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The River Mersey by Narrowboat – Liverpool to Ellesmere Port

The River Mersey by Narrowboat – Liverpool to Ellesmere Port

hi guys I hope you’re good I’m here in
Liverpool for a huge adventure and I’m joined by some friends Jo & Michael from
minimal list have reconvened the Thames team today and we are going to be
crossing the River Mersey We leave Salt house dock early in
the morning passing this chimney and grade 2 listed warehouse of Wapping Dock
which is now flats you manage to get a feel of the city’s history then we
continued past Liverpool docks on the way to the lock to the Mersey this is the route that we’ll be taking
from Liverpool along the canal link across the Mersey through the Eastham
locks before reaching Ellesmere Port where we’ll spend the night we’re waiting now to go through the lock
onto the Mersey and this is bringing back memories of when we were waiting to
leave the lock at Limehouse onto the River Thames. As the gates is open the
nerves kick in at the sight of the choppy waters of the Mersey but there’s no turning back now
we’re on our way the water’s choppy and the river is
enormous almost immediately we see a very famous
boat the British Arctic survey vessel Boaty
McBoatface less commonly known as the RRS Sir David Attenborough the Mersey is 70 miles long in total
running from Stockport to Liverpool Bay and then into the Irish Sea. We’re only
doing a small section. In total our crossing today should take about two hours Michael effortlessly steers the boat
across the river as we leave the city behind us to the right is Unilever Hill it’s a
covered landfill site in Wirral. Behind the hill as the model village of Port
Sunlight originally built by the Lever brothers in 1888 to house the workers of
their soap factory the Mersey was made famous by the 1965
song Ferry Cross the Mersey by Gerry and the Pacemakers. The original mercy ferry
was operated by Benedictine monks who would row across the river on market
days. In good conditions the crossing would take 90 minutes. The Mersey is also
considered sacred by British Hindus who hold an annual festival in the river
similar to ceremonies you’d see on the Ganges the rough choppiness of the water seems
to be well behind us now as we float effortlessly towards the early morning
Sun I don’t entirely know where we are but
let’s say for the sake of argument we’re about halfway down the Mersey it’s
absolutely flat calm and this journey is proving to be an absolute joy so we are about halfway down the Mersey? yeah
halfway damn that’s nautical accuracy I thought we’re crossing the Mersey? It’s
half way across the Mersey Well we crossed it and then we’re going down it How are you
finding it? it’s nice actually I mean it’s a nice day the the waters calm
it’s not super cold it’s it’s all right yeah yeah glad I’ve wrapped up but it’s
all right how you finding it Jo? It’s alright now we’ve got the choppy side
because the first bit was a little bit more choppy this is lovely and the sun’s
rising and it’s nice How are you finding it George? there are still a lot of active industry
along this section of the Mersey as you can see by the larger boats we’re passing
and the chimneys in the distance The river was heavily polluted during the
industrial revolution but today it is one of the cleanest rivers in the
country thanks to a campaign started in the 1980s to improve the water quality Michel turns the boat around as we await
our turn to enter the locks at Eastham which will take us on to the Manchester
Ship Canal. This big tanker is coming off the ship canal from one of its oil
refineries the wake from the tanker reminds us that
we are still on serious tidal waters it’s great to see so many cormorants here we are approaching the locks George
has been a very good boy today this is the biggest lock I’ve ever seen
which makes sense because these are the largest locks in the UK we’re all very interested in this tug
we’re sharing the lock with but unlike us George doesn’t try to mask his
excitement now look who else is coming to join us
holy guacamole it’s absolutely massive I don’t know
really what else to say it is just simply massive another boat passes in front from the
adjacent lock and then it’s our turn the gates open and the tug departs first
followed by us leaving the tanker behind it feels great to have made it across
the Mersey safely. We’re now onto the Manchester Ship Canal which we’re going
to navigate in my next video. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss that. This brief section gives us a taste of what’s to come we’re arriving at our mooring for
tonight in Ellesmere Port. Thank you to Jo & Michael for allowing us to accompany
them on this epic adventure i’ve left links in the description for their video
and also of David’s. Thank you for watching and i hope you really enjoyed
this if you did give it a thumbs up, it helps the channel and it makes me feel
really good. Alright I’ll see you all very soon bye for now

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57 thoughts on “The River Mersey by Narrowboat – Liverpool to Ellesmere Port

  1. Спасибо за видео! Очень интересно! Смотрим в России! Удачи вам и здоровья!

  2. Hi Lorna. Great to see you guys on such an interesting trip. You're turning into a bit of a 'River Girl'! Great memories for you. Take care, m'dear. x

  3. Well done to all of you that was excellent. Michael is fearless and makes up for jo' s nerves. I was at Elsmere on the 19th of October making a vlog on Minimalist's recommendation and looking out from there I can see just how wide the waters are there. Many thanks take care. Alan.

