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Reviewing TJ Hunts Cars

Reviewing TJ Hunts Cars

– My head hurts. – You know what makes my head hurt? – Wrestling.
– No, the year 2000. – (laughing) That’s gonna be
really weird out of context. – (laughing) 20 years ago. – Damn.
– We were talking about wrestling before this. – It’s weird.
– Wrestling’s weird. What’s up guys, Dakota from
Fitment Industries here with– – Gels from Fitment
Industries, that was mid-yawn. I’m sorry. (laughs)
– That’s all right. He’s a little tired boy,
but today we’re reviewing Tj Hunt’s cars, this has
been so fricking requested in the comments, a lot of
people wanted to see this. We actually got to meet Tj at SEMA. – A little bit, yep.
– Yeah I got to talk to him a little bit, that was
cool, it was a good time. So yeah, let’s hop into it.
– Yeah, so I guess we discovered, no we’re doing the whole rating YouTubers cars
thing, so we found out that YouTubers have like
at least 20 cars each– – Yeah some of ’em got a lot of cars. – And you can’t just pick
one, because you know, one doesn’t really stand
out from the rest of ’em for some people, so we
decide that we’re gonna take all of Tj’s cars, and break
’em down a little bit, go into ’em, talk about ’em, and maybe give ’em a
little quick FI rating. – Yeah, speaking of FI,
wheels, tires, suspension,
– There it is. (hands clapping)
Boom, there you go. – Bop, bow.
– So, first up. – Ah.
– We got a (laughs). First up we have the good ole Subaru BRZ, that really started–
– Right up your alley. – Started everything
off for him I would say. I mean, I know he had a
BMW before, and he did a couple vlogs and stuff like that. But this is was the first car
to be built on the channel. And I’ve seen multiple
renditions and versions throughout the last few
years and everything. And now we have where she sits right now. So we got the BRZ, she’s painted a nice, I guess you could call
it Nardo Grey kind of– – Not as flat as–
– Yeah, not as flat as– – Similar, like a battleship–
– Yeah, a battleship color– – Going on.
– Then we got it wrapped in the Meguiar’s wrap
because he was doing stuff with them all year, HRE
wheels, Toyo Proxes Tires, and on some AccuAir management as well, so this is on air suspension,
it’s wide bodied Pandem. – Hell yeah.
– Version three kit. (chuckling) He got some flack, he had a– – [Dakota] We got to see
that car at SEMA too. – Yeah, yeah it was actually just kind of tucked away outside, and I was like, I walked by, I’m like, “Oh”. (laughs) Yeah, yeah, I was like,
“There it is”, you know, I kind of felt bad because
it was tucked away– – Yeah, it was in the corner of the lot– – The Supra and the Ferrari
kind of took the limelight of SEMA for that, but it was really cool– – Too many cool cars, bro–
– It was really cool to see that, so yeah, I mean
it’s gone through a lot– – Ton of work put into
this thing, so much. – [Gels] I remember when they started off, he had the tank coilovers on it, then they did the exhaust
install, then it went through a whole bunch of different renditions. It had different front fenders, it had, he bought a replica kit, that
he got a bunch of flack for. – Yeah.
– And then he’s like, “Okay, got it”, then he took that off. Then they put a built engine in it. Wide bodied it with the Pandem kit. Turboed it with the JDL Turbo Kit, UnEqual Length Turbo Kit. The thing is loud as hell. – Well yeah.
– (laughing) It is like– – You’ll have that on these bigger jobs. – We have this three inch,
pretty much just straight pipe out the back, and the
thing is just stupid loud, and it’s fantastic. – [Dakota] It looks so damn
good, I love that it’s gray, but it has the vinyl accents to pop. – [Gels] The body kit
on it looks super good. I’m not a fan of big wings,
I’ve kind of fallen out of that trend, but this one
pulls off the wings so well. – Right.
