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The future of Manufacturing

The future of Manufacturing

The increased possibilities in digitized
production and products entail a whole new range of opportunities for
manufacturing companies like yours, ones that truly: make it easier to develop
existing products and design new ones that meet the needs of end- customers
much better than before. Streamlined production and logistics to
experience fewer errors in production and fewer defective products. Bring you
closer to end customers allowing you to serve them better and respond more
quickly to new needs and trends in the market. When combined, this strengthens
both your brand, your products and your bottom line. Let us consider an ordinary
manufacturing company and follow a product throughout its lifetime. The
development process becomes more agile. Based on the collected smart data from
customers, you can develop and optimize existing products more easily. At the
same time, you can use the information to take critical decisions regarding the
design of new products. Development has also become cheaper. By using digital
twins, a software that represents assets and processes that can understand,
predict and optimize the performance, you can stimulate physical products with
great credibility for a fraction of the price. Finally with cloud technology and connected processes new or updated
products can quickly be moved from development to production. Production is
also made more efficient. By collecting data from all machines in the production
flow, it becomes possible to spot bottlenecks and optimize production
workflows. At the same time, it becomes easy to detect where errors most
frequently occur, just as errors in the production apparatus can be spotted
before they lead to costly production downtime. This makes production more
economical and the exact same benefits can be achieved in warehousing and
logistics. For example, cloud-based services make advanced demand
forecasting available even to small businesses. This makes it possible to
achieve economic gains by trimming inventories of both finished products
and raw materials. The experience that end-customers have with your products will also be vastly improved. Through continuous data collection from the
products sold, you can monitor the end- customers’ actual use of the products. At the same time, this gives you a chance to spot and
warn of problems before they occur. Also, it will often be possible to repair or
optimize products with end-customers, simply by updating the firmware. This can
be done remotely. If it becomes necessary to repair the product physically, the
repair technician would be able to remotely diagnose the need for spare
parts and perhaps even print the missing parts using a 3D printer. Take advantage
of the many opportunities that digitization, cloud-based services, IoT
and Machine Learning offer your manufacturing business with Columbus as your partner. We will tailor the right solution for your company, the one that
brings your brand and your products to the front!

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