100 thoughts on “THE THORIUM PROBLEM – Manufacturing & energy sector hobbled by thorium

  1. How old is this video.? .. and thus far all I hear and see is a lot of talk and no action from ANY corporations or governments.! There are only two possible answers to the absence of this supposedly wonderful machine: it either does not actually work as presented, or it's way too complicated and expensive to build.
    I'm another supporter of energy generation which does not involve using fossil fuels, and Uranium fission plants certainly aren't the answer either. So considering the very real planet warming phenomenon we're experiencing, and the horrific danger of an irreversible runaway greenhouse effect, it astounds me why the more advanced nations in the world aren't busy building this machine, asap.?!!  What's the hold up.? What are those private investors, who would stand to rake in billions if this element is as promising as these people say it is, waiting for.? My only conclusion is that Thorium isn't as great as it's presented to be, and these guys are sadly delusional. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't come to a better conclusion..

  2. When it comes to the Australian Government – they are just as ignorant. How do you penetrate their skulls?

  3. Gordon, how much more waste is produced by a light water reactor like at Hinkley compared with a Thorium reactor and could the Hinkley reactor be easily converted over to Thorium?

  4. Sounds like the government saying that you're not allowed to research marijuana. I'm not a pot smoker but don't worry, China and Russia will beat us to the cheap clean and safe thorium energy before us. Then Congress will say what happened? Why didn't we do this? Well why didn't we build that island in the Pacific Ocean before China did? We could have turned it into another tourist attraction instead of getting jealous over their jumping on the opportunity to build an artificial island in shallow water vs potential WW3 over it. We do know that the existing reactors will kill all of us if we don't start shutting them down and swapping them out. May already be too late after Fukushima.

  5. That was dated for the seminar to be in 2012.Why have I not heard this ,and what happen to putting it to use?5 years?

  6. The Thorium reactor sounds almost too good to be true……but it isn't, it's the solution we need to the clean energy problem.

  7. Finally managed to view a great presentation on Thorium, yes Thorium should be developed as the principal source of clean constant energy provider for the future, as to a renewable diffused energy …

  8. I like the the concept, and the prejudice towards thorium needs to be overcome. I guess it would take education, wish you all success.

  9. Thorium, Rare Earth Elements [REE] and Molten Salt Reactors [MSR] covered in brand-new book by Victoria Bruce! https://www.amazon.com/Sellout-Washington-Americas-Technological-Fight-ebook/dp/B06WVPDF5N/

  10. Thorium reactors are nothing more than a transfer of wealth problem. If you are pretty good at your job and have a family to feed and love your home just the way it is….would you go into work the next day and give your job to another person who is twice as good as you at it…for the sake of the company? No, you're going to hold that job as long as you can and in most cases anyone else wouldn't make it easy for another person to take their job.

  11. Hit a million views WOOOO!!!!! Yal best be watching and spreading this stuff. Word of mouth and spread of ideas is arguably the most important thing right now. Keep putting out these videos!

  12. This whole video is all over the place. Fuck you for making this. Biggest piece of dung. You suck balls at reporting the real news. Support a real narrative. This is psthetic. Wether thorium is real or.not. You fail at the core concept of making this a reality.

  13. At time 12.16min on the clip the presenter tells us, India wants to develop thorium but US NRC is only interested in plutonium. So NRC went to India and asked “how about stopping work on this”. Is it that simple? Since 2008 nearly 11+ Indian nuclear scientists have been killed under mysterious circumstances? It’s not only asking India to stop work on this but top Indian nuclear scientists were killed. The jihadist benefits. Indians Please note the failure of Indian govt. to protect its forefront Nuclear Scientists during 1962 to 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPd-Ieer8RY Incidentally India produced 30Kw of energy in its thorium experimental reactor. But is struggling to start its first fast breeder reactor which is a necessary first step to thorium use for energy.

