would
just seen a year model three Dutch model three the first one I’ve seen in the
wild I think a half we should have stopped him thankfully Harry did pass
the Dutchie on the left hand side as you should out tongue he’s down there
somewhere the charger is on line but he doesn’t work on CCS it appears CCS just
doesn’t connect to the cat I don’t know why so this is the second concurrent
charger that that isn’t working but we’ve got plenty of charge to get to the
next one and the next one after that if necessary so
it’s not really gonna cause those too much of a problem and this is why we
typically end up stopping to do a charge at about 50 percentage you know
depending on where the charger is because then you can just go to the next
one or the next one on if there is an issue this is one thing we’ve not really
accounted for our suppose in terms of lowering average speed fog it’s very
thick at the moment to the point where you actually do need your fog lights on
yep we’ll scrub stuff areas we just said so it’s working it’s fine there’s a
Tesla using the AC side of the charging you know thankfully you can use AC and
DC now we’ve been doing live updates on the Twitter fee so a TV man UK and
there’s been a few comments on that basically from a few people the
basically said Oh doing the knopf cost 500 in a day’s ridiculous and it’s why
it shouldn’t happen it’s not there for that not that’s wrong
we’re doing five hundred and odd miles whether it’s sort of a one-day or five
or six or seven it’s not going to change the impact we’ve had on the rod this
isn’t a race no it’s a reasonable thing you can do this in 24 hours it’s a race
against time but it’s not in an Eevee yeah because the quicker we go the long
we have to charge and ultimately we’re not actually gaining any time no works
against you exactly so in the most efficient efficient yes we’ve got to
been driving economical if any we have well we’ve made it to John O’Groats 725
hit John O’Groats so now it’s basically a straight suddenly journey all the way
down back all right we’re gonna get off because the longer we spend here when our teen and I succeed getting big
darker so not to rely on this thing it’s gonna be the last charge before we get
to the knife course we could almost get to Inverness we could probably smidge
SVG but obviously with flying past the Inverness all the way back home so we
thought miles will get a charge here because we’re making great time so right
we’re gonna get charged literally see the castles or probably a tenth of a
mile away mhm and then we have done the challenge
is complete and we’re about to pull into where it all began there it is we were
he is so early this morning that the castle was shut and we’re back so late
today that it’s shut again here we are there is car house we are back where we
started from we set off at about 5 to 7 a.m. this morning and what time is it
can we see that quarter past 11 so quick man muffs makes that for 16 hours and 20
minutes right there 16 hours 20 minutes and we had 24 hours to do it so it’s
been smashed smash them so yeah well I think we’ve proven without a shadow of a
doubt that even in a full electric car no range extender no petrol engine nor
hybrid nurse and it’s been relatively easy the car as an mr be really as it so
we’ve just done 500 miles it’s quite a past 11:00 at night and we’re about to
do another 450 yep and that will but then we can say we
have done 1,400 miles in less than 48 hours which included asleep yep in a
full electric car so there really is no excuse guys that long journeys are an
issue we’ve had a couple of down charges and still it made no difference
yeah where you right that’s it let’s go we’ve just ended England back in Blighty
no we’re charging for the final time finally found a an electric highway
charge of the works on CCS this actor he’s taken a bit hammer and I think it’s
20 or hours doing basically driving charging driving charging driving
charging yep many times so we’re about 100 about hundred miles away that’s like
two hours well I guess we’ll see you when we get to their final destination
to try and emulate what we’ve done today do the novice 500 in the day don’t
you’ll be too tired to give me south a space 1,400 miles pretty much in 43
hours which included a sleep in a hotel and of course then of course the 500 in
16 hours 20 minutes which obliterated our target of 24 I was yeah yeah I think
if you’re gonna lease an Eevee from octopus Eevee’s then you’re gonna have
to find a different excuse other than the long journey won’t ya basically if
we can do all of this in walk by today’s standards is a short to mid-range Eevee
certainly if you factor in what’s currently makes kind of six 12 months
and do all that it’s a no-brainer the car could have kept going yep yep
I’ve got over ones and yet we the car as not skipped a beat at all of it the only
issues we’ve had maybe we’ve a few hiccups with the charging network yeah
and with our own self tightness fuel we said would tell you how much fuel costs
now it’s free to charge in Scotland for more traffic charging so this entire
1,400 miles has cost us about 20 quid but if we had to have paid for it I’ve
just basically average now all charged networks pricing and roughly figured it
out it’s about 60 65 pounds for the full 1,400 miles in an Eevee if you did it in
a petrol diesel care which did 50 master gallon over this particular journey it’d
have been a hundred sixty quid and if the car did forty master going 200
pounds Wow so you saving a minimum of a hundred
quid I reckon I think thank you to Oxford’s forgiven is the i3 and for a
sponsor in the video of course I’m afraid you’re gonna have to do a bit
better challenge than that so a bit bit more challenging next time
did I just say that we’re going to absolutely collapse we set off this
morning well holding system I was set up yesterday morning about
probably about half-past six from the hotel yep and it’s now near well it’s
half a stage the next day and we’ve not stopped driving or charging over 26
hours so yeah it’s been a woman but thanks for watching if you have been and
we’ll see you whenever our friends come to Busan just to say bye

