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Sri Lankan ELEPHANT SAFARI. My Jeep Got Stuck! πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

Sri Lankan ELEPHANT SAFARI. My Jeep Got Stuck! πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

This, you have WWF. This WWE or this WWF? This old! Now, WWE. This one, the W W….. 4980
Okay. It’s like a family of wee monkeys there. Alright wee man? How’s it going? What, you scared of me? Usually monkeys want to attack me, or steal my coconut. You scared? The rest of the family there. That is a wee baby there. What do they do? Just eat the grass? Is that what monkeys eat? Nothing else to eat in here? Grass? No banana trees or anything? Right, on we go. See what’s up here. Still, kinda, stuck, in a row of jeeps. I dunno if it’s gonna be like this the whole way. I’m not liking that too much if it is. Looks like we’re gonna be crossing here. Fantastic. Right, this guy taking the easy path. Here we go. We’re stuck. Haha, we’re stuck. Brilliant. Come on! What’s happening? The wheel’s stuck in the sand. That’s it. There’s a queue waiting for us to get out the road. We are stuck. Brilliant. Wait for a while, okay? Wait for a while? You need someone pull? Yeah.
Ahh, okay. [laughter] Ah, here we go. Looks like this guy’s gonna help. He’s gonna, we’re gonna get a wee tow here. Brilliant. That’s what I get. That’s what I get for trying to save a bit of cash, take the budget Jeep, uh? [laughter] Take the discount option and end up here. While everyone else is no doubt looking at elephants taking baths, I’m in the bath. I’m in the bloody drink. This Jeep, no way out either. It’s not like I can go out and just wander around or anything. Bloody stuck. Oh no, actually, it looks like that guy’s not gonna help tow us. That guy actually needs towed. That’s what it is. Obviously that makes more sense. It’s attached to the front of his vehicle. So this guy’s getting towed out. I wonder if after he’s finished he’ll give him a lend of his tow rope, it’s not a tow bar is it? A rope. And help me, in my predicament with this guy. Well it’s piss easy for him. No effort at all. Just pulled him straight up. For us though, we seem really stuck. That is deep. Okay, hopefully he’s got a tow attachment on the front. And this same guy, with the powerful Jeep, helping everybody today. Okay, so that’s us securely attached. One bloke’s getting in to do the driving. One, two, three blokes behind, doing the pushing. They’re making all the effort, while this Scotsman just stands here, vlogging. Doing B-all to help. So he’s gonna need to do a run at it. See, the last one, he was tightly attached and then he just drove and just pulled it out but this one’s he’s gonna have to give it a good push. Ohhhhhhh. And he’s snapped that right off. That’s snapped right off and that’s us screwed I think. That’s snapped. That is torn. So I think now it’s pretty much screwed. Game over. GG. [sigh] How bad do I run? Out of all the Jeeps, in all of Sri Lanka, today it had to be my Jeep that got stuck in a lake. Sir, you can go with his Jeep.
Yes. I’ll bring one Jeep and I’ll try to take out. Ah okay, so I go with his Jeep? Okay. Ah, how I get out without getting wet? I can climb over the roof or something? Sir.
Take off your shoes. Take off my shoes and wade? Okay. Hopefully nothing gonna bite me, no crocodiles. Off with the filthy shoes. They could do with a wee put in the water. They’re, dirty! But they’re the only pair I’ve got. They can’t get soaked. Sir please come.
Okay, please take my shoes and then my backpack. It will be more easy for me. Okay.
Sorry boss. Okay, no problem. Please don’t get wet the backpack. Okay. Okay. Okay, no problem. There we go. I’m gonna go with this man now. [laughter] That’s okay. Yeah, just bad luck. Just bad luck. It’s okay. No problem. Okay, I hope you get it fixed soon. Okay, so this man’s gonna take me in his Jeep. So, it looks like I’ve went from having a private tour to being part of a bloody group after all. This has not worked out as planned. Sorry, I’m joining you. The eh, yeah, he said I’m joining you because my one’s stuck. I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry to invade your private Jeep.
Don’t worry. Okay. You come front. I come front? I want to stand. This not fun for me sit in front.
Ah, okay. It’s okay, I come and stand in this bit?
Yeah of course. They are okay. My bag, okay, just put here in the corner there. This fine. Okay thank you. Sorry guys. I hope I don’t disturb you when I’m talking to my camera and stuff like that.
That’s alright Everybody’s taking photos and they’re all showing their arses. Like, you come here to see me? “See this!” Is what they’re saying. All of them just showing their bum. Just showing their bums to everybody. [laughter] A show of disrespect to the Jeeps who come here every day, who they’re fed up off. That’s what I reckon. Oh that’s nice. All the jeeps switched off their engines. That’s it. Keeping it nice and quiet. They’re beautiful aren’t they? So much better seeing them like this than in a zoo or something eh? Huge difference. There’s a couple coming up behind us. Just coming towards us. I’m saying we should just be quiet and then one of the Jeeps turns on its engine. I’m hoping they walk right past our Jeep. That’d be lovely This guy, making a noise. They slowly come towards us. Well they’re giving him space? They’re letting him cross, yeah.
Aye. They’re probably too timid to go through the small gap, yeah. So I read a lot of reviews about this place. There was loads of comments saying the Jeep drivers were aresholes and they were like rush them.
rushing them and stuff, yeah. Well, that’s good. The Jeep’s made some space and they’re gonna cross over to their family. On you go. What is this guy doing? What’s he like? If my driver was doing that I’d be giving him a right mouthful. There’s a tiny wee baby, right there. Hi. Hello. I had to pay extra 500 for towing. Oh really? That’s very unfortunate. You happy, no problem for me. Are the storks not scared of the elephant? He’s very close. They are very small and he is very big. Yeah but.
