36 thoughts on “Tesla Project Loveday Entry – The Plan

  1. To learn how to do this go look at my channel and see. I'm doing this now live on solar power that what i'm doing right now.

  2. Not that I expect anyone to care, but here's my vision for a cool ad: old guy and a kid are sitting at some kind of place that commonly induces day dreaming-maybe waiting in a doctors' office or something, but it's a grandfather and grandson. Cloud appears above each of their heads, and we zoom in to see the dreams full screen. Old man is dreaming of a loud muscle car, maybe a hellcat or whatever, and the kid is dreaming of a tesla. A drag race ensues and the expected outcome takes place, and then you say "a few days later" or something like that on screen and cut to the boy and his grandfather in a Model S to close

  3. so, what say the folks here. I have a car still running with 185,000 miles on it. I have a Model 3 reservation. I can get a 2016 Nissan Leaf now for about $19,000 after rebates. if I get the Leaf, it will make it harder to get the 3 in a year or so. Any thoughts?

  4. Ben, I just want to say I'm going to love seeing your ad on tv, I'm sure you'll be selected by the people at Tesla because this ad is AMAZING!!!!

  5. Hi Ben. Nice video but I couldn't help thinking that your voice and pronunciations were a bit aggressive, harsh, almost argumentative. If you said the same words in a calmer tone, it would have a better effect I think. To be clear, I don't mean the copy. The copy was excellent. In fact, it was so good that it appeared like it was written by somebody else. I could see the nuances in the words but not in your pronunciation.

    Starting with the first "you may think" at 0:54, and continuing with the second "you may think", there is supposed to be a build up in the voice over but it wasn't there. In addition, the music is supposed to support the build up but it wasn't there either.

    Also, most frames in the video appeared to be purchased from istockphoto's footage section or similar stock content website.

    To summarize, it all sounded like somebody else wrote the copy for you and you purchased stock footage from a website and then added a soundtrack that wasn't the best choice and then rushed the pronunciations.

  6. Great entry.
    A few remarks though:
    – add some pause/silence between each sentence. Right know it feels like you are barely breathing. Take your time.
    – if possible, try to speak with a lower pitch. Or ask somebody else to do the speaking. I know it is cliché, but a deep voice always makes for a better voice-over.
    – maybe a few shots/seconds before starting to talk

  7. the fusion reactor up there also keeps the average temp 15C. If you do the energy balance the truth is renewables are part of the solutions they are not the total solution. Energy production is just like farming where industrial farming(high volume aquaculture) is more environment-friendly than the small scale farming. The next bubble is the renewable energy bubble. Just like Germany, the integration of high volume did not reduce carbon emission, it increases emission.
    Storage is by definition less efficient you can't extract 100MWh that you store in batteries however there is potential in storage to stem the gas powered peak plant.
    Another part of the solution is small scale nuclear in which you can manage long term cooling in a passive manner (without man in the loop). For the nuclear waste part in a couple of decades, one can ask SpaceX/ Blue origin to put them in Jupiter while going to Mars.

  8. While I like the overall message you're going for, the opening starts with such a negative take on technology that it makes it hard to appreciate the rest – if tech is the enemy (internet killed our passion?) then how is tech going to solve the problems we have?

  9. Hi Ben your video is absolutely fantastic and hits all the perfect points just a pity you used footage from tesla it stated in the terms and conditions that you must use original material of the entrant ps love your channel my children are just about to start their eco channel soon and look at everything from their perspective keep up the good work and I look forward one day seeing you at one of the tesla events kind regards
    Ker Hamilton

  10. Awesome video Ben!
    When i see this it´s really inspires me and want to share the passion to as many people i can!

    Not just your channel is great, but also james, Jessi and Zac, Travor and the guys from like Tesla! Love to see you together. 😉
    Please go on with what you´re doing guys!!!

  11. I agree with Troy below. The images are compelling and are great for someone not familiar with Tesla (this should be a SUPERBOWL AD!) I think this would be a top winning video if the tone were a little less angry and more positive and uplifting.

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