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Procter Gamble: Delivering Manufacturing of the Future

Procter Gamble:  Delivering Manufacturing of the Future

P&G is a fast-moving consumer goods
company. We have several different BUs. So we handle the whole spectrum of
a person’s life stages. Digital tools are simply critical for us to be able of the
delivering this manufacturing of the future. Two and a half years ago we
watched the technician re-enter data from one system to the next system for
the next system. It was so disempowering. They were very frustrated that the systems
weren’t integrated. We needed a solution that could really scale with us. The way
we operate the business the way people learn is different. And, we have to be
ready for that. Our vision is that each operation team has a tool in their hand
to improve their business results. Out on the lines on to tablets so they can
interact with the data real time at the point that they need to not over back
over the desk. Because the work doesn’t happen at the desk. Work happens at the
piece of equipment. From our team rooms we went away from you know hard written
paper or single desk typing to touchscreen technology so they can get there and
drag new data around. It blew me away. One of the primary benefit is the
flexibility you get in a platform solution. In terms of time savings, energy
savings, we’re going to at least see 45-minute pressure per line per business unit. It
has the flexibility to look at the same data in different ways that make sense
for that particular operational team at that particular time. The KPIs from that digital platform really help us visualize the
operational level. Including process reliability which is really efficiency
of the operations, safety and quality. Too often we provide a solution that is
limited. I’m very
confident in GE’s ability to expand this outside the factory walls to look at the
entire supply chain. The people that we have worked with at GE when they say
they’re going to do something they really deliver excellence and they
deliver it on time.

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