  14. When you measure radioactivity, in bequerels, i.e. decay events per
    second, it is exactly inversely proportional to the half life.
    Half of the Uranium 238 present in the Earth at the beginning, 4500 million years ago, is still here. It's NOT a big threat. The half life of thorium 232, which is nearly 100% of natural thorium, is three times as long. The fear of its radioactivity is absurd.
    Energy from radioactivity is just like energy from a coal fire in this respect: The hotter you run the fire, the shorter the fuel lasts. Radioactive isotopes differ from that only in that each has its own set rate of consumption, and rate per kg of radioactivity.
    Polonium 210 has a half life of weeks, and a microgram was far more that a lethal dose for Litvinenko. For radium, it's 1600 years.
    Plutonium 239 has a half life of 24,000 years, and a transparent plastic bag will let you hold a piece big enough to feel warm, without letting any of the alpha particle out.
    A tiny amount of Nitrogen 16 made by replacing one proton per Oxygen 16 atomic nucleus with a neutron, in one atom per thousand billion, of water, is fantastically radioactive because in just over seven seconds half of those hundreds of billions of nuclei have decayed back to oxygen..Three grams of water contain 1,000000000,000000000,00000 molecules — that's ten to the power 23. But note that in 72 seconds, the tenth power of 1/2 is 1/1024, so its only hundreds of millions of becquerels of radioactivity, and in four minutes it's down to about the radioactivity of a rack of bananas. 15 Bq each.

  15. Hmm what if the existing chemical fuel companies pay off to hold off thorium lest they lose their precious lay up – be swimming in stuff you can sell and make shit tons of money even though it will fuck up the planet for their offspring and the ones who will come after. Not that illuminati bs. Stop day dreaming – stop being trying to ignore that most if not all of us would also do. We are that greedy. It's part of our biology


  17. Always the same stof with this guy, new products, less inversion, great revenues, no contaminantes, and is almost beautiful and whitout extrems and danger reacctions. Of course is bi ger expensive so we need governament aides… that s the way world goes in private hands…

  18. Always the same stof with this guy, new products, less inversion, great revenues, no contaminantes, and is almost beautiful and whitout extrems and danger reacctions. Of course is bi ger expensive so we need governament aides… that s the way world goes in private hands…

  19. It's such a problem yet China is doing it? Come on, only thing stopping it is the big oil companies and politicians…

  20. Earth year 2018 . The elite leaders continue to resist any new energy that they can not bring in riches with to satisfy their thirst for wealth. The greed in America today and their damn designer shoes.

  21. Thorium has its merits but it wont ever become a major player. Just a few things, 1) zero CO2 emmisions, NOPE, mining and processing use LOTS of oil and power, you cant just divorce yourself from your supply chain like that. 2. and its a big one, NO ITS NOT SO SAFE. Theoretically it has few high level wastes, but practically its NEVER that efficient, and the fission fragments from the process make it bad enough that it will have to be disposed of just like any other fuel waste. On paper Thorium is great, in practice, there are reasons it isnt being persued with fervor. Remember, the experimental reactor the states had was stopped WELL AFTER bomb productions peak, in the 70's, when DISarmament was the fad. It had real challenges, and financial ones, if it was cost effective it would have been done FAR earlier than todays renewed interest. He IS right about thorium being treated like toxic waste, thats just precautionary principle bullshit, not a realistic danger.

  22. Thorium daughter products are highly radioactive however, so storage is a problem, but it's a problem that can be address by putting it in a cargo container and berrying it under a meter of dirt until you want to use it. As the daughter products are mostly beta emitters which a meter of dirt can easily take care of that.

  23. Basically, the robber barrons are still robbing the people of the US.
    Why dont the people get fed up with these families and stone these evil assholes?!?

  24. To shithead wazza: What a load of BULLSHIT to blame & attack climate scientists & wind & solar power when it is the fucking CUNTSERVATIVES such as Wall Street bankster terrorists & global fossil fuel addiction pushing cult who hold this world back by ACTIVELY destroying attempts to combat manmade global warming, because they (cuntservaturds) care ONLY about keeping the EASY STATUS QUO for them, while forcing EVERYBODY ELSE to PAY for the mess THEY caused.

