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Skyborne Aviation Indigo Cadet Pilot Program | Brief Overview & Guide

Skyborne Aviation Indigo Cadet Pilot Program | Brief Overview & Guide

Hi friends and welcome back Today i will cover about Indigo Cadet Programs new and 4th flight training partner i.e Skyborne Aviation So let’s see First i will start with a brief introduction Till now you already know about Indigo’s other three training partners i.e CAE, FTA & L3 Same like that Indigo has tied up with Skyborne Aviation For 5 yrs on contractual basis Because their previous partnered schools can trained upto limited number of pilots only But as per the growth rate of Indigo , they also need pilots accordingly Which they can train as per their desired standards That’s why Indigo has tied up with Skyborne Aviation , whose first batch will start from this year April i.e 2019 And the course duration will be 18 months which includes your CPL training in USA, DGCA license conversion in India & Type rating most probably in UK or any other place as decided by Indigo And this duration could be less or more depending upon your performance, any weather or documentation delay or due to any unexpected situtation and unavoidable delay But all in all this is a new option, a new opportunity for you Now ..let’s see important keypoints which you must know before applying in this program So the first point here is , Eligibility Requirements So same like other FTO’s here also you need at least 51% marks in your 12th standard individually in Physics, Maths & English OR if you have any higher degree in these subjects OR if you have an Engineering degree then you must have at least 51% overall aggregate in that ( i.e your degree percentage ) If you don’t comply with any of these three requirements then you are not eligible to apply Apart from that your age must be betweeen 18 to 32 yrs on the first day of selection process Plus..only Indian Nationals OR any person with overseas citizenship i.e OCI card holders can only apply In addition to that you must have a valid passport without any kind of restrictions Next point is , You must be proficient in English Language as its a compulsory requirement Both written & verbal , and i have already told you this in my previous videos that You need to have English Proficiency of minimum level 4 , if you want to exercise your license privileges And i hope you already know that english language test is required to study in abroad like IELTS OR TOEFL You must have this same level of proficiency in you So that you don’t have any problem in understanding the classrom lectures and also actively participate in any kind of discussion without hesitation plus for ATC communications and safety point of view, English is an important factor Next point is , You must have DGCA Class 1 & FAA class 1 Medicals, before you commence your training FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration This is United States Civil Aviation body just like we have DGCA in India So these two medicals are compulsory required before you commence your training And obviously , you know that before going for DGCA Class 1 medical you need to have your Class 2 done And I hope you know the process of getting these medicals If you don’t know then also its fine , i will provide the video link both in description as well as ” i ” button Now…next you have to obtain FAA class 1 medical For that you have to approach FAA certified Aviation Medical Examiner here itself in India I have provided the list of FAA certified doctors in the description But i will just explain the process in very brief So.. first you have to create an account on FAA MedXpress Portal which is totally free of cost Now here you have to fill your basic details online , same like you fill in DGCA medical offline mode Then after submitting the form, a summary pdf will be generated with a confirmation number With this confirmation number you have to take appointment with medical examiner and need to get you medicals done within 60 days Next point is , Application & Selection Process So to apply in this program you need to submit an online application form which is completely free But in comparison to other FTO’s , there are few points which are slightly different Like they have clearly asked here , Do you have sufficient funds for the course or not ? Do you have DGCA computer number or not ? Have you cleared your DGCA Exams or not ? Plus most interesting they have asked three HR related questions , which are generally asked in an interview In this first question they have asked is , why you have chosen Skyborne Airline Academy over other FTO’s ? Second , Why you want to become a pilot, why do you think that its a right choice for you , reasons behind ? & Third , Describe any event of your life which was extremely challenging for you and how did you handle it? So need to answer these three questions within 200 words each And here i want to mention an important point that Fill all these answers with 100% honesty You must not write any fake fictional story or achievements ok The way you are in real , the way you think , you have to write your answers exactly like that Because these questions could be asked in interview to crosscheck your answers And you can’t fool the interviewer by writing any fake information or achievements So this is just a suggestion from my side Now after submitting the form, Skyborne
& Indigo team will process your application And if you were found suitable as per their criteria then they will invite you for the next phase In which you have to give an online aptitude and psychometric test But official details about this test is not yet available or provided from Indigo right now Because they have not conducted any exam session yet But i want to tell you little bit about this test as per Skyborne basic assessment process that There could be 4 sections in this test First ” Multitasking Ability “, Second ” Monitoring Ability ” Third ” Applied Numeracy ” and Fourth ” English Language ” Also.. I have provided an official practice link of this test in description, you can refer that if you want Because its FREE, So what’s the problem in practicing and giving it a try ! In addition to this test you may have to submit an online Advance Personality Quiz (APQ) In which you have 200-300 questions , just like you have submit in other paths of CPP Next if you clear all these tests then Indigo will invite you at ” Gurugram ” for your next phase i.e Group exercise & Personal Interview But you have to pay 300$ before attending this assessment Now if you clear all phases , then indigo will send you invitation for Letter of Intent Signing Event And all other joining formalities is exactly same like other paths Apart from this if you want more details , then you can attend Skyborne & Indigo upcoming FREE seminars whose link is provided in the description below Next point is , Stipend So obviously , like other paths here also you will get stipend & expect the same amount i.e 15000 per month during CPL phase & 25000 per month after CPL phase till your Type Rating Next and very important point is, DGCA ground training & exam So here DGCA ground training and exam fees in not included in this program total cost Means Air navigation, Air Regulations & Aviation Meteorology all these subjects you have to clear by yourself at your own expense, before you commence your training Now it totally depends upon you how you want to clear it i.e by self study or any kind of coaching But if you want to avail DGCA ground training classes via Skyborne Indian training partner Then you need to pay 3000$ apart from your total fee Now..Next and final important point is , Total Cost So the officially given total cost of the program is approx 1 crore 3 lakhs INR But i am sure this would cost you between 1.1 to 1.2 Crore Which is definitely not a small amount and compared to other paths this seem to be a bit costly As in first four installments you have to pay around 108500$ and in final or fifth installment you have to pay approx 28500£ You need to pay in Pounds because you already know its the official currency of UK plus ” Pound ” is a bigger and stronger currency compare to ” Dollar ” So according to this your final phase i.e Type Rating could be done most probably in UK or any other place as decided by Indigo But apart from total fee you have to spend a lot on extra things like US & UK Visa , in which different types of documentation work is involved your initial class 1 medical charges, overseas health insurance during CPL & Type Rating which is compulsory and its a compulsory requirement to obtain Visa too , depending upon country to country in addition your food charges for the entire duration of your training which is 8-10 times or more costly than India Your personal expense depending upon your lifestyle So all these are unavoidable costs which you can’t ignore Because during CPL in US you have been provided fully furnished accomodation but only breakfast is included which is too from Monday To Friday So daily and weekend lunch + dinner expense is to be borne by you only Same at rest of the phases you have been provided with accomodation only Any kind of food is not included , not even breakfast In addition to that any additional training cost, your RTR license charges (India) is also not included and you need to pay all these extra charges extra Apart from this your too and fro flight tickets, transportation, training materials first attempt fee of all exams and checks is included in total cost of this program and all these minor details you can read in program brochure Plus i have provided a comparision chart in description ( uploading soon ) and other important links you can refer that if you want rest major key points i have already covered in brief An i hope this video was helpful to you So Thanks A Lot For Watching I Will See You Soon In The Next Video Till Then Stay Fit , Keep Learning & Take Care

