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Removing the Bumper off the Jeep for a New Steel Bumper

Removing the Bumper off the Jeep for a New Steel Bumper

well good afternoon everybody how y’all
doing pretty good here and welcome to the channel you can see we’ve got the
Jeep back there up on the lift it’s because and Krista’s gonna help me today
because it is Jeep bumper removal day so we’re going to show you how to remove
the bumper on the Jeep because in the next video we’re going to be installing
this new stubby bumper up there yes so let’s go ahead and I’ll give you a real
quick look at the bumper that’s on there there you go there’s what we have this
is the OEM bumper and we’ve done a couple of things already because we
removed the air dam and these panels that are in between the bumper and the
fenders here so those are already done you would need to remove those and you
can refer and I’ll link the video to the prior video that we did that shows how
to do that at this point the first thing that you would need to do is to go ahead
at least I’m gonna do this and remove this panel right here it’s just two
bolts one here one here kind of slides up and off that’s to give you better
access to the bolts that are behind the bumper here that we’re gonna be removing
so I’m gonna go ahead grab the power drill in this case and we’re gonna go
ahead and pull those off and then we’ll move on to the next step okay Krista is
manning the impact drill actually she’s going to go ahead and remove these bolts
so you can go ahead and do that should come off there pretty easily there’s one
it’s that simple and then the other one over here yeah it won’t grow there’s the
other now we’ll see if she can manage to get this piece off remember there’s
little Clips here that slide over the existing area so you kind of gotta push
it up hit it you have to hit it smile that’s it and then pull it down and
you’ve got that piece off just that simple so we’re going to lower the Jeep
a little bit to do the next part alright Krista is armed next are these two clips
there’s one right here and one right there you just have to get under there
and pop the center out so you see the center
part right here that pops up and then the whole clip will pull out there’s
little matches so you want to go ahead and pop that center part and then pull
the whole clip up pop just the center part yeah I can get a good view on there yeah this one and then this center part
here should pull up take that out to there and this kind of functions the
same way as the other one we did you have the center part here that goes
inside kind of mangled that just a hair and like that so when we go to put it
back in if we put it back in so you can take that let’s do the other one it’s
facing on the outside and I gotta work it around a little to get it under there
so there’s a job whole thing came out there you go and now let’s see if we
can’t pull out this trim piece and this is just a trim piece supposedly it pops
up out of there no there’s all these manner Clips back here we have one two
three four five six Clips here although we wouldn’t have to necessarily take
that off because it is attached to the bumper and the bumper is going to come
off but I think for ease of removal we’re gonna go ahead and pull those okay
the next one you guys get the idea so we’re gonna go ahead and pull the rest
of these out and then we’ll come back on with the next step okay she’s got all of
the clips out so we’re gonna go ahead and remove pretty easily you can see
there the trim piece so we’ll take that and set it aside and then we’ll move on
to the next step okay next up before we forget we’re gonna unplug the fog lights
so it’s that connector right there you can see squeeze it and pull back there
you go that’s good and the nice thing about the
Jael his Jeep went ahead and condensed the plug into one harness or one hook up
so all you have to do is remove the plug on the passenger side and that actually
powers both lights so you don’t have to screw with one on each side so now we’re
going to get the Jeep up in the air because we’re at the point where we need
to take the bolts off the back to release the buffer okay we actually
disconnected the wrong connector over here you don’t have to take this one off
over here no you need to disconnect this one because this along with the rest of
the wiring here is attached to the bumper for the other fog light so this
is the one that you want to disconnect because this is the one that stays on
the Jeep and powers the whole assembly so we’re gonna go ahead and pull this
this should just be two little prongs on each side that you push in and then it
should just pull right out so that’s what we’re gonna do next
okay we’re underneath the Jeep now behind the bumper you can see there’s
two bolts there two bolts there two bolts there and I actually have the
impact on one but there are two bolts there so we’re gonna hopefully be able
to use the impact to get all of these off I’m hoping that works it’s all
that’s what I’m gonna do next we’ll come back on once I have all the bolts
loosened okay last two screws we are able to use
an impact for all but two of them so these are pretty simple one and since I
get this one off the bumper is free that’s it the bumper is now loose so
let’s get you guys out of here I’m gonna lower it while Krista holds it and then
I’m gonna pull it off so let me do that alright here we go a moment of truth I
have no idea how much this thing weighs so I’m hoping it’s not
and I drop it on my feet because that would suck matter of fact I have her on
your glutes because I had webbed hands and and then we’re gonna pull it off
probably make my hand slippery all right why not
you know just pull right are you miss something I think you missed something
all right gonna have to take a closer look be
right back okay use her ear ah I forgot to take two
bolts off yeah right here mm-hmm that’s why it wouldn’t come off so take
two it is free now so let’s try it again it doesn’t work this time I’m just like
come on all right little muscle maybe do you
maybe lift and then pull well I bet you lift and pull push and pull I was close no there it is
thank God it’s actually not that heavy it’s lighter than the stomach
replacement that we’re going to put on that’s it it’s uh it’s off how about
them beans whoops yeah I should I don’t see the size difference between the two
that’s the bumper carne it’s Vegas 2018 and up gjl yeah not too
difficult just got to be patient yeah and and it comes right off so you
guys can see the front end of it over there yeah let’s see what my Jeep looks
like with it there’s a Wow corn in there Oh plant that and grow a tree or
something yeah wouldn’t that be something
so I don’t have much room to maneuver but that’s it there she is
not too bad anyway anyway I just want to get on here show you guys how you remove
the bumper on a on a Jeep not too bad as I said pretty darn easy anyway next next
video up we’re going to install the new Mopar
okay isn’t it your pecans tubby tubby Bopper that’s what’s coming up next
along with our custom-painted toe hooks stay tuned for that it’ll be
in the next video coming up I’ll link all the other videos down below in case
you guys want to see this whole process from the start and not too bad anyway
appreciate you guys watching don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and
we’ll see you next time on the web have a great day

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13 thoughts on “Removing the Bumper off the Jeep for a New Steel Bumper

  1. NIce job. Sometimes it can be a puzzle getting things to come apart.
    Does that Jeep ever get driven? It looks so clean…like it just came off the showroom floor!
    New bumper should make it look a bit more sexy!

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