87 thoughts on “Tesla or Tezla? 10 Girls Teach Us How to Pronounce Tesla Correctly

  1. First! And there is no "z". And if you pronounce user and all that stuff with "z" then you just suck at english, like i do. And the company "Tesla" is named after Tesla himself, so Tesla is the rigth way to say it.

  2. Tesla came from Croatia not from Serbia his parents were Serbs. At his time his home town was belonged to the Austrian Empire.

  3. I have always said 'Tesla' but I just watched several videos where Elon Musk says 'Tezla'. It's more of a soft 'z'. So I guess that's what the correct pronounciation should be. It's the same case as 'Nike' where alot of English speakers say it similar to 'Bike' but the correct one is 'Nikee' because that is the name of the company. I am going to be saying Tezla from on.

  4. Meh, dialect. Who cares, s and z is basically the same sound. Would you complain about a guy with a lisp saying Tethla?

  5. literate means I understand you.
    dont matter how you pronounce tesla.
    but, words should be pronounced American way. very confusing when someone pronounces their name in their native tongue.
    emphasis on the wrong syllable. vowels that we dont use.

  6. Debate is good, as long as it doesn't degenerate to personal attacks. There are many such pronunciation differences even between American English and English English, before even getting into debate about European languages versus generic English. eg. Paris = (Paree), Rome = (Roma), Porsche etc . Great video mate!

  7. I guess that, since it's Elon's company, it should be pronounced as he says it should be. On another note- Never mind the Tesla coils and other fun stuff. Tesla invented the Polyphase Induction Motor, which revolutionized the world. No doubt that, today, there are far and away more polyphase induction motors in the world than all others combined. Every Tesla motorcar has one (or two!) as well. That is undoubtedly THE reason the company is named Tesla!

  8. In Serbian language S can NEVER pronounced as anything else but S.
    And if the company is named after great Nikola Tesla, Elon should also pronounce it as S.

  9. Keep in mind Elon wasn't an original co-founder… The original two were Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

    If you want to include the other founders then JB pronounces it as Tesla too. Elon was born in South Africa, he has an accent. You are simply imitating his accent, nothing more. Elon gets a pass at the pronunciation because he's important.

  10. As we say Down Under,
    Love ya work!!
    I've got a called Peter with olive skin who's nickname is Pedro but it get pronounced in English without the Spanish!!

  11. Then, for the sake of consistency I suggest you try pick up the accent of Elon Musk. For instance, pronounce again as "əˈɡay een" 🙂 There are tons of videos of him talking. Should not take too long. Do it ;p

  12. Changing the S to a Z is of French origin I believe, with English being a language of borrowed and mispronounced words.

  13. The rule is S sound like Z if it is in a middle of the word and followed by a constant in the same or the next syllable.
    So… Tesla should sound like Tezla.

  14. Honestly I don' t think the subject was worthy of a video. Who cares…in normal conversation it all sounds the same.

  15. Here is my reasoning concerning the correct pronunciation. I believe that Elon Musk named his company after the great inventor Nikola Tesla. Almost everyone pronounces Mr. Tesla's name with the "s" sound. Elon pronounces Tesla with the "z" sound, but I believe that his intention was to name the company in honor of the great inventor. The only conclusion that I can draw is that Elon has a curious way of saying both the name of the inventor AND his company.

  16. There was a very famous household appliances and TV/radio/electronics manufacturer in czechoslovakia from which Musk stole the name. He also could have called his car "Trabant".

  17. 10 GIRLS? Apart from the fact that you trained them by making them say "busy" first… Are you kidding me? All the rest of your discussion based on other English language words is bullshit because it's a proper noun! Try these words: Trough, through enough, borough. You can't make pronunciation arguments in English like you did. And did you cite any dictionary? Try them. All of them. They all agree, British and American, there's no z-sound in Tesla! Elon's accent does not change the fact. He's trading on a man's name, and he has always mispronounced it. That's all. He's not a historian or grammarian.

