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RRB Group D Official Mock Test Link Active | How to Give Railway Mock Test | Step by Step Process

RRB Group D Official Mock Test Link Active | How to Give Railway Mock Test | Step by Step Process

Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Hello Guys and Welcome to this Video! As you all know Railways RRB Group D CBT i.e Computer Based Test is going to start from 17th September. You can download the admit card of this exam from 13th September It will be an Online Exam for RRB Group D and if you want to practice online exam then Railways has activated Official mock test link for your convenience. You can find the Official mock test link on the Railways official website and you can find the Direct link for it on Testbook Blog too. If you want to take Railways official online mock test then you can find the direct link in the Description Box or you can find this link on the ‘i’ Button above. From there you can visit Testbook blog to find the Direct Link. In this video we are going to see How to solve the official online mock test. and How to practice for the same? First of all let’s see how to begin. Click on the link given in the Description Box. As soon as you click on this link, you will find Testbook Blog So you can see the blog article called ‘Official Mock Test Link Active’ Go to this article. after going to this article, scroll down and find ‘Direct Link’ to Attempt the RRB Group D mock test. Again, you will find – ‘Direct Link’ to Attempt the RRB Group D mock test If you click on this Green Button, then you will be directed to the Official Online Mock Test Link Once you are on the Official Online Mock Test Page, you will find Login and Signup Dialogue Box Do not put any login credentials here because this is a mock test. So, there is no need to put any login credentials here. Click on ‘Sign in’ right away. After clicking here you will find one Instruction Manual So after clicking Sign in you will have to read these Instructions. The Instructions clarify that the Exam is for 90 minutes and you will be asked 100 Questions. The Questions will be Objective Type and there will be 1/3rd negative marking. All these things are mentioned over here. Carefully read all these Instructions. You can read these instructions in English and other languages.There are 15 languages, so you can read these instructions in any of these languages. There is a language change option given from where you can change the language and read the Instructions in your language. Here it is given that you can view the Question Paper in 15 language as well. So you are having 15 languages option from which you can select your language and solve your Question Paper. Then below that there are some Instructions with colour coding. They have colour coded the Questions. The questions which you haven’t visited yet are represented by white boxes. The question that you haven’t answered yet are in red boxes. The ones you have answered are green in colour. And the questions which you haven’t answered but you have marked those for review are in violet colour. One more option they have given is for questions that you have answered but you still want to come back to it because you are not sure are marked in violet color, but they have also given green color marking as you have answered this question. Ok You can go backward and forward on the questions You can click to navigate top to bottom and to attempt questions you have to click on SAVE and NEXT Do read these Instructions and after reading this, click on the Next Button You will be directed to a new window where other important Instructions are given. Read all the Instructions and Select the answering language here and here you have to tick the Declaration here so a list of 15 Language is given here Select the language which you want to answer. Here we have selected English You will find 15 different languages where Hindi, Marathi, Kokani, Gujarati, etc. are given You can select any of these languages. Select here and tick the Declaration As you tick mark, the White Color button will turn into Blue and then click on I am Ready to Begin After clicking here your Test will start. As you can see in this Window your Test has started. There is timer over here, as you all know the exam is of 90 minutes. you will find Time Left on the upper part to show you how much time is left for your exam. You can read the Questions in Different Languages you can select this from here. After this you can see one question over here. As of February 2018, who owns the Kolkata based IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders? Options are given below. Whichever is the right option click on that and after selecting it your questions will turn from Red to Green after you click on the SAVE and CLICK option. Another option that you have is In the top right there is an option called ‘Question Paper’. It’s at the top right corner. So if you want to read the Question Paper in the beginning, as a lot of people like to glance at the whole Qs paper in the beginning, So if you want to read the Qs paper completely then you can do so using this option. when you click on this, you will get all 100 questions in a ‘list format’. You can scroll from here to read all Qs before deciding which question you want to begin with. Keep in mind that questions, whether from maths, or GS/GK or reasoning are not given in separate sections. They are spread across the entire paper. One more thing you can do is If an image based or diagram based question is visible to you then what you can do with that question is that click on that image and scroll with your mouse, so that you can zoom in to enlarge the image! So this is an added option in your CBT to see images clearly So now you know how to see the complete question paper. Now you have seen the Qs paper Now let’s proceed towards actual questions to solve them. Like I told you earlier, Once you solve a question correctly and click SAVE and NEXT then it gets marked in green to represent that you have attempted that question. The question that you haven’t attempted will be red To denote that you are still on that question or you haven’t attempted that question and have skipped it. Now let’s talk about other options. Like I explained, green colour means you have attempted the question. Red means you have skipped or are still on that question White means you are yet to visit that question. Violet without green means you haven’t attempted that question but have read it. But it is marked for review. When you mark for review, then at the end of exam you can review all these violet questions. So that is why you have the option to ‘mark for review’.

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