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Racing TOY CARS on a REAL RACE TRACK! | Pixar Cars

Racing TOY CARS on a REAL RACE TRACK! | Pixar Cars

(valiant fanfare music) – [Max] I’m Max and it’s high time I show this track who’s boss. – [Victoria] I’m Victoria,
focus and precision is the name of the game. – [Taj] I’m Taj, consider this class ’cause I’m gonna school everyone here. – [Elisha] I’m Elisha
and I’m all about speed. (valiant fanfare music) (upbeat guitar music) Hey everyone, today we’re
at the Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale California to check out our Jackson Storm and
Lightning McQueen RC cars, to see who will take home the Piston Cup. – That’s right and of
course, it’s gonna be Lightning McQueen, ka-chow. – I think you mean Jackson Storm. – Yeah, next gen racing is where it’s at. – Well, whoever wins, we all
win when we think about it because we get to take these cars and race them around the track. – I can’t believe we’re really here. – That’s right and these
babies might be small but they got a lot of power. And of course, they’re sold separately. – This speedway is home to so
many epic racers every year and we finally get to
experience first hand what it’s really like to be on the track. – All right, guys, let’s go. – [Max] (exclaims) Let’s go! – Okay, time to go over the rules. Who’s ready? – [Max And Victoria] Me. – This is a one lap race
around the half mile track. Each team has it’s own cars
and has it’s own pit crew team. The racers will race around
the track to the pit area. Once reaching the pit area, the pit crew will then take the cars and switch they’re old tires for new ones and put them back on the
track for the big finish. Any questions? – How are we gonna keep
all up in the action? Like in range of the RC cars? – I’m glad you asked. (upbeat guitar music) – [Max And Victoria] Wow. – Look at this. – Our pace car here, is going to drive us around the track as we race. And of course, with adult supervision we’ll always be able to be
connected with our cars. – Lets do this thing. – Yeah, let’s race everyone.
– Yeah, who’s ready to race? – Let’s do this!
(whooping) (cars whirring) (valiant fanfare music) – Let’s get ready to race. Ready to eat my dust? – No, not today. Are you ready to look better
in my rear-view mirror? – Oh, it’s on, this is gonna be crazy. Gotta buckle up, a-okay. (suspenseful orchestra music) All right, you ready? – You ready to get beaten? – You ready to lose? – Not today, let’s do this. On your marks. – Get set. – [Both] Go! (whooping) – Go, go, go, go, go, woo. (cars whirring) Yeah, turn. Ah, come on. No! – Eat my dust. – No thank you, I said no thanks. No, I can’t go faster. I can’t rush you right now. Wait for me, I gotta catch up. Oh you look good now, but you’ll better when you’re
in my rear-view mirror. Come on, go, let’s go! (upbeat banjo music) (whooping) Come on, Jackson, let’s go. Jackson Storm is wining. Good bye! (whooping) Unh-unh.
– No! – [Max] Oh you’re going down. – [Victoria] No, you are. (whooping) Oh no, oh no, Lightning got stuck. (Max screams)
Lightning’s stuck. Code duress, Lightning got stuck. (beeping) Hey, you just bumped into me. (exclaims) Hey, hey,
hey, hey, calm your roll. Calm your roll. – Yeah.
– No! Pit stop’s coming, we’re
almost to the finish line. – Come on, come on. – Pull in!
– Go, go, go, go. – [Taj] Go Jackson, come
on, come on, come on. – Hurry, hurry.
– Go Taj, come on, let’s go. Come on, change out those tires. You’ve got this, Taj,
come on let’s do this. – [Max] You can do it Elisha. – I’m almost there guys,
I’m faster than Guido. – [Max] Nice work. – I’m gonna take home that trophy. – [Elisha] Whatever. – [Taj] The first two tires are done. – [Victoria] You got this. Come on.
– So close, guys, so close. – Ka-chow! – Let’s go for the win.
– Ready. – [Victoria] Come on, let’s
do this, get ’em on the track. (cars whirring) (suspenseful orchestra music) No.
– Go, go, go. (cars whirring) – Come on, come on. (exclaiming)
– Go, go! – Come on, come on. – I got it.
– Go, go, go, go. (whooping) (exclaiming) – High five.
– Oh my God. (whooping) – Gimme a high five.
– Almost. Almost, almost.
– Yeah. – Burn out, burn out. – Oh my God. – Good job. – I don’t know about you
guys, but I had a blast. We’re like professional racers now. – Yeah, Team McQueen all the way. – Team Storm, whatever the weather. – We missed. (laughing) That was so cool. – And you know what else is really cool? This track. – Yeah, I never wanna leave. – Me neither. – Wanna race again? – Sure. – Hey.
– Hey! (whooping) (cymbal chiming)

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