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THROWABLE MELEE TESTING: All Vests Damage, Vehicle Shield & Throw Distance | PUBG

THROWABLE MELEE TESTING: All Vests Damage, Vehicle Shield & Throw Distance | PUBG

How’s it going everyone, my name’s LPGozzzi and welcome back to PUBG. Yes, there is something you might already know: Throwable Melees have been added to the game in update 5.1. But
before we get into that consider subscribing for more PUBG videos like
these and make sure the join the Discord link down below. With that being said, let’s just drop right into it since are there’s a lot to that i in my streams didn’t
realize okay so how it works you can pick up multiple ones you can just
that’s so weird this is a new level of what? (Laughter) So for today, I thought I would create a video on the new throwable melees including experiments
and additional information that you might need when you’re entering the
battlegrounds as you know there are currently four melee weapons with
attachable skins throughout this video we will mostly be using the pan but of
course also the machete crowbar and sickle first experiment will be the
melee throw damage now here you will see my lovely assistant without any armor
when I throw the Pan towards his head he will die immediately but still takes two
hits on the torso next up level one armor it will take two it’s on the body
to bring them down will be healed and surprisingly also two hits on the head
with a level one helmet but the helmet breaks after one hit level two armor
also takes to hits to the chest when thrown correctly and from the same
distance for a pan war it doesn’t matter if you only find a level 1 helmet because
someone with a level 2 helmet will go down after two hits as well since I host a
lot of pan games I know in some occasion you can down someone with the level 3 vest
with two normal slashes with the pan but when you throw it it takes three hits
the level 3 helmet on the other hand is as strong as a level one since it will
also break after 2 is which is actually ridiculous when it comes to health you can also hit someone when you bounce
your melee off a wall for example it takes some practice and precision but it
is possible I show into the blood splash all melees will land in the same spot
after thrown against the wall from the same position from where you were
standing I also tried to explode a gas can by throwing my melees at it but
after I hit it 20 times I kind of gave up just waste five bullets of your gun
instead next up vehicle protection in this case the buggy I tried to hit my
assistant here but as you can see he has perfect protection against any melee hits
from different directions other vehicles on the other hand are more vulnerable I
already tried my best to hit him but it just wasn’t doable when he was in the
driver’s seat the tires are identical to gas cans you
cannot pop the tires when you throw your melees at it
so just flash your melee against it two or three times so you won’t waste any time trying to do the impossible like I did here nope nope nope I had my eyes
wide open from what happened next my assistant sat on the back of the buggy
and I tried to down him but the hits will not register as if he got some
magical dome shield around him I only began hurting him after I tried 50
different positions to throw a pan so don’t worry too much if you’re a
passenger on the buggy in a pan match dude before the Mirado you might not be
so lucky from the side you are fully hittable the windshield however fully
blocks any Melees that comes its way so just hope enemies are located in front
and not in the back seriously from all the logical vehicles I wouldn’t thought
the buggy was the safest okay cool well all melees travel for about two
seconds with the pan traveling approximately 10 meters and the others
15 meters like whoa say oh yeah it’s like heavier
yeah which had me interested in doing it again in case of being in other
scenarios such as if you aim higher will it travel further than the horizontal
aim if we try to aim for that cloud we see that it’s the exact same as last
time pad traveling 10 meters and the others 50 meters again but what if we
jump will they go further the answer is no jumping will have no effect on
throwing your melees only if you’re for example jumping off rooftops for fun we
tried to collide a grenade and a pan about being thrown and after only four
tries I blocked and diverted the grenade Oh slightly different location with an
the nade being thrown up into the air and bounced back we also tested out if the
pan blocks the bullets from being impacted in our character the level 4
armored indeed still blocks the bullets but slows down once hit and slightly does
less damage to the other person so it does his job most of the time most of
the time in conclusion the throwable melees can be lifesavers when it comes down to
close combat situations when the enemies has a gun but you don’t after having
said all of that thank you for watching this video if you would like to beat me
in a melee match or help me with these kind of videos join my discord for
my information if you want to see more LPG PUBG goodness, subscribe with notifications on so I won’t lose my PUBG partnership.

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