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Tim O’Byrne – Cattle Transportation – Ways to minimize risk when loading cattle

Tim O’Byrne – Cattle Transportation – Ways to minimize risk when loading cattle

You have an obligation to make sure the
animals are cared for properly and not harmed in any way and one issue that is a little contentious is loading cattle in the doghouse that
are too tall for the for the doghouse Basically anything that is loaded into your liner should not
come in contact with the deck or roof It should be able to stand in his
natural position and if you run into some sort of problem where the cattle are too tall for the doghouse and are
rubbing, we can see some severe damage to the animals and it has
to be avoided at all costs We will step through the opening up the gates on this is the
Wilson trailer looking at today but most major brands are pretty
similar in design This is your pullout ramp to go
up your upper deck Here is the door to the upper compartment, upper deck and again, we want to make sure this gate is pinned out of the way when we’re
loading this upper deck If we are loading cattle and this gate is not
in the pinned position there is a potential for a few head of cattle to come by this gate and knock it swing it shut and cut off your load and maybe some potential bruising could happen in this gate also Here is an example of what not to do
on these new trailers I did not pull out the bull bar on the
side this trailer and this is a potential area for cattle First, to balk and not want to come off the trailer and number two, they can just plain fall off the ramp here without it swung out We are going to open the gate up to the top deck properly this time using the bull board swing it out to the side and we’ll show the optical illusion that those cattle are challenged with the
first time not wanting to step off they should feel a little more secure and want to come off the trailer with the
board swung out properly Now, when that steer comes to the edge of this gate to step out to the tail, it has security of the bull board on the site and he will be a little more likely to flow and just make cattle handling go a lot easier with this out in the
proper position. Again, here is another gate that needs to be certain that we have
fastened when we are loading cattle into the belly into the lower compartment We will open this, we wanna make sure that this gets fastened and it doesn’t come open This would be a typical crowd gate in current day cattle trailers and probably a point of concern in terms of quality assurance
for beef and driver safety When loading this crowd gate with cattle we want to be sure the last animal passed by this gate and not to be too aggressive with the electrical prod there is a chance This gate could get packed and kickback and into the driver and we wanna make sure we don’t pinch the
animal down in this opening be a potential for some bruising on that animal. These trailers are well built and designed but this is a one pressure point we have to watch when we are training drivers, this counterbalance door can certainly be a place where a driver can get injured while loading cattle in the bottom nose If an animal steps down on the bottom deck while there in the process of closing this it could come back up rapidly So make sure you are off to the side of this counterbalance gate while they are closing it

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