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Santa’s Sleigh Is Covered With Sticky Candy Canes | Carl’s Car Wash’s Christmas Special

Santa’s Sleigh Is Covered With Sticky Candy Canes | Carl’s Car Wash’s Christmas Special

– Carl’s Car Wash!
(bells jingling) – Ho ho ho! (cheerful festive music) Whoa, ho ho, my reindeer friends. We have a special night ahead of us. All our presents are
packed, and we’re going– – Wait, Santa! You almost forgot the, whoa whoa whoa. Candy canes. (sighs) I’m so sorry, Santa. I’ll clean up your sleigh. (grunts) Oh no, they’re stuck. – You aren’t kidding. These candy canes are
clinging to my sleigh. I can’t fly like this. The candy canes will really
slow down my deliveries. If only there was a place I
could go to get cleaned up. Hmm. – How about Carl’s Car Wash? – Carl’s Car Wash, you say? Hmm, let’s see. Well, Carl is on the good list. To Carl’s Car Wash and quickly! – Bye Santa! – [Santa] Ho ho ho! ♪ Deck the Car Wash
with soap and sponges ♪ ♪ Rub-a-dub-dub-dub-dub ♪ There. Oh, almost done. (sighs) I just wish it would snow already. It’s almost Christmas. (bells jingling) – [Santa] Ho ho ho! – Santa? It is you! (gasps) – Ho ho ho! And it’s you, Carl. How are you? – I’m good, Santa. – I know, Carl. I saw your name on my good list. – (laughs) What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out delivering presents? – Oh yes, I should be, but I had a slight setback with my sleigh. I need you to help clean me up quickly. – Anything for you, Santa. Let’s get started. What kind of vehicle are you flying? Is it a helicopter, a
rocket ship, or a sleigh? No question, it’s a sleigh. Now, how messy is it? Is it a little messy, medium messy, or super duper messy? I’d say it’s super duper messy. (car wash rumbling) Let me see what kind of mess it is. (grunting) Oh, sweet and stuck tight. Is it sweet, sticky candy canes, smelly rotten eggs, or splashy paint? For Santa, it’s gotta be
sweet, sticky candy canes. (car wash rumbling) That’ll be 10 tokens, Santa. – Oh, you know, I actually
don’t have any tokens on me. But I carry some spare cookies in case anyone forgets to put them out. Can I pay you with those? – Mm, cookies. Of course you can pay with cookies! – Terrific. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. (Santa grunts) (Santa whistles) See you soon, sleigh. (machine whirring) (machine whirring) (liquid splashing) (soap bubbling) (water splashing) (air howling) (machine whirring) Christmas magic. You know, you’ve got a real
talent for cleaning, Carl. If you’ve ever like to
move someplace colder, give me a call. – Wow, thanks, Santa. Maybe I will. – Oh, I almost forgot, I
have something for you. – Huh? A snowflake? Whoa, thanks, Santa. Santa? (bells jingling) – [Santa] Merry Christmas to
Carl and to Carl, a good night. (cheerful festive music) Christmas magic.

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