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100 thoughts on “Our Biggest Electric Car Challenge Ever! 1,400 Miles in 48 Hours Inc The NC500!

  1. Octopus Electric Vehicles – Take a look at all our cars, charging solutions and energy tariffs at

  2. 16 hours in the beemer. If you delete the charge time how long would it have taken? Not being negative, just curious.

  3. My i3 only has a 80 mile range in summer and about 60 mile range in winter. I wouldn't do that route in my car, its more of a short journey city car.
    Did you have the heating on? What mode was you driving in? Eco+ or Comfort? How long was each of your charge sessions? What was your average speed? The BMW i3 app would of given you some nice stats about each of your driving sessions, you only need your VIN number to make it work which is on your windscreen. It would of shown you how much you were regening your driving efficiency and distance driven since last charge.

    Happy New Year. 🥳

  4. Awesome work there EVM. Disappointed that your butler wasn't wearing black tie and tails. 🙂
    If a Daily Mail reporter had tried that, they'd have called a truck to carry the depleted car back home.
    Just for fairness, EDF also do an EV lease scheme called Go Electric.
    Look forward to seeing more in the new year.

  5. I travel from Harrogate to Dumfries (300 mile / 6 hour round trip) four times a month minimum – Is this trip practical / doable in a 94ah 120mile i3 ??

    I estimate x2 on route charges (hopefully DC fast charges)

    Haven’t bought the car yet but the regular Dumfries trip is causing the hesitation between full EV, EV Rex or stick to diesel
    Ie Fuel costs vs Time

  6. 50mpg driving slowly? My car can average 78mpg, when averaging 50mph!
    And then there's leasing. A person may as well pay for a car on Hire Purchase – at least at the end you own the car. Or get a loan. The car (the asset) is then yours to do what you want with. With leasing, you're paying just for the pleasure of driving someone else's asset! That's not even including the quite sizable 1st payment/deposit!
    Andy. If you've saved for a Model 3, just get a loan for the remainder!
    But I will visit Octopus, to help you out.

  7. The newer version of the i3 is a huge improvement over my 2015 i3 Rex, I keep looking at it as an upgrade. The charge network in Scotland is pretty well developed.

  8. Having done the west part ( far better than the NC 500 proper) Fort William to Durness via Plockton and Applecross etc many times. I’ve been watching charge points closely as the dream to do it in either and model 3 or Y and back to Glasgow. Sticky point seems to be near Durness as it’s hit and miss. Nice seeing Applecross and the pass. Done it mostly under blue sky but have done the pass in thick fog. Sorry did you say this was done in August ? The trouble is in the summer you couldn’t do a EV road trip with friends. I’ve done it with 17 other cars in our group, we turned the Ullapool garage into a car park till we all filled up. Why no Durness charger is that because it’s not worked in nine months…. Durness needs a charging hub sorted but us Scots will get there.

    Brutal driving as I’ve usually done it usually over 3 days. Just to add I know you were in a rush but would have been nice checking places like Durness and reporting what you found. This route would catch EV drivers out if they didn’t watch. I’ve done Ullapool to Inverness with a Stop for the night at Tongue on one tank of fuel having brimmed at Ullapool. Got to Inverness with the computer saying 5 miles left in the tank, but then I wanted a Shell garage 😁. Once you can do the same in a EV it’s a no brainer.

    As I’ve said the dream is Model 3/Y, Summer blue sky’s, free Scottish charging from Glasgow to Tongue and back following the west coast. Don’t think we are that far off👍

  9. Hi guys, so here is a challenge: Recreate this drive in an EV: Suggest you chat with Harry, he's really approachable.

  10. Only right that I click the link and have a butchers after that journey, leasing is something I havent considered till now. just looked at them, when you said lease I take it you meant PCP? as the only other option is business contract hire, I couldn't see personal leasing?