– The Canards on there, the HREs look like
they’re meant for the car. They look fricking perfect–
– And he’s always been about the meaty tire setup too–
– Which I love– – The car’s on air, it sits really nice. And it’s just aggressive as all hell. The whole thing just flows
really well together. The HREs look fantastic on it. The fitment is super on point.
– The question is, how do we not just rate
all these cars at 10? Because we’re starting off strong– – I mean we totally can. You know, I don’t think
anyone’s gonna mind. I think they just wanna
hear us talk about ’em. – Well, I’m gonna rate it a two. – So here we have a good starting off, you know, just a good ole–
– Yeah we get some– – Stock body BRZ.
– Man, has it transformed, holy cow that’s insane, I
must admit, I haven’t seen it since the beginning, I’ve
only seen the end product. So to see the before and
after is just absolutely nuts. I mean if you have a BRZ reference, I feel like that’s the route you gotta go. It’s perfect, it really just, I don’t know what I would change about
it, which is gonna make this really difficult, you ready to rate it? – I’m always so bad at the first rating. – Well don’t rate it like a lifted 350Z. (Gels groaning) Three, two, one, 10.
– 9.5. – Why’d you rate it 9.5?
– I don’t know. (laughs) – Exactly, exactly–
– Do the ratings really matter at this point?
– They do– – They’re awesome cars–
– They still matter– – If they weren’t good–
– They wouldn’t be good. – The internet wouldn’t have
it, I don’t know. (laughs) They would change it,
which you know, they have– – I just feel like if I’m gonna rate it less than a 10, there’s gotta be something I would at least change, or
I disliked about it but– – That’s true, that’s very true. I guess I–
– He even used Meguiar’s. I like using Meguiare’s stuff sometimes. – Yeah, I wouldn’t even,
yeah I guess I wouldn’t change anything either, so–
– Even the sponsors could, what do you do?
– (laughs) All right. So, moving on to–
– What one is next? – Multitude of vehicles–
– Out of the lineup? – We have the Nissan
350Z, so this was actually a subscriber’s car of his that he bought. Because he was like “Hey,
I wanna start getting “into drifting, I wanna
start learning some stuff”, and everything like that–
– He has a 2J now right? – It is 2JZ–
– Yes! – The thing puts out–
– I love this thing. – Over 600 horsepower, I’m pretty sure. It is absolutely insane. As of right now, it’s like 2JZ Swap pushing on 600 horsepower, you
got a little dial in there, you can tune it to four, five, or 600, it’s kind of like ridiculous– – That’s insane.
– So he had his buddy at RAD Industries really help
him out a lot with this build. They did a whole rear mounted
intercooler, radiator setup, so all the cooling and
everything is in the back. – The intercooler’s in the back too? – I’m not exactly sure, but anyway, they have obviously the
fuel cell in the back, and then they have the massive cooling for the radiator and the engine,
and everything in the rear. And it’s the whole hatch
is like a giant duct into the radiator itself,
so the thing is super cool it’s got (mumbles) kit
on the front, she rips. Rocket Bunny overfenders,
this thing has seen a couple renditions too,
because when he first bought it, obviously he was just
drifting with a VQ engine. It went through that highlighter green or highlighter yellow faze,
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any pictures of that. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, what are your thoughts?
– I mean it’s like the perfect drift car, it’s a
350, it’s got the 2JZ in it. Everything about it, it
just screams drift car. I mean maybe nitpicking here,
because I’m really pulling for straws, is I’d change the wheels out. I don’t know what I’d like to see on it, maybe some work wheels, maybe– – Yeah, so he’s got–
– That’s kind of cliche at the same time, but–
– So he’s got the NK, like the double Rs or whatever on there– – [Dakota] Yeah, and they don’t look bad. – No.