  18. So we just follow Elon musk's pronounciation then! wtf how ignorant can you be, even in english grammar rules it is an "S"

    *teSla: unit of measurement of the strength of magnetic fields. (Pronounced with an S sound)
    *nikola teSla: inventor of AC, not DC! DUUH: DC is edison (there is debate in this) also pronounced with an S sound

  19. Saying "Tezla" instead of "Tesla" basically puts you on the same level as people who say "nucular" instead of "nuclear". It just has this air of ignorance and barbarism about it.
    Tesla the company is named after Tesla the inventor, and should be pronounced the same. Yes it's a Serbian name, not an English name. Yes the pronunciation of words often changes when they cross between languages. But the only reason that should happen is if the word is difficult or awkward to pronounce in the new language. But as you've demonstrated, Americans have no problem saying "Tesla".
    "Tezla" is simply an incorrect pronunciation, born out of ignorance (probably people who never heard the word pronounced correctly, just saw it written and took as stab at pronouncing it) slowly creeping into common usage. It's not too late to stop it, but it's going to require some effort.

  20. I disagree… and yet there are so many crazy English[US or UK] ways of saying a foreign word or even name. The one that makes me crazy is Muenchen is spelled Munich! Why??

    Elon's accent is what it is, that does not change the fact that the company and car were named for the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. Another slam you deserve is for your lack of historical knowledge about Nikola Tesla. If you would make a living as a "Journalist" about the car that promotes the man's name, the lest you should do is not repeat false history [or pronunciations]. On many facts there are reasonable debates. On the basics you should be clear and just avoid the rest! The fact is that Nicky did not work well with Tommy and almost all of Nicky's work was done outside of the auspices of Tommy Boy.

  21. He lived until 1943. Surely there is a recording where he says his name. Also, how did the italians( where he was originally from, and Serbians say it? I have always heard it pronounced Tesla with the sss sound. But it would be interesting to know the other origin pronunciations.

  22. Thanks for absolutely slaughtering that introduction to the greatest electrical engineer the planet has ever had the pleasure of hosting. Just Tesla coils and that…mall thing!? Go consumer the shit out of your product. You've no idea the brain bleeding involved in actually engineering something that makes peoples lives more productive, efficient and even easier. F-you very much.
    You take much for granted.

  23. It's TESLA, not TEZLA you SHEEEEEEP CLOWNS!!!! If Musk says Tezzzla it doesn't mean you can't use your own brain. Nikola Tesla is in fact where the name came from and Nikola Tesla is pronounce TESLA. PERIOD!

  24. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, I honestly love the contents of your channel, but I just had to unsubscribe because of the horrible way you pronounce Tesla 🙁

  25. I think you're wrong. I love your videos but some people can't watch videos with "mispronunciations." I see your point but when you pronounce a proper name, like "Leslie," you don't say "Lezlie." Ask Musk to say "controversy". I'm sure you won't pronounce it the same way. Don't make the "Z" too popular!!

  26. I'm late to the game here, but just a few of things:

    (1) Martin Eberling, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright – the actual three initial founders of the company, and THE ONES WHO LITERALLY CHOSE THE NAME OF THE COMPANY – all pronounce it with an “S”; not a “Z”.
    (2) If you need proof of this, see, e.g., Every Single Video On the Internet Where These Three Ever Say “Tesla”. Every. Single. One.
    (3) Actually, I think I’m done here – There really isn't any better proof than looking at the actual people who named the company, to know how to pronounce the name of that company.

  27. I’m not buying your rationale. Applying an English spelling "rule" for one thing is a feckless approach since English spelling rules are very inconsistent. Secondly, Tesla isn’t an English word. When Tesla came to the US he would have been asked what his name was and it would have been written as he pronounced it. Croats use Gaj's Latin alphabet and one would need to rely on the pronunciation to record it. (This is what happened to my stepson's family which is spelled as it was pronounced and not as it was written.) Pronouncing Tesla with a "z" sounds like a hoity toity affection. Your 10 girls trick only demonstrates how you primed (forced) their answers.

  28. Ask Eberhard and Tarpenning who founded and named the company Tesla how they pronounced it. And not the several months later investor who got named as a founding member after the company had already been named (a.k.a. Elon Musk), how they pronounce it, if you want to go by the logic you're using. That said, I can give a rats arse less whichever way someone wishes to pronounce it. I don't go around correcting people when they can't pronounce Hyundai in the Korean fashion (which is more like Hoon Die – instead of the American Hun Day – though I was corrected quickly in Korea.)

