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PressFit Bottom Bracket Replacement – Wheels Manufacturing – PF30, PF92

PressFit Bottom Bracket Replacement – Wheels Manufacturing – PF30, PF92

Hey folks! For those of you that have
ever had to deal with press-fit bottom brackets on their frames, you know how
frustrating that can be. But today we have options, One of those options is the
Wheels Manufacturing PressFit bottom bracket, so we’re gonna take a closer look at it. On the box you have the Wheels Manufacturing logo, but you also have the Enduro logo, because they make those bearings
that you probably use as an upgrade on your bike. Looking over here, you’ll see that this is
compatible with 24 mm crank axles with some adapters. Also, the shell width of your frame
can be between 61 and 86.5 mm. Mountain bikes usually use 73 mm. Here on the back, you will have the part number of this specific bottom bracket. This is what’s called threaded, mostly to differentiate between this version, and the one
that I’ve used on my previous Norco build. If you’re not familiar with
that, check it out. In the box you got the bottom bracket shell,
bearings installed. You also get the little bag with spacers, and I assume the dust seals, yes they are
right there, and you have this business card like – thank you for your purchase. They also gave you a two-year warranty for this product. BB30, PF30 are kind of referring to the
same thing, 30 millimeter axle here on the cranks for
saved weight and a narrower Q-factor. And PF30 refers to the PressFit bottom
bracket, the one that I’m going to install over here. For mountain bikes, 46 mm
ID shell is usually used with PF30, and also we’re talking about the shell width of 73 mm, measured here 74 mm and a bit. Installation instructions are
provided online as a PDF, and you have everything from tools needed, to how to install, to how to replace a bearing or maintain your bearings. So you’re going to need the bottom bracket press for the drive side cup, you’re going to need some grease, but they also mentioned this which is a bottom bracket wrench. you see it here mention in
44 and 48 millimeters, 16 notches. This is specific to their bottom brackets so you’re probably gonna need this to
tighten up the non-drive side cup because it has to be tighten up to 40 to 50 Nm. I guess you could use a set of pliers but I don’t see how you
would use that without actually damaging the finish of the bottom bracket shell. Apply grease on the exterior of the cups here and here. Also on the threaded area
of the non-drive side. Also apply some (carbon-safe) grease to the inside of your bottom
bracket shell on both sides Then you’re gonna press in the drive side cup. And finally you’re gonna thread this in. This is the non-drive side, Here you go. And tighten it up to 40 to 50 Nm as per the instructions. If your frame has a bump right here, next to the bottom bracket like mine does, this wrench doesn’t really fit properly so you’re probably gonna be better off if you have their socket as opposed to this wrench to tighten it up. Finally, put a bit of
grease right here behind the seal, it goes on top of your bearing. Use the additional spacers
to take up the slack from your cranks, and you should be good to go. Cranks installed the BB is very smooth, If anything a bit tight, but it’s
gonna loosen up rather quickly. The beauty of this is that you can install
different type of bearings, and also that you never need to remove
the bottom bracket shell from the frame. Installation is simple, as you saw, the downside is that you need their specialized tool, highly recommend using the socket. What do you guys use? Do you use third-party bottom brackets like this or what manufacturers provide? Let me know what you think in
the comments below. If you consider purchasing anything like this I put links in the description. If you found this useful, don’t forget to like and subscribe, and until next time, I will see you folks on the trails. Cheers guys, Cheers!

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37 thoughts on “PressFit Bottom Bracket Replacement – Wheels Manufacturing – PF30, PF92

  1. Pf threaded is the shit. I run one a bike with angular contact bearings. Never creaked or had an issue. Smooth with no noticable drag. Solid bb

  2. I installed in a aluminum frame. Didnt use a press. Pregrease the bb and cups and threaded it in. Easy peasy. My bb didnt have a recessed area. So it was quick and easy.

  3. Can you use a standard Shimano hollowtech tool instead of the Wheels MFG one? I have difficulty sourcing one locally.

  4. That's an expensive BB: Deore is $16 and XT is $35, both bullet proof. Press fit I know, but that's a hugely more expensive component. Nice video again.

  5. I'm waiting on wheels mfg , dub pf 92 thread together. But , so far stock sram has held up well (knock on wood).

  6. My 2013 Cannondale F-29 Alloy has a BB30 shell but the Factory Glued a Threaded Aluminium BSA SLEEVE.
    i thought you not suppose to use GREASE on CARBON COMPONENTS ???
    I thought the GREASE will BREAKDOWN THE RESIN

  7. Used these for several builds..easy, secure, good quality, can convert between different crank standards up to a point. Easy to remove and re-use .. the only downside is cost.

  8. For EU guys, Token makes avesome BB's, they are threaded in too, with good seals and have composite external cups so they conform to any potential frame imperfections better than aluminium would. Better than Shimano crap for sure. Would recommend packing some marine grease in the bearings, no matter what you get- they often could use more, for water ingress prevention.

  9. Nice video, I have a 2016 Stumpjumper alloy with the Wheels Manufacturing Pressfit 30 bracket with angular bearings for about 2 years, its been great, it was fitted by my LBS as a recommendation which has been worth it, it was £70 for the bracket cheers👍 it’s not the threaded one tho as in your video, it’s the anodized red

  10. tried to experiment with a praxis, for me it was a disaster so ivfell back to loctiting the bearings in the aluminium bb30 shell and lets see how it goes from here. Dunno if an aluminium bsa adapter would make sense though

  11. thanks as always . i fitted one of these to my carbon frame from china . bb was press fit but the size was out perfect fit for not so perfect carbon frames from china

  12. This product makes me both happy and sad. Happy that it solves one of the biggest engineering mistakes in the history of cycling that actually became widespread and sad that it has to exist at all. Either way, good that there is something that seems to work. I'll still never buy a PF frame though.

  13. i use a threaded bb sm 52 with a deore xt crankset. shimano or nothing for me. Nothing is too good for me when I'm buying

  14. Looks great although a little bit pricey. I’m running Shimano cranks with their PF BB and never had a problem with it.

  15. This is the way to go. I have this bb but in bb 92 on my Intense Carbine and no issues. Press fit bottom brackets are the biggest piece of shit ever made. Shoving a cheap piece of plastic in one of the most crucial areas of the bike is sure to creak. Now thanks to sram with dub the supposed best thing one size fits all if you have a press fit bb you can not use these awesome products from wheels manufacturing. I am so glad my Carbon crank is not dub, otherwise you need a new crank and chain ring.

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