– I don’t wanna say they look bad, those
are some risky wheels. Those aren’t the cheapest wheels. I’m just gonna say, those
wheels can get up there. The double Rs from NK can
get up in price a little bit. And they look good, it’s
just like this car’s so wild, I’d like to see some wild wheels with it. They still look good,
that’s me nitpicking. I don’t know, do you have anything you can nitpick on it,
that you’d change, or– – I know–
– So much work has gone into these.
– There really has. Because I remember when they first did the overfenders, it had a different kit on it. And it was like, they
had to weld in a panel or something like that, the
whole rear quarter panel got, it was weird, they cut it,
had to cut it really high. So basically they put the
Rocket Bunny overfender on top of this other overfender, so it was just kind of tricky. But I love how much this
car has gone through. I guess if I were to nitpick one thing, the wing on the back, I’m not a huge fan of the style of it, but
that’s really minor. – Yeah, it would look good too with a duckbill or something–
– Yeah, just something– – I don’t know if they’d
be able to do that with the rear hatch, and how it is, if that would mess with anything, but– – [Gels] Right, but if
you’re talking drift Billy if you’re talking drift
car, you got a Rocket Bunny 350z with 2JZ–
– But yeah, the wing looks good on it too.
– It does look good. I would just maybe go with a
different style personally. But overall, I mean
the thing is obnoxious. It’s so good, I remember
watching the video when he picked it up, and
he was just like grinning ear to ear, and it was just
so ridiculously cool. (laughs) – [Dakota] I can’t imagine
driving, it’s just gotta be an absolute blast to drive.
– Like overall, having him go to RAD
Industries and stuff like that and what they did, and
see the progress of it, there’s so much that went into it, and so much custom
fabrication that went into it, to do that whole rear mounted everything. It’s fantastic.
– It really is. All right, ready to rate it? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one, nine.
– 10. – I’m gonna give that one a nine. I do like the BRZ a little bit more, but I mean, this thing’s
amazing, it’s still a nine– – But it’s a drift car. You know, it looks so
good, and it’s a drift car. – It’s got a 2J in it–
– Drifts the crap out of it. Yeah, ready to move on?
– Yes. – So this is his Mark IV Supra, right? So he picked it up, right hand drive. I think it had pretty low miles on it. I remember when he picked it up, he was pretty hesitant, a little bit. Because it was between a couple cars. I think it was between a
R32, and it was a Supra, and I think it was maybe another
FD or something like that, maybe a right hand drive FD. But yeah, that’s right,
because when he broke a million subscribers, I
think this was his treat to himself, so this thing
has seen quite a bit. I think it had a oil issue
or something like that. But since then, they’ve
added some air stuff to it, like the diffuser, which is carbon fiber, looks fricking fantastic,
you got the TRD-style wing. The head, the top end of
the 2J has been built. It’s been converted to a single turbo. And then he’s got some
HRE wheels on there, which I think were actually from the RX7, they were initially for the RX7. – Oh, gotcha.
– The fitment was a little weird, but
it fit the Supra better. So what are your thoughts on it? – The thing looks
phenomenal, in my opinion, when I think of a Mark IV Supra, this is how it should look,
this is how I picture it in my head, I wanna nitpick these. I wanna find something, I just, I want to say something
that I would change, but he just did them so damn well. The HREs look great on there, but maybe, I don’t know CCWs, CCWs look
really good on these cars, I’ve seen that, but I
wouldn’t necessarily change the HREs out, because they
do look good on there. The exhaust looks awesome,
the rear diffuser is amazing. I love having the wing on there. – I mean I guess, one thing,
if I remember correctly, I think he’s running
HKS coilovers on here. Which I don’t think he’s
a huge fan of personally. But it’s like, it’s weird
because you think of HKS, and you picture them making
it, and it’s like the turbos and the exhausts, and
other stuff like that. The electronics, and old
school blow off valves, and stuff like that, and
then it’s like HKS coilovers, and you’re like–
– Yeah, you don’t really hear HKS, they’re known
for their suspension or anything like that, but. – Yeah, so I guess it’s,
I’m glad that he did keep it on coils at least, it’s not bad. Because I’m pretty sure the majority of his cars are on air suspension, so besides the–
– Wouldn’t have looked bad on it, yeah.
