Silicone materials for transportation electronics from Dow

Silicone materials for transportation electronics from Dow

the race is on to meet tomorrow's consumer demands we're ready to collaborate and help you take transportation PCB and systems assembly to a new level for decades our silicones have helped manufacturers of advanced PCB and systems assemblies to fund steel protect relieve stress dissipate heat shield emi improve processing boost performance lower the cost of ownership and improve sustainability our scientists experienced in our spirit of innovation help us engineer new materials so you can drive the future improving safety emissions energy efficiency and comfort silicones from dour versatile and can be tuned to your specific needs you'll find our silicones and applications throughout vehicles for instance adhesives and sealants used in the powertrain electronic control modules lighting engine sealing and safety systems encapsulants gels and coatings in displays sensors actuators and connectors and delicate electronic components our silicone foams are used to seal housings and connectors with gasketing and new silicon materials for electromagnetic shielding designed for advanced driver assist systems electronic control units sensors batteries and navigation systems in addition our a wide range of thermal management materials used in the transmission and engine control units and PCB modules now silicones are enhancing performance in almost every area of automotive systems assemblies in electric and hybrid vehicles our silicones provide improved thermal management reliability and cost effectiveness they are used in battery packs modules and battery management systems powertrain transmission and engine modules electronics and safety systems to name a few let's take a deeper look at our product families find and steal your housings with our high performance silicone adhesives and sealants delivering excellence unprimed adhesion for your lid seal and fixturing applications silicone and capsule and dielectric gels shield sensitive components from harsh conditions embed complex parts with low modulus and capsule ins and get long lasting protection in hybrid and electric vehicles our silicone foams are used in battery packs inverters and converters delivering long-lasting lightweight flexible sealing our high-performance conformal coatings protect printed circuit boards from damaging environments and help reduce weight by eliminating mechanical screws and fasteners silicones helps draw out the heat while leaving in the performance and reliability Dow offers a broad range of innovative thermally conductive materials in many formats we were there at the beginning of e-mobility supporting systems for electric and hybrid vehicles silicones were made for extending the life of electric batteries and managing the heat we are committed to expanding the e-mobility market with you and helping you solve challenges we know e mobility will drive the world toward a greener future and we know that even the smallest efficiencies add up in a very green way so dream big because if you can imagine it now scientists are ready to team up and create it with you so let's drive the future together do you have the drive you

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