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Senator Gary Peters’ Michigan Motorcycle Tour | 2019

Senator Gary Peters’ Michigan Motorcycle Tour | 2019

Ready to kick off my ride across Michigan. We’ve got meetings scheduled all across this great state. If you gotta get from point A to point B, there’s no better way than to do that on a motorcycle. So I’m ready to get going. U.S. Senator Gary Peters is kicking off his fourth annual motorcycle tour today. The ride is starting in Farmington Hills but includes various stops in other cities including Flint, Grand Rapids and Traverse City. Senator Gary Peters stopped by Mott Community College in Flint today. We have veterans that are coming out of service, have great skills, and they can come here to Mott Community College and get that certificate necessary to get a good civilian job. Peters had the chance to tour a manufacturer headquartered in Escanaba. We’ve got to focus on career technical education. We have 58 programs spread out across 11 agencies. It’s not coordinated. It’s wasteful of taxpayer money. One of the policies that Peters has proposed is the National Institute of Manufacturing, which would bring all federal manufacturing programs under one roof. Today Peters visited the Ishpeming senior citizen center to discuss his legislation on setting national standards for senior communities. Peters also talked about a bill he has introduced with Senator John Boozman called The Age-Friendly Communities Act. This act would ensure that seniors have access to health care, employment, housing and other services. Gary Peters traded in the handlebars and asphalt for paddles and waves as he kayaked along the Long Pine Trail while in Traverse City. This is so exciting to see what’s happening here at the Boardman River and the Traverse area, and it’s really a testament as to how important Great Lakes Restoration Initiative dollars are. Senator Gary Peters was in Grand Rapids today as part of his statewide motorcycle tour. Peters discussed the need for more Customs and Border Patrol officers. He’s a Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee, and has introduced a bill that would authorize 600 new CBP officers per year until the shortfall is all met There isn’t anything more important than keeping our borders secure, and you have to move people in cargo as efficiently as possible. We’re wrapping up the motorcycle trip. It’s been a great five days. I think we traveled close to 1200 miles all across the state. I certainly learned a lot that I’ll be able to bring back to Washington DC as we work on policies that impact our great state.

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13 thoughts on “Senator Gary Peters’ Michigan Motorcycle Tour | 2019

  1. Instead of enjoy yourself riding around MI with real bikers, try joining your partner in Congress (Debbie Stabenow) and get strong on gun control. Your moderate stand does nothing to move things forward to solve this problem.

  2. In this extraordinary time of gun violence, it's hard for me to stomach your self-indulgence. Sure, it's a good thing to stay in touch with your constituents, but, please, this is an emergency. Get your ass back to DC and "Do Something" about this insanity that is rampant in our society.

  3. Thanks for all of your efforts to help Michiganders throughout the state. As you know Biking is a way of life for many of your constituents, what a great way to communicate with this important group. I'm not sure why Dave Quinn (below) chose to attack you on the gun control issue, but I for one am glad that you communicate with all walks of life and work to represent everyone. I know that you can't please all of the people all of the time, but I appreciate your efforts.

  4. What a great video, Senator Peters continues to impress me. It is apparent he is a grass roots Senator that loves getting out an meeting his constituents . And if you notice in the video he is a huge supporter of manufacturing. He understands manufacturing, he gets it and the importance the industry brings to the Michigan economy and the USA. He has many initiatives, policies and projects he is working on, but he always has a keen eye on the needs for manufacturing and moving Michigan forward. Great job Senator.

  5. One opinion I've heard that is so wrong: "We don't make things here anymore". It may not be refrigerators or vacuum cleaners, but manufacturing is strong in Michigan and the US; examples shown here are all around our great state. Keep-up the good work, Senator.

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