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Toyota Tundra and Jeep Rubicon in 22″ of snow

Toyota Tundra and Jeep Rubicon in 22″ of snow

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100 thoughts on “Toyota Tundra and Jeep Rubicon in 22″ of snow

  1. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I own a jeep wrangler. However, I'm willing to bet that the Tundra would've faired better with the same tires the jeep has.

  2. Granular snow, that stuffs one of, if not the worst. Imagine trying to get traction on a bunch of tiny ball bearings, wtf. LOL

  3. never go out that far with only 2 vehicles in that much snow with out some one having a winch. you will find out the hard way. I have been stranded for 2 days before, had to walk miles back to the road.. dont be stupid.

  4. Kind of dumb vehicles to compare. They serve different purposes. Of course the Wrangler will kill in all areas off road. It's engineered to do that. Pickup trucks serve an entirely different purpose. Although the Tundra did pretty well also.

  5. WTF?…..No comparison between a New Rubicon and an 03' if the Tundra had been a new Tacoma trd….both having locking diffs in both the front and rear as does the Rubicon? There is no comparison in this video… its like comparing a volkswagon beetle and a Unimog going through a 3 foot mudhole…. and looks more like 6-8 inches of snow;) nice video just the same;)

  6. A Rubicon with f&r locking diffs vs a tundra? No comparison. I'm trying to decide whether to buy a Rubicon or a Colorado ZR2 because of the locking diffs.

  7. I watched a Jeep Commando climb an extremely steep slope once without spinning only to find out it only had a six in it and was an automatic with crappy tires. Lots of respect for Jeeps. Too bad they quit making trucks.

  8. I used to do that in northern Minnesota with various types of vehicles including a 73 VW Bus, a 85 Trooper and a Tundra. I learned the hard way to put chains on all four tires (if it had 4 WD) BEFORE I’m stuck. After that it was a breeze driving in deep snow, then my only worry was getting hung up in packed down snow. For that I always carried two grain shovels (one for my buddy).


  10. Thanks for the click bait video….CHANGE the video title to Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tundra ALMOST STUCK in 10” of snow. For the first 4 minutes of the video you were driving in maybe 8-10 inches of snow…I was expecting your tires to be nearly buried for most of the video…I have a business to operate. Don't waste peoples time…..американский сука

  11. on word to make all of this easier – Tires. I have driven in 2 feet of snow in my expedition in 4-LOW with nice beefy tires – cranked right up it slow and steady..

  12. The tires are different. Looks like the Jeep has all terrains where as the Toyota has mud tires. Mud tires are not good in snow

  13. 14" at most. Still fun to watch. Just don't go alone. So easy to just slide off a bit into a ditch and get stuck. No matter what you vehicle. I get 22-23mpg on the open road in my 2014 Wrangler V6 285bhp. Back in the day my VW 64 bug got 25mpg at best with 36 bhp and was gutless. So I don't feel so bad about the mileage.

  14. 22 inches= the packed snow on the trail allready from previous snow fall that year " thus you dont see them throwing up gravel or leaves for most of the ride" plus recent dump of fresh stuff thats drifted deepley into the unsheltered clearing they eventually got hung up in. Do you people even do winter? Why is everyone questioning 22in when in that drift they got hung up in about 2 ft of drifted snow on top of the allready packed stuff. And yeah i meant "you people". A group of people containing you, not me, then i would have to say us. This beer is delicious

  15. i assume you weren't running the stok (crap BFG M&T's) on the Rubicon – they looked more all season in the video

  16. Is the tundra even an off road vehicle? We know the rubicon is. One is a fun off-roader the other is a reliable, tough work truck. These two vehicles are purpose built and the tundra isn't purpose built for off-roading. At least get a trd model or give the Toyota a shot and bring in the taco trd of equivalent years as the jeep. Not that the jeep wouldn't win but at least a taco has a fighting chance to at least equal the jeep in off-roading capabilities.

  17. We get more snow than that in northern New Hampshire and my Subaru legacy pushes right through it

  18. Great video! We don't get much of the white stuff to play in down here in FL, except for some great sandy jeep trails in national forest land. I like the footage of the snow being thrown off the wheels of the Toyota…  Pretty neat!  🙂   BTW, the music was fine… 😉

  19. This is why you don't get a 4 wheel drive, you get an all wheel drive. Get something that locks the axle's so you don't have 2 wheel spinning syndrome.

  20. Not a toyota fan,…but a jeep is highly over priced, and borderline useless,…unless you bought one to screw around and do retarded stuff like this,….

  21. This is terribly unwise. Yes your vehicles are very capable… but if something should happen where you're both stuck out in that you could die. Please be careful!

  22. If they did not have the same tire on it was not a real comparison. When it comes to snow or mud tires are everything.

  23. When chaining a 4wd pickup, the chains should be on the rear. That is the axle that has the least traction. I know you saw a vid on u tube that said put them on the front.

  24. the unstepped part is 22" snow but clearly y'all were slipping and getting stuck. Need a lifted jeep with custom off road tires.

  25. The one thing I have learned in my years of doing this stuff — don't try to be a bad ass, don't be too proud, save time and unnecessary wear on the vehicle by STARTING off your adventure with the snow chains ON.

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