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The Power Of Service: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

The Power Of Service: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

[MUSIC PLAYING] Combining the three
service bureaus is going to make us
more competitive. It’s going to provide
economies of scale of a larger organization, and
it’s going to allow us to combine the expertise
of the three organizations to drive research and
development faster. When we started talking to
each other about combining, it really made a lot of sense. The only limitations
our customers have is their imagination. We now are a one-stop shop. Now there’s every additive
manufacturing technology out there we offer. For the average
consumer, 3D printing will eventually transform
how they get things made. We’re going to see how
each of our companies have excelled in many
different avenues, and how we can combine those
things together and come up with greater systems than
what our competitors have. Now we have the power of
a large company behind us, and it’s almost like we’re
not fighting on our own now. We’ve got other resources
that we can pull on. The benefits have been
enormous, and I’m now seeing other departments
doing the same thing and really coming
together, and it gives me great pleasure because
the more minds, the more thoughts, and the more success. Teamwork is a great part of our
daily operations, obviously. We’re able to take on
larger projects because of the capacity
that we do now have. So it’s a great thing. I think that we have the
right people in place that are focused on quality. Today the lines have
blurred between prototypes and end-use parts,
because they want the same level of functionality
out of the prototypes that they would want
out of end-use parts. They come to us for
engineering expertise. Specifically, in the
3D printing world, which is relatively new compared
to conventional manufacturing. So it’s an important
link to offer a complete package of
product development from concept to production. We cover all the
different technologies in the additive
manufacturing business. And we, together as a family,
you know, with our background, our technology, what
we know we can develop and the future’s just infinite
in what we can do together as a big operation. We see technologies coming along
that are developing and getting better, and people are
building crazy things– prosthetic limbs, and
instruments, and things that we could never even
think 20 years ago we’d be able to create. The excitement that I see in
being a part of the service bureau now is that we do have,
and have taken advantage of, the very best ideas of the
very best in the industry. We have some designers that
are pushing the envelope, and trying new things,
and challenging us, which is really fun. I’ve been in the 3D printing
business for 27 years now. I still love it. We are still changing
the world by changing the way products
are manufactured, and how they’re designed. We’re the best out there. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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