  25. i STILL don't understand how thorium works. i've been watching videos for days and i still have yet to see one really illustrate what this whole idea is about, and means. and it pisses me off to no end

  26. So basically Obama was full of shit blaming China to cover his regulatory overreach killing AMERICAN industry. Shocker!

  27. I honestly think they should consider looking into Tesla turbines for power generation. It's more compact, modular, single stage and works well with heavier and more viscous fluids. The existing designs have issues, but the projected efficiency going off of the original specifications from 1913 is about 40% under load (some sources estimating 78% efficiency with a momentum-focused model), with vast improvements possible due to changes in part geometry and manufacturing quality. Might be a little late in the game, but it's probably worth trying.

  28. The Molten Salt Reactor Experiment at Oak Ridge National Labs never used Thorium as a fuel, but it did test relatively cheap and technologically achievable materials highly resistant to neutron bombardment and corrosive salts such as Hastelloy N, which is a Nickel-base alloy steel.

    Even so, there are many challenges to be overcome if a LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) is to be realized and Thorium can be reliably transmuted to Uranium 233.

    This does not mean that other molten salt reactors are not an option until the LFTR becomes viable. Liquid fuel fission reactors operating in the low pressure/high temperature spectrum are far more safer and efficient than the high pressure/low temperature spectrum reactors that we have nowadays.

    As far as the nuclear waste goes, most of it (highly radioactive isotopes) will be spent inside the liquid medium of the reactor, and the resulting (low percentage) poisoning transuranics would be stored for a short period of time (5-10 years) before they would become radioactively safe (but still considered as toxic).

    Anyway…. molten salt fission reactors, whatever their configuration, would be far far far…. did I say far? I meant FAR! FAR less damaging to the environment, than burning Coal, which releases far more than CO2 in the environment, such as heavy metals etc.

    Next Gen fission would provide a means to safely transition towards very safe technologies such as Nuclear Fusion, if it ever becomes reality.

    I really think (and hope) we, as a species, should pursue this path, without being afraid of inefficient options pushed on by government agendas (before we destroy our planet and ourselves).

  29. They can't claim ip on what oak ridge owns. America knows it will defend its ip as soon as we back thorium with military

  30. Let china f their country up, America will use its muscle to own all thorium reactors. It's owned by America already, wait for oil to settle down. Play chess a little

  31. Play chess. You are simple minded scientists, this is a good check mate. We have control, you are just talking nonsense
    Do you think we would care about China?

  32. Militarism is killing the US like it killed the UK Empire and Soviet Union… Arguably the Roman Empire too… OK, militarism creates empires but can't sustain them because it wastes so much money, time and resources.

  33. Someone like Musk, Gates or Zuckerberg needs to design and build their own working reactor to prove the concept. They're all looking for a legacy to put their name on. Solving the worlds energy problems until we can crack fusion is a pretty good one.

  34. The DOE just needs to fund a few Thorium test reactors to put issue to rest. They could prove to be better, safer, and cheaper.

  35. The NRC has out lived its usefulness!  Its fallen behind on the technical education and is making piss poor decisions (if they make any decisions at all), kind of like the United Nations.  The NRC, like the NEA, needs to justify itself or be eliminated. The US citizen can no longer afford to fund programs that don't deliver the best results, what are the goals of the NRC, NEA?????  Are they achieving their goals?  We need more scientist in congress so they can make decisions based on FACTS, not feelings.

  36. What I want to know is why not a fast spectrum msr? As I understand it, you can run on thorium if you want to—or depleted uranium or even plutonium fuel. The neutronics seems to work no matter what fuel you need to run in a fast spectrum msr. Additionally, don't we reap a certain design simplicity in a reactor that doesn't need a moderator and a blanket? Truly, the chemistry and the metallurgy are what concern me most, regardless of what design we choose.

