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Sgt At Arms In A Motorcycle Club

Sgt At Arms In A Motorcycle Club

The position of SGT At Arms we get into it on this episode Demons Row TV and Oh Yeah we ghostin baby! Welcome to Demons Row TV the Holy Grail of MC culture Were we cover everything motorcycle club involved I’m chopper Sosa. I’m your host for the evening And today we’re gonna talk about my favorite position in a motorcycle club And that’s sergeant at arms which is near and dear to my heart Cuz it I feel like that’s all I’ve ever been in the club was a sergeant at arms like I just love the position So let’s get it first things first. The sergeant of arms is the protector of the club If you go somewhere he’s the one that make sure that the club gets there safe and Leaves safe first one to go and last one to leave and He is the protector of the president when the president is out there networking with other clubs He’s the one standing right next to him with that serious look on his face and if you’re a sergeant at arms, you’ll always want to have Your president at a arms distance you wanna at least be close enough that if something pop You could just hook off right there. Now a lot of people say that sergeant at arms is the goon position and there’s truths to that and non truths but a lot of The dirty work gets put in by the sgt at arms. When you at Church. You’re the one who keeps the table in order so you might hear a Sgt at arms saying order up order up when there’s a meeting and people are getting too loud People are speaking out of turn people may be trying to speak over the president You still you protect the president and at all costs That’s what I do a big homie doc I always make sure he’s good wherever we go or even at church if he’s talking Motherfuckers start talking to much you listen order up! Shut the fuck up Prez is talking that’s what you do as a sergeant at arms make sure the president is straight at all times You have to be somewhat aggressive To be a sgt at arms being timid If your a timid type dude and listen on Demons Row. We always preach Play your position. That is the most important thing in life fuck clubs in life Play your position if you a calm cool laid-back type dude play your position That that works with you. You can be a VP you can be a secretary Road captain if you’re the best on the road or you know what I mean play the position that fits you Look at yourself in the mirror and say what do I feel comfortable doing? If your the rowdy type or you’re aggressive the sgt at arms could work for you It’ll work beautiful, but just be real with yourself Take the time and look at yourself in the mirror and say what am I what am i good at? What is it? What are my strengths and work to your strengths? Any static with any of the clubs you have to make sure that you’re clear present You are the general of the Army when it comes to wartime the president isn’t the one that handles that the sergeant of arms is the one When it’s time to go the sergeant of arms is the one who says let’s go and he handles the situation Now president can stop you can stop a sgt at arms but if it’s to the best of the club The sgt at arms can move ahead and do what he got to do if two members of the club 2 of the brothers are going at it That’s the sgt at arms job and not to instigate it. He needs to make sure that that shit gets squashed out They got a square up. That’s what they do, but the sgt at arms determines if that is how it goes and also if a cut has to go if a fine has to be given the sgt at arms is the one who does it if somebody’s Leaving the club or getting kicked out the club Sgt at arms is gonna go to your house and go collect that vest if you didn’t come bring it in That’s the sgt at arms duty hell probably come with some prospects some enforcers However your club works every club is different some clubs and enforcer is a very high position Every club is different in my club the sgt at arms is the supreme Security of the club. So any sgt at arms out there hit me in the comments Let me know if your a sgt at arms matter of fact, everybody hit me with whatever position you hold in your club Just hit me with that in the comments real quick hit me with a #Ghostin just so I know you’re alive and you’re breathin #Ghostin Get that Demons Row gear The link is in the description hit that teespring link. I’m up. It’s gonna pop up right here hit that link and it’s at the end of the video to Cop the Demons Row. We gonna better cameras. Were gonna get a lot of shit going Let me know what other topics you guys want me to cover Anything that I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments because you know, there’s so many Different aspects of being a sgt at arms that I think I can’t remember everything in one sitting It would take like a couple of different episodes But thank you for tuning in to Demons Row TV the Holy Grail of MC culture like subscribe and comment Oh, yeah, we Ghostin Baby!

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100 thoughts on “Sgt At Arms In A Motorcycle Club

  1. Shout to all my Ghosts! Thank you for all your support! Comment the position you hold! If you dont hold one cuz your too busy Ghostin give me a #Ghostin
    And if you support what we do get the gear shirts mugs

  2. Big shout out, really cool vid, the topic can give a lot to talk about, a very high position that demands a lot of time and effort, and comes with an even bigger responsability, thats a position that requires somebody really envolved and compromised with them club members.
    Me, im a Soldier myself, thats an enforcer for the higher ranks in my fam, my club, we have the prospects, then soldiers/enforcers, and then the Table. ML&R Sossa, keep it up my man, ghostin stronger 🤘🏻

  3. Nothing but facts brother!!! Being the enforcer definitely Carry's the club a long way… survival of the fittest..

  4. Just got made secretary by default 🤦🏽‍♂️ I never wanted a position. Always just wanted to be a soldier but whatever the nation needs…..fuck it

  5. Love your videos bro been a minute! Iam the SA for my chapter love that shit i live for that shit! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  6. It’s a very important position. Even when I was in the fire department it was a role of Protetor and peace keeper. Black dragon written a book about it. That’s not really a role for me I much rather be the kind that help the next generation to me that’s lacking in the motorcycle generation right now I am trying to build my MM so for now I am leading till someone can take the spot that’s a better leader then me. I have not known MM to have a sergeant of arms position. Instead it’s a chaplain position.