I don’t know why they’re not scared. No problem for them.
Yeah. They just eat all the time, right, the grass? Same like cow. Just all the time eat. He has a big body though. Yeah, he need to eat a lot of grass to maintain that body. Why sometimes some of them are on their own and the rest of them are in a big group? You know the, when they’re growing the family they’ll remove. Oh really, when they get old they will just go on their own? Okay. Age like 16, 17 they getting [inaudible].
Ahh, okay. [inaudible] Male elephant he’s just finished with everyone and just want to go away on his own? Okay. It’s a story. I think it’s true, or?
Yeah, okay. They get a baby.
Yeah? So when they turn their back to the Jeep that means they don’t want to do anything with the Jeep? [inaudible] When the ears getting big and. Ah, if the ears getting big this mean they maybe going to attack? Ahh, okay. But this, they turning their back this just mean they they just not interested in the Jeep, right?
Yeah, yeah. Ah, okay. They get more disturbed. They get more disturbed, they are attacking? Ah, okay.
Yeah. But some, they are facing the Jeep, they don’t mind the Jeep? Right?
Yeah. But more are doing like this, right? Most are doing like this.
Right. But they are very fast. They are fast, ah? You cannot drive away. Especially with traffic. There’s nothing you can do, yeah. You see before, they smash windows of Jeep and everything? You see this before?
Yeah. In your Jeep it happened or no? In my Jeep, two times. Two times it happened, the elephant attack, ah? And what they do if the elephant is attacking? They are removing from the national park or they are not doing anything? But still they are staying. Problem for we. Yeah, you are the problem. This is the elephant’s home, right? Ah okay, I understand. Well, don’t get much closer to a wild elephant than that. Hello. Wow. Magnificent creatures. There’s nothing else they can eat in this park? Only the grass. No banana tree or anything? Nothing.
[laughter] Even banana tress, they will smash. They are not keep it. Ah, okay, so the bananas they will smash, take the bananas and then they will not grow any more bananas, like this? Oh, okay. All this one group, right?
Yeah/ Ah, it’s a big group. Big family. This one here, tiny.
Yeah. Maybe just a few months old. Tiny little baby. And they always stay underneath their mother, right? To shade from the sun and protection. Very cute. The groups come to the water. Ah, okay, this another group? They join this group. Or maybe they’re going to, oh they’re going to drink or bath or something. Ah, that’s nice. They have many small ones. How many elephants you think there are here, like 300 or? More than.
More than 300, yeah? Many buffalo. And the leopards here eating the buffalo? Not any leopards here in this park? No.
No, not? So nobody eating the buffalo? They are safe. But a few of them, but normally very quiet. A few leopards? Right, so that’s me back in the back of the Jeep. I was about 45 minutes in the front with the driver. Wasn’t too bad. I’d rather have this kind of view. Like this but at least sitting in the front with the driver he was able to give me a lot of information. You know, he’s like here every day so he knows all about elephants and all about this place. So I got some good information that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. But now, we’re in the back. Our friends, that I was with in the Jeep two Jeeps ahead. Leave them to their wee romantic Jeep safari now, that I invaded. And look at this, so there’s elephants and little buffaloes together. They don’t mind. Well they do keep kinda separate. Look, the buffaloes got that patch of land. The elephants got that patch of land. But they’re not disturbing each other. They’re both enjoying. They’re both enjoying their time by the lake and nothing to attack them. Apparently, leopards, there’s very few and far between in this park. So these animals. Look at this one, just beside the tree on its own. What are you doing? Oh there’s two of them. What are you doing? Close to each other. Are you kissing? Are you headbutting? What are you doing? Are you friends? Looks like your friends. Maybe lovers? Isn’t that cute? And here we are. Back at this lake. The sun just coming down to set, quite soon. Maybe in an hour or so. That was close, haha. Well, I reckon that is us, on our way back. It looks like it. Looks like we’re going through the forest, back to where we came from. So this, was it worth it? Oh aye, hundreds of elephants. Getting as close to them, like you could reach out and touch them. So I read a lot of reviews online. People were saying they come to the park and there’s not many elephants. They see maybe a group of 5 elephants or something with like a hundred Jeeps around it. Or they were bad reviews about the Jeeps scaring the elephants or deliberately rushing at them to get them to do stuff or whatever like that. But I seen none of that here. The Jeeps were quite respectful. There is plenty of them, as you can see. There’s plenty of Jeeps but they were quite respectful to the elephants. And there was loads of elephants. Definitely more than a few elephants per Jeep. That one smacked me right in the head. But, aye. So, eh. Anyway, as I’m trying to say, I should probably sit down to do this one. Anyway, if you did enjoy this video please give it a wee thumbs up. Please consider subscribing if you want to see more videos from me and always leave a comment. That’s nice as well. I like to hear your comments, good or bad. I try to answer most of them. Okay, see you on the next video. Oh no, not one of these again. My driver’s holding back a bit like he’s gonna take a run at it. I don’t want to face the same thing that happened last time. Let’s go. I’m holding on for dear life, with one arm, because I’m vlogging aren’t I? He’s going for it. He’s not taking a run at it. He’s gonna do it slowly. Ohhhhhh, ohh. Oh ya, come on, don’t get stuck. Wanna get home. Sun setting. Here we go. Fantastic. He just has to get up here and I think we’re home free.

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