  11. You should have played Jerry Reid singing East Bound & Down over the video with a single can of Coors in the boot

  12. BUT… the lease on this i3 from Octopus has an ANNUAL mileage limit of 5000 miles. You did 1400 miles in 2 days! Hardly a great advert for the Octopus leasing deals. Can't fault the car though.

  13. Happy New Year… Q: Was it 120 AH battery and were you charting to 80% and how far were you taking the battery down (DOD) ? Thanks for the video 👍

  14. Beautiful country, great drive. Would be great on a motorcycle either ICE or BEV. I haven't joined the BEV world yet but may jump in with used one in March.

  15. Just wondering, if you weren’t planning your charges how did you know “you had enough charge to reach the next charge point or even the one after that” ?

  16. Great myth busting video.
    Next challenge :-
    Drive to Barcelona and back during first two weeks of July. This would see the sort of impact that the use of AC would have on the mileage. Or Munich in Autumn to do the same for the heater, winter may be a bit of a push given the lack of sunlight. Both would require a couple of overnight stops.
    Plus you get a decent road trip in another Octopus Electric Vehicle.
    Keep up the great videos.

  17. Your next challenge, should you accept it, will be to go the Fully Charged Live event in May, all of 250 miles south in Farnborough AND no cheating by taking the Mini

  18. How will everything work when it’s 100% electric. All those vehicles that you normally see filling up with petrol will be waiting in line for chargers and of course road user charges will have be applied there as they are here where I live. Applying the mileage user charges to your trip would be GBP78.88p. I would say that’s a conservative estimate as your fuel tax is much higher than what we pay. Mind you I still like the look of electric vehicles. Getting their manufacturing costs down is the key. 🤔

  19. My VW TDI turbo diesel gets 50 miles to the gallon. Fuel in US is $2.70 a gallon diesel. 1,400 miles is $75 usd cost. Driving time 28 hours (70 mph). With range of 700 miles one fuel stop, 10 min including bathroom break.

  20. Chargeplace Scotland pretty good and getting a card an absolute no-brainer for us Scots. Not going to stay free. Definitely need more charging hubs like Perth where there are more than one or two chargers. Fixing them seems to take too long.

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    And when the trip was over, there was not one EV less…"


  23. MAY BE TWO CARS challenge using only free chargers starting with a full charge and ending with a full charge at the end of 24 hrs drive see how far can drive bit like a grand tour events.
    needed full info on distance between chargers and who much charge the car had at each charger,
    what you charged it too and how long it took
    so then you would have miles per kwh between each charger.

  24. Nice one chaps! But you are spoilt with your range. I’ve documented a few trips like you guys on my channel. My little 60ah i3! Love it 👍🏼

  25. Excellent demonstration of how the infrastructure is the most important part and not the range of the car.
    Just like any Petro car, a sports one would have to stop more than an economical. Great job. Congratulations.

  26. That puts distance to rest why don’t you go to France for your next long distance test great video as always keep up the good work 👍❤️😎

  27. Coming Monday I’ll pick up my BMW i3. This video gave even more confidence that longer journeys are possible in this car. Good video lads!

  28. What worries me is not distance but the diversity of charging companies. How many apps and RFID cards did you need on that journey?

  29. Angel Adams was once famously asked by a visitor at the entrance to Yosemite what to do because she had only a few hours, and his answer was “cry”. I feel the same for tackling the truly magnificent NC500 in such a rush. Well done though- it was my first thought after getting my model 3 for a road trip.

  30. ok, I live in mid devon , I have a 24 kw ENV …..I would love to do this but don't fancy spending hours (days?) on the motorway….

  31. Pity the weather at the Tongue charging point hadn't been better, you'd have got a fantastic view from there. All the same, it was really impressive how that trip went and the fact you seem to have managed to pack the kitchen sink along with the rest of the stuff in that beemer.👍👍

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  34. The charging network in Scotland must be pretty good. I’ve tried to use two non Tesla rapid chargers, one in Lyme Regis and one in Godalming. Both failed. The Tesla network has been problem free, thankfully.

  35. EVM – I have an i3-Rex and will be taking it to Fully Charged in a month. I live in Texas but it will still be nearly 1000 miles round trip. Not 48hrs though, 72hrs maybe.
    Love the Channel, hope to catch up with you at one of the events either her or in the UK.