– And I’m not saying it would look bad, yeah.
– It still looks good. I do like too, that it’s
just a single color. It’s not wrapped, or anything crazy. I like that this one’s just
kept lean and mean, you know. – Cool, ready to rate it?
– Three, two, one. – 9.5. – 10.
– Dang. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, let me think. On camera is that backwards,
so do I gotta do this? Otherwise I rated it a one, that’d be bad. (Gel laughs)
I meant a 10. – You’re just throwing
off 10s left and right. – I can’t help it, I
feel like I might even get flagged for it, but oh well. I mean what it is what it is. – All right, so moving on
to the fourth car here, moving on to another one
of the cars we saw at SEMA, and that’s this 2020 Supra,
which was a super big deal– – It was hot.
– Because he was part of the (mumbles) booth,
he did the exhaust on it, and then–
– The body. – The thing with the
StreetFighter, LA StreetHunter kit, which turned out phenomenal.
– It did look really good. Seen a lot of wide body Supras, at SEMA. But this kit, the HREs as we see here, I mean it’s pretty
common, I think he’s got a partnership going on
with HRE, but they look so damn good, and they work
really well with these cars– – It’s nice, because HRE has so many different designs and
everything like that too, that you can really find
something to go with whatever. I mean–
– I mean, and like (mumbles) I know a lot of
people are sick of seeing wide body Supras, stuff like that, or the wing is too big on the back. I’ve seen people say that. I really liked it, in
person it looked damn good, it just looked like
everything flowed together. I liked the huge wing on there. The body kit looked good. Again, how do you nitpick this? – [Gels] I guess you
don’t, you just talk about what you like and just–
– I guess it was a cram build right before
SEMA and stuff like that– – But even though,
because it was a crunch. They took so much time,
because what this is is those body panels, those over fenders and everything, are 3D printed. that is the only one
that exists, they didn’t make molds or anything, they
took those from the car, made molds off that, and that’s what they’re gonna produce the kit with. So the one thing that he wanted to do, he’s like, “I’m putting my name on this. “We’re gonna sell this, I wanna make sure “that everything fits super
nice”, and he was really worried about the body gaps and stuff like that. So they took extra precaution, extra time to make sure that everything
fit and seated right. And I think it turned
out absolutely amazing– – It does look so good. The wheels fit perfectly, I
love that it’s on Air Ride. Aired out just looks
so mean and aggressive. I love it, I really do like the car a lot. – I love that it’s on a AccuAir system. I personally really enjoyed
the CBT that we have in the E30, I know that’s
what he runs on a lot of cars. It works really well, it’s so quiet, and it looks very clean,
the whole trunk setup and everything looks super clean. But yeah, I mean I got nothing else. – I know, I know, what do you do here? I mean I guess, would
you pick the Mark IV, or would you pick the
Mark V if he gave you one? – I would probably pick the Mark IV. – That’s what I was honestly thinking too. – The Mark IV sounds so good. It looks so good, it’s so timeless. – [Dakota] At this point,
it’s probably worth more than the Mark V too.
– Oh 100%, 100,000%. – It does just look phenomenal. And the Mark IV one is a manual as well. So that’s fun, and I just
love the Mark IV’s interiors. How everything’s directed at the driver, and it feels like more of a cockpit. We got to sit in the Mark V Supra too, which was really nice.
– It felt pretty good. Pretty decent amount of room.
– I had head room. That was the biggest
thing I was worried about with the Mark V Supra,
is like I’m gonna get in, and I’m gonna be like (beep). But no, I really like
the interior on that, but the Mark IV kind of
wins it overall for me. It’s still just that flagship Toyota car, that everyone fanboys–
– Yep, yep. – So Mark IV, or Mark V on three. One, two three, Mark IV.
