26 thoughts on “Police K-9 Leaps Through Shattered Car Window To Apprehend Pursuit Suspect

  1. This is the stupidest story in town ! STFU and arrest that cop that killed the innocent autistic man at that Corona cosco

  2. Piece of cake for him especially after doing millitary duty in Iraq. His handler's experience resume is probably a joke compared to the dog's.

  3. All for taking down criminals…they need an "experience" to ensure they'll never do it again, BUT to insert a K-9 into a close quarter situation in which it looked like the suspect wasn't going anywhere (in my opinion, from what I see in the video), puts the dog in danger of getting hurt, and unnecessarily tearing up the suspect's arms. There is no way police could say for certain the suspect didn't have a knife on his person. The suspect could have easily stuck and killed the dog. After they busted out the window, they could have used multiple other measures to extract the suspect from the vehicle (negotiator, tear gas, flash bang grenade, taser, bean bags etc.)…a K-9 wasn't going to be able to "extract" the suspect and definitely wasn't going to disorient and/or incapacitate the suspect so the officers could more easily extract him from the vehicle. Bad call…

  4. Shameful to see such use of force when suspect just sitting there in a disabled truck.
    Dog cut up…dudes crotch tore up and no use of active denial system or gas. Instead, deployed the most chaotic, violent tactics to arrest a fellow American. smh

    Shame suspect didn't have a grenade to frag all those zionist/marxist pigs.

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