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Transportation of Drugs for Sale : Arizona Drug Lawyer

Transportation of Drugs for Sale : Arizona Drug Lawyer

Hi i’m David Cantor with the Law Offices
of David Michael Cantor and today’s topic is going to be on
Possession of Drugs for Sale and Transportation of Drugs for Sale. Now
many times in Arizona you see both of these charges charged together what does it mean well it means that
you’re Possessing Drugs and they’re actually for Sale or they’re above a
certain threshold amount what does that mean with you have a certain volume of drugs
it’s presumed that you have them for Sale for example nine (9) grams of Cocaine or
Methamphetamine in the powdered form, three-quarters of Crack Cocaine one gram
of Heroin 50 hits of Acid or PCP or two pounds or more Marijuana can be presumed to be
Possession for Sale obviously it’s in a vehicle or you’re moving
there’s you Transportation for Sale. now the punishment, if the drug amounts
are above the threshold it’s a prison only range of three (3) years
to twelve point five (12.5) years in prison. if the drugs are below the threshold but let’s say they’re multiple baggies
you have a scale you’re driving around that’s presumed to
bePossession for Sale then you’re looking at anywhere from
probation with 0 days in jail a to a (1) year jail or prison if three(3) to twelve point five (12.5)
years now the defense’s defenses are lack of knowledge meaning I
didn’t know the drugs were the room, in the trunk, in the
car, I borrowed my roommate’s car or I don’t
live here things that nature the drugs were for Personal Use not
for Sale this is a common we see is were somebody says look it’s nine grams a coke we had a big trip planned its just for me I’m not planning on Selling
these Drugs arm are another time what you’ll see is if
a bunch of fraternity kids get together and they they get all their money
together they say hey we’re having a big party I want a gram I want a gram and the guy says
oh great I know somebody and he gets ten grams a cocaine buys it
and he’s gonna give it out even though he made no profit to his
fraternity brothers and then the police show up and he gets arrested he looks like he’s Possessing for Sale
when in reality was it was just the middleman Lastly, the weight is not accurate, we
see this with Marijuana cases that means the plants we’re pulled out and they’re weighed, they’re weighed wet, the weighed with dirt on the routes they say
look this guy has five pound plants when in reality if they shuck it down just
weighed it dry the part that has a the THC in it, it
would have been below the two pound threshold a lot of times cocaine is cut with
baby formula on a nine to one ratio which in reality there’s 1 gram of cocaine but there’s 10 grams of baby formula mixed in so there’s
a lot of ways to attack this we’ve had great success if you go to our website look at the victory section you’ll see that now sometimes a challenge the search
warrants and the stops and we get cases thrown out at the get go now if this situation applies to you a
family member or a loved one either give us a call or go to, contact us and we’ll set you for a free initial
consultation and we’ll go over your case with you

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