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Publix Jobs: What’s it Like to Work for Publix Manufacturing?

Publix Jobs: What’s it Like to Work for Publix Manufacturing?

When you think of Publix, you
probably think of our stores. But did you know we actually manufacture
a lot of the products we sell. Like these cookies… and milk. Mmm… perfect. Only the best for our customers. When you want something
done exactly right, sometimes you’ve got
to do it yourself. So we do… With the help of our more
than 2,000 manufacturing associates. Production planners, Lab techs, purchasing analysts, just a few of the positions
that play a role in the manufacturing pipeline at Publix. Equipment operators, packers, we rely on these folks to help make
some of our most popular items. Do I smell blueberry muffins? Your ice cream, yogurt, milk… we pasteurize more than 100 million
gallons of milk annually. We even make the jugs it comes in and the labels that go on those jugs. Created by the folks in
our Printing Services department. They handle over 180,000
orders every year for product labels and
promotional materials. As an associate in Manufacturing, you have a real hand in making
the products that fill our shelves. And ultimately feed our customers. There’s a great deal of pride in that. Careers are made here too. From the Deli plant, where we make
our prepared meats and salads, to the support teams in charge
of sourcing raw materials, and logistical planning… There’s opportunity to grow
here in manufacturing… where, with the right
ingredients and hard work, you can transform an entry-level job into a life-long career.

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