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Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes

Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes

– Sony continues to be a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, and gaming is no exception. (sharp bass music) – One month ago we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation brand. The spirit of innovation and how Sony used technology to make a generational leap in real-time interactive enterainment, continued with each successive platform. We’ve constantly added and refined features to stay ahead of players’ needs. And the hardware was desinged to expand as technology advanced. We’re fortunate to have
an unrivaled lineup of upcoming PS4 exclusives that fans can’t wait to play. Including “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.” “Marvel’s Iron Man VR.” and “The Last of Us Part Two.” Just some of the titles
coming to PS4 in 2020. And it’s our mission to embrace the entire creative community. Elevating their content, on our platform for PlayStation fans. That commitment will carry us through as we embark on the launch of our next generation console. PlayStation 5. Coming this holiday. And I’m pleased to share with you today, for the first time our new logo. We’ve announced several key features of the PS5 hardware. Which has been engineered
with customizations that will truly
differentiate the platform. Including future proof technology, such as ultra-high speed SSD. 3D audio. Ultra HD Blu-Ray. And a brand new controller with Haptics, and adaptive trigger buttons. There’s much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the months ahead. And we look forward to
revealing more details. Including the content that
will showcase the platform and the future of gaming. – Another form of immersive, real-time entertainment
that Sony has focused on is sports. With the launch of 5G. We see an opportunity to combine 5G’s dynamic up link capabilities, with our real-time encoding and wireless communication technology. – Now we’ve been using wireless cameras in sports broadcasting
for almost 40 years. If you can believe that. But it’s always taken a proprietary antenna systems, and a complicated infrastructure that was quite cumbersome to install at each and every
instance that we used it. This was not something you did at the last minute. Now with the introduction, of the Sony Xperia 5G
millimeter wave camera. The flexibility and the ease of deploying a wireless camera, is exciting to us because it involves simply clipping on a 5G wireless pack from Sony. Onto the back of one of
our existing cameras. But some of the most striking effects, continue to be in the camera. And in it’s movement and position. They are actually quite simple. We’ll take a look at some of them here. The continued growth of high frame rate cameras, really add to the experience where you see very fluid motion. That helps to engage the viewer in the competition field. Then you get to POV cameras. They give you a sense of speed and presence. And put cameras in places, we never thought possible. And flying cameras, like the wired sky cam that you see so frequently now in big sporting events. And then drones, which have become so much popular so popular in the last five years. They both give you a sense of motion. That we used to only be able to see in big, major market films. But we now can afford to do that in sports television. – I believe the next mega trend will be mobility. As vehicles become more connected, autonomous, shared, and electric, in the coming years. And to deepen our understanding of cars in terms of their design, and technologies. We gave a shape to our vision. (deep bass music) This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility, and contains a variety of Sony’s technologies. One of our new offerings for in car entertainment is 360 Reality Audio. For you to truly enjoy and immersive audio experience. It also comes with a intuitive, human map interface. With a wide-screen displays. Various driving information and entertainment content. The vehicle seamlessly integrate with the cloud, and continually update it’s capabilities through Always-On connectivity. And this prototype is
built on the newly designed EV Platform. Allowing for future applications. The creation of this prototype would not have been possible, without the knowledge, and the cooperation of our partners in the automotive industry. We will continue to pursue the Vision S Initiative, focusing on safety, entertainment, and adaptability. We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to society. And we’re excited about our road ahead of us. Thank you, and have a great CS. (applause) (deep bass music)

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100 thoughts on “Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes

  1. Wth, this was one of the worst conferences I've ever seen. Terrible presentation with really uncharismatic presenters 😀

  2. Seriously this is a joke right that logo is recycled ps3 logo… I'm a huge PlayStation fan but come on guys it's simple I get that but really!

  3. Sony knows how to tease people. I guess it makes people more curious. Dunno if that will translate into sales.

  4. Umm…the car was meant to be a surprise right? There should have been thunderous applause but the silent reactions was kinda awkward.

  5. So is it a “Protype” prototype or concept car?!? Ohh and you forgot to show us a picture of the PS5 console.

  6. So basically the biggest upgrade to the ps5 controller is something the Xbox one controller shipped with in 2013. Ok, neat.

  7. Sony will license their in-car setup to car manufacturers. It’ll be an upgrade you can buy, similar to Bose. This is a huge move for Sony. Well done!

  8. I didn't think there would be any Japanese auto companies around in the future, now there might be at least one..

  9. Oh god…
    Tesla unleashes the ARCADE in their cars, and now Sony think its a good idea to give Wheels to the Playstation.

    I guess PS5s price is going to be about 90.000€.

  10. What an awful presentation. Jumped from gaming to driving to 5G, which are all topics that deserve their own show. Making big announcements like entering the car market or the new Playstation logo shouldn’t be made at such an event.

  11. So they copied the original Xbox One presentations. They show some games, then a lot of TV (and 5G?) to a game console. At least the car showing portion wasn't a Gran Turismo promotion like the McLaren in Forza.

  12. When I was 8 years old, I used to browse through the yearly Sony product catalogs. I also imagined what Sony made a car. I imagined it would be in silver, because it would look good even in the rain. I never thought Sony would actually do it. What I didn't expect they would make it electric.

  13. Everyone sees Sony's presentation and expect the next gen console but they only Jebait themselves cause its only CES. Not a game show.

  14. I literally laugh so much when they unveil the "new logo"
    Also who is doing Sony slides ? They are awful. Especially the one with the 4 generation (this blue hue being the console… yaks)
    The slide with hardware feature… the picto are not evenly placed

  15. Why going to the wrong way!!! Please comeback at what you are working good such as camera, smart phone (small carry on entertainment device on hand). How come making a car, Sony was born in electronic device. /// from sony fan – -"

  16. Why the hell do people with such strong accents insist on speaking like this all the time??? I dont get it for the life of me

  17. Can only imagine how long it took Kenichiro Yoshida to practice for this presentation. The man has talent and dedication 💯

  18. if Sony brought over by Microsoft, that something NEW!!!…
    but now, the Battle of Gaming industy for Sony and Microsoft continue….

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