– Mark IV. – But we gotta rate it out of 10. We gotta rate it out of 10– – Damn it, I was hoping–
– There’s no getting by– – All right, all right.
– Three, two, one, 9.5.
– Nine. I don’t even know if these ratings mean anything to anybody, or– – It’s like Who’s Line Is It Anyway– – Yeah, it’s like “How could
you rate this to a 9.5? “I just wanna die”, the
points don’t matter. – They do though, they do.
– But they don’t. – Tell me what you’d rate it below. I wanna say everyone’s 10, 10, 10, or they’re all like, “You guys are idiots. “It’s a three, and a two,
and this one’s a five”. – All right, so moving on
to the fifth and final car, which is actually a
little bittersweet moment. Because as of last week,
he just sold this car. – This thing too, in person was just– – Insane.
– Yeah. – And that is the Ferrari
458 with the GT3 conversion. – God, the color of this car. – [Gels] All right, so I’ll
just, so from the beginning, they got it wrecked,
it was in an accident, they bought it off an auction,
I think B is for Build actually helped them out getting the car. They rebuilt it, they
had it wrapped in red. Kind of just having fun
with it for the sake of, hey we rebuilt it, and we own a Ferrari, and it’s a fun car to drive, and they did some exhaust
stuff, and then he just decided that, (beep) it, let’s go all out. Let’s find a (beep) GT3
kit, make the fourth road legal GT3 conversion Ferrari 458 in the United States, and
let’s just do it all the way. – [Dakota] And it looks so good. Again, I cannot stress how much
I love the dark green color. And then you have the
HREs with the gold face and polished up, and
it just looks so good– – [Gels] Those are a design
that HRE brought back. The HRE classics, they brought
back to make for that car. – [Dakota] They go perfect with the car. – It looks so good, it looks so good. The green, the dark green with,
would you call that a gold? I guess?
– It’s like a gold, it’s like a light gold,
but it looks super good. I love, even the big wing on the back with the Hunt & Co. risers
on it was pretty cool to see. The car in person was absolutely gorgeous. It was kind of breathtaking to be honest. Just to go up and see
that, it really, really, is just a phenomenal car,
and again, what the hell do you change on that? What else would you do to that? – It’s like, “Oh well, I
wanted the wheels to be “a little darker shade of
gold, so I’m gonna give it”– – I’d probably put an underglow on it. – I would probably put underglow on it. I’d probably put underglow on it. – That’d be kind of cool, I don’t know. Maybe not.
– Underglow. – Don’t, Ferrari guys
don’t like you putting underglow on their cars.
– (laughs) Yeah. I think, he’s got a story to every car, which I think is super cool–
– It’s like an actual build– – And that obviously helps
with you know, everything. So you see the quality
that he puts into it. You see the time and effort
that they put into it. He goes out and hangs out with people. He has good friends that help him out– – [Dakota] Can’t believe
he fricking sold it. – Bigger and better things, right? – Well at least we got to see it I guess. – Hey, we did get to see
it, that was awesome. – That was crazy, well
let’s give her a rate. – All right.
– Three, two, one, 10. – 10.
– Yeah, that was easy. Well, that about wraps it up,
so that was our first time reviewing a specific YouTuber’s cars. I hope it went how you guys want. If you have more recommendations or anyone you specifically want us to review, drop a comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget, wheels, tires, suspension,,
and we do have a bunch of HRE wheels as well.
– Yeah, we do. We can get them.
– So you can check those out, since that
was 90% of the video, was a lot of HR wheels on the vehicles. – I think there–
– It’s not a bad thing. They look good.
– There was one vehicle that didn’t have them.
– The 350. – The 350. (laughs)
– But yeah, that’s it. You got anything?
– I don’t, I think, yeah I’m good. We’ll see you guys later. (upbeat music)

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