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Residency Week in the UW Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics

Residency Week in the UW Master of Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics

I think residency week was definitely
the highlight of the first year it was just a really good way to start off the
program and I looked at other programs that were just online you don’t get the
same experience having their residency week I think it was a great idea
give us the first-hand sense of what we’re gonna see during the program
having other alumni from the program as well giving us their feedback on what we
can do or answer the questions that you normally have a unique experience I very
much enjoyed it because you’re inundated with people that are also in the field
so being able to talk and integrate and actually work on projects with people
that are in the field was valuable immensely valuable I have a lot of
talented cohort members and each and every professional that we work with
I’ve been really impressed by their background they really got strong
resumes what I liked about the cohort was that I had several individuals that
were local to me and I was able to drive and see and meet them for meetings
impromptu after work before work on weekends sometimes especially when we
came closer to our practicum project I think working on projects with other
people is key gaining experience taking their knowledge and your knowledge and
putting it together towards a final product is really important

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