  4. Great vlog, learned some things about the Mersey that I never knew, and I've lived here my entire life! Great shots of the Liver buildings, see you spotted a few real Liver birds on the river! Take care.

  5. Picked up on your journey as you enter the south end of the Wirral peninsula

    Picked up on a few facts I was unaware of having lived here all my life

    Check out channel for more info about the peninsula

    I subbed

  6. Having watched Jo & Michael's vlog and David's vlog, it's great to have another view of this adventure! Thanks for this, Lorna.

  7. Your Vid is so different from the others, I like yours the best so much info. and calm music and your voice. You need more Viewers!!!!

  8. Very well done video (the best of the three, frankly). I especially liked the perfect music and soft, ambient sound track used seems most fitting for this anti-climatic crossing. Cheers!

  9. Frantic dramatic movie/radio intro voice: "The fate of the universe hangs in the balance, what shall we do!?"
    Resonant confident voice, with gravity: "Reconvene the Thames Team."

  10. Thanks for another view of the crossing, each adding something to the mix. A large car plant and the site of a Victorian 'theme park' were passed on your journey too. Looking forward to the second part of the trip with anticipation and, hopefully, a similar synchronised release.

  11. There at 13:44, the Pilot and Michael look very much like The Mariner and the Mountain Man, which sounds like it ought to be a title of something.

  12. 8:55 – The ship on the left is coming off the canal – the centre one's coming out of Eastham docks !
    It seems David got this wrong too (but Michael didn't !)

  13. wow, I'm almost at a loss for words. That was a very nice video. I would say the narrow boat gods were watching you as the river became rather smooth. Poor George he had to put up with David in your video. lol Going to be hard waiting for the next video, but what choice do I have. lol

  14. Thanks for your beautifully shot perspective. Did you notice George was strapping Jo in very securely? Smart, caring dog.

  15. Been a subscriber for a while but must admit have not watched your vlogs. This one was beautiful and very information and photographic. Will go back and watch all your vlogs.

  16. That was a great point about the Hindu ceremonies – and very interesting about the history and environmental history.

    Fantastic vlog – thank you 🙂

  17. Part 3 of the Mersey trilogy and we are rewarded with drama, trepidation, child like wonder and great calm. Thank you LBG for your delightful interpretation of the big day out.. xx.

  18. Great vlog and another perspective I enjoyed after watching Minimal and David videos. Funny your perspective on the ocean going ship.

  19. great vlog, i used to live on the row of houses on the left, the second one, past the new builds on the way up to barton bridge, when i was a kid. used to love watching the ships n played all up and down the canal side. did you have special permission to go on the manchester ship canal. narrowboats was a rairity on there x

  20. Very interesting trip down memory lane. A bitter sweet one for me, those Stolt Chemi tankers bought up the contract our ships were working, & made us all redundant. Good to see they still the working ditch the same way from QE 2 basin back to Stanlow, & sometimes a trip up to Partington. then back load at Stanlowe for Rotterdam, &/or Antwerp .

  21. Loved the music. Boy oh boy – when that big boat came into the lock you must have been feeling very tiny! Looking forward to the next vlog!

  22. Fascinating seeing the differences between yours and David's videos – given you were at the same place at the same time :-). Love both the styles! Happy Holidays!

  23. Watched all 3 vid from you guys… Your footage looked best by far, pity you never captured the rainbow over Liverpool… Appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to produce these great vids.. Thank you
    Liked & Subbed

  24. It was fun to see all three channels for comparison, here's an example;
    (When the tanker moved into the lock, each had their own comment:)
    Michael – "Biggest ship we're ever likely to share a lock with".
    David – "It's pretty big".
    Lorna – "HOLY GUACAMOLE!".
    As I watched the behemoth glide in toward the narrowboat, my response would have been much more like Lorna's – but not worried as much about YT censors… HOLY CRAP! 😲

  25. Thank you for letting us ride along .. I personally being from Philadelphia/US enjoy your city stuff a lot …thank you for sharing your world …and so cool you get together with the others/your friends and make a video together ….. magical magical magical … you make other people so happy with that kinda stuff!! enjoy !!!

  26. Really interesting to get three vblogs for the price of one. Not boring to get three posts on the same subject. Each post seems to build on the others. Thanks, enjoyed that.

  27. Port Sunlight is fabulous. The old hospital is now a fabulous bijoux hotel. I was going to have my honeymoon there but drugs wore off and my girlfriend escaped.

  28. Best city in the world people are the best a long with irsh 💚 wonderful place 👍👍💯 lreland and Liverpool 🇮🇪😁😄❤️❤️👺😺

  29. I've missed your videos lately, you educated me on your descriptions of the historical canals during your travels down the canals.

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