  36. August! I was wondering why it wasn't dark after work and why at 6am it was so light and no snow around, now it makes sense.

  37. Good video. Sadly, the morons will remain morons. It will take decades to convince a regular joe with his clapped out astra diesel to convert to EV. BUt it will happen eventually.

  38. Good video guys, you probably should disclose why you chose this rural route as the Scottish government has greatly supported the EV charging infrastructure make this journey possible. This would not be possible in Wales or many parts of England

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  45. The electric vehicle man would love to upgrade to a newer EV ( but still no where near as good as ice on a long run ) but even a person who is all for them, can't afford a longer range EV ? How much difference will EV's ever make in replacing ice if they are that expensive that hardly anyone can afford one. At this price ( mostly twice the price of an eqivelent ice car before incentives) they are an expensive out of reach to most piss take. That is the real joke.

    This report is a reason why :-

    The price of electric cars is not falling

    Perhaps the most worrying finding in the shift towards electrification, is that prices are not falling as expected. Our data indicates that China is the only market where pure electric cars became more affordable during the last few years. In contrast, the situation in the US and Europe is looking less hopeful. If the car makers and governments do not address this issue, EVs will continue to play a secondary role to ICE vehicles.
    To put this price disparity in context, in China a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) costing the equivalent of $1 in 2011 would now cost $0.52. This improvement is mostly due to incentives granted by the central government, and the launch of electric city-cars and very cheap models. In addition to this, the manufacturers in China do not have to meet the difficult safety regulations imposed on their counterparts in Europe and the US.
    However, the situation in Europe and the US is the opposite. The same car priced at $1 in 2011 would now cost $1.42 in Europe and $1.55 in the US. While BEV prices have halved in China during the last eight years, they have increased by 42%-55% in the West. 
    The focus of Western manufacturers has been on premium, more expensive cars. This leaves very few offerings in the entry-level segments.

    We all know the reason for this, the massive battery price is easier to hide in a more expensive vehicle where incentives are of a token size.

  46. At the moment, I still have my 24kw Leaf, but comparing the price of how much charge vs petrol, don't you have to factor in the price of the cars? £35000 for an I3 and the same journey could be done in a £2000 petrol vehicle bought off eBay.

  47. Great video EVM, these long distance drives are a great way to demonstrate that EVs are perfectly capable of doing them. It’s the main reason I also like Bjørn Nyland’s 1000km challenge vídeos as they are a great way to look at the combination of efficiency and charging speed.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why BMW insists on quoting their battery capacity in Ah rather than Wh like everyone else…

  48. This is an interesting report and goes a significant way to demonstrate the practicality of switching to EVs. However, I think that one vital point was missed from your report. Which charging networks were you signed up to to facilitate this journey. A significant objection to EVs often voiced is that the charging infrastructure is both too complicated and too unreliable. You addressed the reliability question, but did not cover the complications arising out of memberships, phone software and RFID cards. I believe that wider uptake of EVs depends of solving three issues, price, availability and access to an open charging infrastructure as simple to use as petrol or diesel refuelling.
    I raise this point, not as an objector to EVs, but as a driver who has leased an EV and now owns one. Please could you add the information on charging networks used and what was required to use them.

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  50. I'm toying with buying an EV so find your channel hugely useful, if a bit overwhelming jargon wise sometimes. Is it unfair of me to reflect on the perceived "flakiness" of chargers (example – 11:39). You had plenty of charge at that point so not a bother, but had you been depending on it how would that work out? I note your remark that "we had a couple of 'down' chargers but no problem" but, to be honest, I think that this is the biggest fear of potential EV drivers. Thanks.

  51. Thanks to electrify America, I could road trip my Bolt EV to my parents place in GA from Texas. Unfortunately it might cost as much as or more than flying and it would be pretty exhausting. I'd be interested in doing the math on that journey.

  52. That en EV can be used for long trips only the fossile drivers not interesting in EVs do not know. Maybe the most impressive part is the way you guys eat in a car, real glasses with juice, little plastic crap and great food, salt and pepper grinders ! This takes eating in a car to a new level for me 🙂
    Great, why not enjoy the trip, charging stops is then something to look forward to !

    Looking at the route with "" I understand there is a challenge here, only 1 stall 50kW charger ! And some not working ? What ?
    I may have missed it, but Wh/km or Wh/miles for this trip would be interesting (average for the trip)

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