  7. I totally agree fam. Your Sgt at Arms need to take that position seriously. If he a pussy he def don’t need to be in that spot. He gotta hold shit down in all aspects! 100%

  8. I respect all motorcycle clubs I don’t care what a patch Your rapid allmotorcycle clubs to me r respected I’m always ghostin a.k.a. the Grim Reaper


    This was a truly great video. As a President I can say you described exactly what I wanna see in a SAA

    Yoo I fck with them collar rockers too 💪💪💪💪

    ML&R Always

    MiKLO 1%ER

  10. Another good episode brother definitely being a sergeant is a heavy responsibility especially when you go to an event of another club because you got to be on point not just for your prez but for everybody, definitely a heavy responsibility 100% correct in this video

  11. To me brother and This is just my opinion..Sgt at Arms is the best position in the club. The man that has the club on his shoulders

  12. I feel like a big part of the start position is being sober. Maybe two drinks always aware always clearheaded. In our club we don’t give out officer positions anyone asks where all the p we are all the Sarge, all the vp. During large events while everyone else is talking and hanging out Sarges are the ones running security or running the prospects keeping an eye on everything. And also passing out the punishment as you said. My stepdad always use to tell Me if your hated as a sarge chances are you’re doing your job.

  13. To me the SA was the backbone of club. Open minded but don’t play the radio with nobody. If you join a MC and you feel SA is for you. Learn from a old school SA . Do your damn homework and listening . #Ghostin

  14. What up HOMIE i know alot of mongo they have respect to me i have respect for you AKA CONJO SANTA ANA ORANGE COUNTY DELHI SURENO

  15. i have no affiliation with MC
    But i wear a leather vest and get mistaken for a MC guy
    Dont get it twisted though i been hit up by MC. Nobody will touch my vest or disrespect it though.

  16. About to prospect for the RAIDERS MC Mongols support. Much respect for this video, taking in all and any info I can during this process

  17. Guys I'm going to say this for my man Sosa. He is a great man. I've never met the man face to face but i know real when i see Real. He don't just get on here and talk bs. He is for real. Sosa you are truly a hero of mine. If you ever need anything if you down South please look me up. I truly wished other brothers and patch wearers was as loyal and TRUE AS YOU. #MUCHLOVE #MYBROTHER btw Sammy Sosa is my favorite Baseball player ever js.

  18. Secretary – Big respect from Australia. Only come across your YouTube channel last week at work. Have some catch up to do but keep them coming top job. Krash – DIGGERS MILITARY MC RUM CITY CHAPTER

  19. Shout out to the SAA's out there!!!! It definitely takes a person with smarts, heart, and know when it's time to handle business when it arrives. I have been an SAA since I got patched and here recently I have became the State Sergeant At Arms. When the rest of the Brothas are partying you are dead sober watching every interaction between your Brotha and whoever. Like you said you are your Prez's shadow. You have a plan just in case shit pops off. I wouldn't want any other position. Keep it Ghostin

  20. S/A is the only one in a chapter that can take the presidents cut off his back if he is being kicked out or kicked down from the ranks

  21. I want you to give a similar speech to my sales staff at work. Everything you said translates. Thanks for this video

  22. This video came across my feed due to who I’m subscribed to and what I usually watch. Good info you put out and I can attest that what you said is true. I want to inquire about your MC. What’s it about, who can join, is it a 1% club and do you have chapters in Texas? Some of these questions might be too personal on a certain level but any response would be much appreciated. H&R from Texas.

  23. This is a true real video and I hope that anybody that is deciding or wanting to be in an MC watches this video because like you said a lot of self reflecting has to go on before you make that decision. And once you've made that decision and you have committed to your brother's to do whatever is needed of you it has to be 100%. I was a supporter of a club but once I sat down and realized I couldn't give the MC a 100% I chose to walk away. Now I support and pray for all clubs. God bless you and all who ride in and outside of MC life.

  24. Big shout out Chopper Sosa! So I got to admit, SGT AT ARMS has always been my favorite position in an MC! (never have been one, but still my favorite). It’s like the fucking OG VATO LOCO READY TO “BLAST ON SIGHT” if you fuck with the Prez type shit!!!! That’s a Gangster Position, but only a certain few can obtain & maintain that position! Dope video Chopper Sosa! Keep the videos rolling in bro! As always, much love from Albuquerque, New Mexico!!! ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🏍🏍🏍🔥🔥🔥📼📼📼💻💻💻

  25. Another informative video in to the MC Club World. Sgt at Arms is the best position in the club. Bodyguard, Protector, Diplomat, Teacher, Heart of the Club. Oh yeah I got my T-shirt 🙂

  26. real good advice, every toolbox needs a hammer but if your a pair of pliers dont go being fake trying to be that hammer. Much love from Australia.

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