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Project Nightonomy: Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the Dark | Fusion | Ford

Project Nightonomy: Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the Dark | Fusion | Ford

Sunset in T-minus five minutes. [SOUND]
>>To do something as ambitious as making a car drive itself, you need
lots of testing in lots of places so that you can cover all the scenarios
you might ever expect to see. [MUSIC] NVG check.>>NVG is good to go. [MUSIC]>>Fusion niner-one-two,
prepare to go dark. [MUSIC]>>Fusion niner-one-two,
are all personnel in place?>>This is Gold Leader, I’m in position. [MUSIC] Fusion niner-one-two,
could we get assistance check please?>>Lidar is go, GPS is go, IMU is go,
radar is go, camera is go.>>All systems are functioning. We are ready to go autonomous.>>All right, guys, we’re going to go. [MUSIC]>>We are autonomous.>>Which is an odd feeling to be looking
at the viewer and seeing exactly what I expected, but as soon as I looked out
the window, all I saw was blackness.>>Through the S’s again,
everything is stable. The Fusion is breaking into the hairpin
and accelerating out of the corner.>>Pull back in here, complete
the mission, and then we’ll restart again, just do it on the full lap. [MUSIC]>>It’s all good,
car is functioning just as it should. [MUSIC]>>Car is driving by itself
in the middle of the night. [SOUND]
>>All right, everyone. [SOUND] Mission is complete,
that was excellent, thank you very much. [MUSIC]

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26 thoughts on “Project Nightonomy: Autonomous Vehicle Testing in the Dark | Fusion | Ford

  1. Probably when im very old, brittle and dont have the strength to control the steering wheel. But for now, im in charge and i love driving my car.

  2. Deer can't wait to be hit by an all-electric, virtually silent, light-less vehicle, although avoidance systems would likely throw many G's of force into a passenger's crotch via a belt restraint when the brakes are slammed.

  3. Letting aside the gratuitous dramatism. What happens if two of this cars meet? Wouldn't the LIDARs interfere with each other?

    Warning: This video has been identified by Epilepsy Action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

  5. Please stop glamorizing the military. Just stop. The military has nothing to do with this at all. Camouflage helmets… really?

  6. Ofcourse it can drive by itself in the night since it is plenty of lidars! Do the same in a sunny day to see what happens?? What happens if two or more of these vehicles illuminate the other's lidar?? From a self-driving car it turns into a mad car!! Lidars are complementary but not the holy grail of self-driving cars! They need a truly artificial vision system!

  7. How many more test sessions are there before this. It needs its own playlist if you do. I just hope when this gets to a live car you have a passive mode as well with the sensors. Mine still only warns me I'm at a drive through or too much snow.

  8. Got one curiosity that I also had with telsa. Will multiple devices with this tech talk to each other on the road. Would be fun if I try to switch lanes and the cars would make space automatically and not on the choice of the driver especially if both have their gps on and know where they are intending to go(If i need to get off, I should get preference to a lane change) .

  9. How is having this car on a closed track in the warm desert in the middle of the night simulating all sorts of driving scenarios? The only scenario that matters to see if it can actually drive itself competently is during the winter in snow or icy conditions. Any other driving scenario than winter conditions is simple in comparison.

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