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Top 5 Steps to Avoid Air Bag Fraud – CARFAX

Top 5 Steps to Avoid Air Bag Fraud – CARFAX

I want to talk to you about a life-threatening
used car scam. It involves crooked repair shops purposely
not replacing your car’s air bags. Most people don’t know they’re victims
until it’s way too late, but I’ve got five steps to help you avoid this fraud. Step One: Look at the Steering Wheel As soon as you get in the car, look for the
car-maker’s logo on the center steering wheel cover. Then, push on it. Any extra “give” means there may not be
an air bag there. Step Two: Deployment Indicators Look closely for small tears around the edges
of the air bag covers or a visible seam down the middle. You might find this strange, but check the
safety belts next. Air bag experts tell us that seat belts actually
are tied to the air bag system. If the belts retract slowly or not at all,
the air bags may not be working properly, either. Step Three: The Lights on the Dash Hit the ignition and look at the dashboard. Perhaps you never noticed, but there’s an
air bag light there. That light should flash for a few seconds
and then go out when you start the car. A continuously flashing light indicates an
air bag system malfunction, something you’re going to want to have checked. If the light never comes on, the air bag may
be missing entirely. Step Four: Show Me the CARFAX After checking the car yourself, consult the
experts next. You probably know that Carfax Reports tell
you about reported accidents, but you may not know they often include air bag deployments
and repairs, too. If you just want to know about air bag deployments,
you can check for free at carfax-dot-com-slash-airbag. Step Five: Always Get an Inspection You may have found signs of a previous air
bag deployment, either from your examination or in the Carfax Report. It doesn’t mean something sinister is going
on or that you shouldn’t buy the car. Instead, make sure you have a mechanical expert
at your local repair or body shop inspect the air bag system and make sure everything
is working properly. In this horrible scam, criminals have decided
a few thousand dollars in their pocket may be worth more than the potential risk to your
life. Follow these steps to help spot signs of possible
air bag fraud and reduce your chances of becoming its
next victim.

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