  37. Thorium or rare earth are not the problem…how much money can be made from this is. 😂😂😂😒

  38. I want one of these scaled down to produce 8-10kw for one or two houses
    perhaps in a shipping container in the back yard. Can this be scaled?
    Then we could really create personal autonomy in our cultures.

  39. Damn the Federal Government and damn the EPA! Let the States take control of this situation. This falls well outside the limits set by the Constitution. The Federal Government has no constitutional authority to regulate mining of anything any where. According to the Tenth Amendment, it is a matter to be left to the individual States. Oh, and banksters be advised, your comeuppance is looming before you.

  40. Not all projects of china is standard like i said 70% is pirate so using ur all mind.. if u wont china down same products more strongly and standards same price.

  41. One problem with Thorium is you must essentially breed up your fuel from uranium/thorium mixtures, allow the neutrons from the Uranium to transmute the thorium to a fissile fuel.

  42. China is All ready looking into thorium reactors U.S. is along way behind the eight ball. Once China succeed in using thorium reactors instead of coal and oil the U.S. will be bankrupt, thorium reactors All so produce very little plutonium which can be used in weapons

  43. Interesting subject but the chopped up / condensed sound bite type editing is a complete unlistenable format. Thumbs down!

  44. So the world switches to thorium but the vs does not. Big deal…. Let them suffer Trump the way they want. Let's move on to thorium and forget about the US.

  45. If you are democrat, vote for "Green Nuclear Deal", if you are republican, vote for "Make America Nuclear Again", if you are Christian and you love poor people across the globe "preach" nuclear energy.

  46. https://youtu.be/tyDbq5HRs0o
    This is the Thorium Reactor video made in the 1960's or so of the Oakland Thorium Reactor, It shows how they put it together, how it works, and some other good info

  47. The more B.O. blames China, the more obvious his own blame for not only being a mere wimp (all talk no results), but with people like V.P; (very peculiar) Biden who's son turns a small start up into a sudden billion dollar venture via China money in the wake of dad's visit there… we must suspect a joker card of treason at play… if in not other terms : hypocracy.

  48. As we head into another politically sensitive year (2020) and another economic Armageddon, please tell what progress you have made since 2012 and what progress you foresee for the next 5 years.
    My personal opinion is that Thorium could save us from all crises that exist in the world today.

  49. The big with thorium is that few geological processes concentrate it enough to be mined economically, unlike uranium. Forget about it being 3x times more " abundant" than uranium – they are crustal abundance levels and processing a ton of rock to get $1 worth of Th & U is not practicable. Uranium deposits are widespread and can reach high grades and tonnages, unlike thorium and that is why Th costs 100x more than U from the suppliers. The countries who do have significant thorium deposits might not always be friendly, so that is an additional consideration for future supply security.

  50. thorium a problem? the thundergod's nuclear fuel that can be used to power safe nuclear molten salt reactors is called a problem? hmm… how about using it up?

  51. Attn. Gordon McDougal.
    You must change the adv.
    The Thorium Problem.
    Because it comes as in bad info as a first impression.

  52. I strongly believe that all of you guys are excepting the regulatory restrictions by government agencies that are formed by the same people that protect their jobs, because they too have no interest to be responsible.
    Now, one thing I love to say is, why not give this job to the ScunkWork in Nevada, hey if they can build the black bird SR71 in 9 months to spy Russia, but needed their metal (Titanium) to do so.
    Now that's the ultimate endeavour that can only be achieved by?????

  53. I watched this video a while back, but recently read that "Domestic mining of rare earths resumed in 2018, having last been produced in 2015," and I'm also aware of Thorium being used more readily as a Nuclear fuel.

    I went back and looked at this video to see that it was from 2012, so, before I delve too deep into research, can anyone (like the OP, perhaps) comment on this? Seven years later, have we quote-unquote "solved" the Thorium problem? Or does it persist in some way?

  54. It's now Christmas of 2019, the cusp of 2020… and thorium MSR tech is still dead in the water in the US. Humanity needs energy or civilisation dies. That's not negotiable. The only questions left are when we get this tech developed and who gets to own the IP?

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