  29. Consider this hate mail. It's Tesla,, pronounced as Tess just like the inventer's name. Tesla, the electricity researcher who worked with AC and DC. Electric car. It's pronouced the same as the inventor.

  30. Yes, we are right, it is still his name. The founder of Tesla is still wrong to say TEZLA. If you are going to name your company after someone don't that as license to disrespect and therefore devalue their name thereby showing disrespect and in turn devaluing the perception of your company and your product. That's the equivalent of calling Ferdinand Porsche'(PRONOUNCED PORSHA) BIRDIEMAN BORSCHT

  31. Because Tesla, busy, Leslie etc all have one "s" and therefore that one "s" is pronounced as "z". Its when you have two "s" you pronounce it as "sss"

  32. Americans are lazy in language and think that the world is supposed to conform to America's ways. The inventor's name is pronounced TESSLA NOT TEZZLA . His name is TESLA, not TEZLA. Just like the name Contessa is not Contezza.Casablanca is not Casablanca. You can tell all of the people who skipped English class in high school, cheated on their tests or bullied someone into doing their homework. I believe Elon says it the way he does because the public who relate to the aforementioned pronounce it that way.

  33. That was pretty damn funny Ben! You should do more comedy!

    It appears to be an American/English kind of thing from what I can tell with Elon coming down on the English side of things, probably because where he was born was an English colony more recently.

    I noticed that you biased your victims with other words but still got 7 coming down with the "s" sound. That was particularly funny!

    Ironically, I was about to ask you about why you pronounce it the way you do, when I decided to look it up, and found this humorous (or is that humourous? 😉) video.

    Maybe you have Brit envy?

  34. if you pronounce it using the Z sound, you are a fucking dullard with a very low IQ………..so, that being said, you look like a fool and you go to a hairdresser instead of a barber. Can't expect to much from a total loser. BEN+LOSER=ELON

  35. I went onto Google Translate and did "English to Serbian" because that's where Nikola's last name comes from; "Tesla" in Serbian was pronounced with an "S" while in English, "Tesla" was pronounced with a slight "Z." I then remembered that I have spoken with native Italian speakers who pronounced the letter "S" like the letter "Z" so "snow" became "znow," "ski" became "zki," and zo on. With that in mind I went back to Google Translate and tried "Tesla" with Italian. Sure enough, it was pronounced "Tezla" and I got the same result for Latin because English and Italian both evolved from Latin. However, when I tried Spanish, I heard the "S" sound. I might be on to something, but I figured I'd share my findings and I'm open to kind feedback from y'all!

  36. Did Musk name his company after the man Nicholas Tesla? If so then you say it how he said his name and ignore Musk' s accent.

  37. Love your videos. They have really helped me thoughtfully consider whether I'm going to choose the model 3 or the BMW m240i as my next car. That being said, it's pronounced with a sibilant "s" (Tesla) not a voiced "s" (tezla). I really enjoyed how hard you tried to justify your pronunciation, though, and for that you get a like and a subscription.

  38. Elon was not a original founder of Tesla he came on board later, so you can't take how he pronounces it as the proper way, you have to ask the actual original two founders. But they named Tesla after Nikola Tesla, who pronounced his name with the "S", not a "Z".

  39. My last name is Sims; I get both the "s" and the "z" sound from the same letter. It's pretty common for "s" to make a "z" sound in English. (Only people from Chicago say "bears" with an "s" sound.) There's basically NO letter in the English language that is pronounced consistently, from the soft g / hard g distinction to all the terrible ways "ough" is pronounced at the end of various words like "cough" and "through." I think the most convincing argument for Tesla-with-an-"s" is that he was Serbian and THEY don't have a "z" sound, so we may as well (ooh, hear that "z" sound in the word "as"?) fall in line. Cheers! (oh no, there's that "z" sound again!)

  40. You even primed the pump with a Z-Sound example and still lost. I'm confident if you used a word like "lost" instead of "busy" the score would be near 100%. Time to come over to our side, honor the benevolent genius of a man who had everything robbed from him. How? By finally pronouncing his name correctly. We will love you even more for it!

  41. Never was Tezla. Shows ignorance nothing else. Can't watch your videos bcos it just bothers me every time you mispronounce it. And getting people to say it isn't going to change the face that you are wrong. And Musk speaks with an accent.

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