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65 thoughts on “Skyborne Aviation Indigo Cadet Pilot Program | Brief Overview & Guide

  1. If someone have sufficient Money for Cadet program Then He/She Should go For Either CAE Or FTA

    Skyborne And L3 Dosent have Included many other things.

  2. I think ppl will avoid going to skyborne avaition … Expensive as well as lots of other expenses that we have to bare as it is not included in the same package…

  3. Brother, How much year will these program would last? What's the time period of contract between indigo and Fta, CAE, and these one too

  4. Sir what do you think IGRUA VS CHIMES considering the cost the cost at igura is more than 45 lakhs which one whould you suggest IGRUA of CHIMES ? And also tell Patna flying club cost of CPL in Patna flying club is 16 lakh for cpl does it worth it ?

  5. Sir, thanx a lot really your videos are very informative and great for aspiring pilots…. words aren't enough to thank you…..
    Sir what would you suggest i should go to the seminar or not..?

  6. Brother I came to know they cae has selected 60 candidates after interview me being one of them . I was just wondering that is it that easy to become a pilot because they have selected quite a lot candidates or they make sure that candidate is good enough….

  7. If anyone has less than 55 marks in maths can he become pilot in conventional way??? and will he get a job, I mean is there any percentage criteria for pilot job

  8. Sir, I am SUCHISMIT GHOSH, wish to contact you directly via email. Because I have few questions. Can I get your email address ???

  9. Download Cut-E assessment free pdf here :

    Important Note : Airlines keep changing their selection process time to time..especially in Pilot Aptitude Test…so do expect some minor or major changes in future…as i made this video long time back according to current rules applicable at that time….Thanks

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  10. Greetings From Me,

    I want to share on what I feel for this Pathway.

    Skybrone is new and I feel less number of candidates will be applying for it as they would prefer to go for FTA & CAE.

    There would be less competition and training will be completed in less days also selection process will be easy due to less candidates applying.

    Should I take this opportunity to choose skybrone than FTA&CAE?

    Also I would prefer to complete my dgca papers first then only do flying Because focusing on one thing at a time is more important for me.[That is what skybrone is doing.They prefer to complete dgca exams after flying]

    What about RTR papers? Skybrone didn't mention about it.

    Thanking You.

  11. Hello sir hope you are doing well…. Can you please tell me the total cost which incurred in Indigo cadet program. Bit confusion is there..

  12. I am graduate with
    And in 12th i have phycis math english
    12th marks 'english 80' marks
    'Physics 43'
    'Maths 47'
    Sir humble requst to you please tall me can i apply for indigo cadet pilot proggramm

  13. skyborne has taken 1st batch of Indigo cadate pilot can you make any extra videos regarding skyborne training

    do this 4 training partner have same cost ??

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