Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart 4K

Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart 4K

best way to test your turbo under load you're dragging it well it makes no my Squishy noises yeah well we have a Barbie car that we both agree is a little too slow and we have some boxes very exciting stuff and one of them says turbocharger on it so it's gonna be a good day yeah it's gonna be a very good first off we've got our oil cooler which I got excited about and already took out of the box cool down the oil for the turbo a little electric fuel pump so that we can have enough fuel because we're already having fuel starvation problems and we're gonna be sucking down more fuel now and I think we're gonna get a second one of these to pump oil around if it works we'll test it first to see if it'll pump oil because for the turbo we need an oil supply but to tap into the engine on there would be difficult and potentially caused problems so we're just gonna run an entirely separate oil system for the turbo and just have a little pump cooler and then a reservoir so that we can just run the oil through the turbo specifically and that way it won't heat up the engine extra or burn up the engine oil or it'll just be better the tiniest turbo I've ever seen the thing is ridiculous it beautiful and there's two ways to turbocharge a corporative engine then there's draw through and blow through and from my minimal research on the internet I think that for our application of draw through is going to be simpler but if that doesn't work we'll try something else so that means that the turbo is going to be the I mean the carburetor is going to be before the turbo so the carburetor instead of being here will stick out the side of the turbo here so it'll suck air through the carburetor just like it's meant to work in the first place and then that pressurized air fuel mixture will just go straight into the engine yeah it's time to start taking stuff apart sweet so far as we dig deeper we're finding more problems which is good because the engine wasn't running right to start with we got to get it in tip-top shape before boost in it yeah so we pulled the carburetor off and I notice all this black crud in here I'm in the intake which leaves may believe that we're getting some blow by on the intake valve it's not closing all the way so when the compression happens or combustion happens some of it goes back out there and so I took off the valve adjust your cap and it's the valve has absolutely no play in it so it's probably that's probably the case Ethan's hitting up some custom plates and by now I'm really wondering how many hours we have invested into the Barbie building it versus the time we have riding it it's probably about 400 to 1 yeah definitely if the Hat that didn't work I've been building lots and lots of flanges so we've got a flange for the intake on the turbo for the outlet for the exhaust Inlet yeah so the flange is removable I'll just tack it in place that's the right angle and then take it off and weld it mm like that spaces it out so you can adapt from that bolt pattern to this bolt pattern and that way we can reuse the same boot thing to hold the carburetor on pull out a little bit of movement every time I think this thing can't get any crazier yeah did you hear that that was the sound of a turbo spooling down on a Barbie car [Laughter] yes we are going to call it a night get started early in the morning and get some oil lines in this bad boy because right now I'm a bad combination of tired and really excited so starting in on the new project of running oil lines and making all of that work would be a bad thing but it is like close enough let's run it maybe painting all the adapters and flanges and stuff I've got the oil oil return line which conveniently I just stole this off of another turbo that I have lying around and just wind out the bolt holes and it fit and then I made a little block off plate for the water jacket just to keep stuff from getting in there it's a time to test if our fuel pump will pump oil well so much for that idea it's worth a shot it was a cool idea yeah it just seems so overkill but it's the smallest one we could find so yeah I mean I found some smaller ones later but there were like $200 and stuff no way that sucks this thing's just gonna blast it yeah it flows 3.2 gallons a minute well that one works kinda that still not as much clothes you'd want I mean it should be enough it's just surprisingly pathetic for a six and a half amp pump can't believe you found a room get such a big pump in such a small car I'm kind of amazed myself we just got back from a run to town which for us takes us a half an hour either way and struck out hard so it looks like Ethan's gonna be making a lot of parts from scratch I already drilled the hole into the end of this bolt so now I just got to drill a hole through the side of it and we'll have ourselves a banjo bolt why it's called a banjo no frickin clue yeah I like that color of nut flat black more than I thought I would yeah it's pretty fresh so that's a bit more durable than yeah the Matt we used for this – yeah tractor pay for life I think I'll turn it around like this that's one pump is but then I'll just cut up hold from there for this one so fresh go back to the pump and then I can have it something like that oil cooler on the barbie staying finished welding up the oil tank oil reservoir and I've got some I was gonna buy some fittings for this but I couldn't find anything it was even vaguely useful so I just made them stole some fittings off with an old turbo I know it's not running right yet but it looks absolutely insane yeah don't got plenty of problems but well mainly being the oil pump will only run for like two seconds at a time and that I don't know overheat not overheats but decides it's too much pressure or whatever it shuts off so that's dumb but and we may still be running out of fuel which is easy to solve with a fuel pump but I kind of just want to see what it does under load is just grabbing it freely isn't a very good example of how it rocks oh here goes here coats well it makes real-life swishing noises yeah it's impossible to tell in this kind of a space whether it has more power but kind of felt like it haha conclusion is it's not getting enough fuel so we are going to need to install that fuel pump and figure out the oil cooler solution as well but besides that it looks awesome sounds awesome certainly headed in the right direction the tires done so in our first video chat you guys wanted us to do a back flip and the time is now we said we put it in our next video this is a classic fire season North Idaho sunset it's kind of high [Applause]

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33 thoughts on “Turbo Install on the Barbie Car Go Kart 4K

  1. Use break fluid for turbo cooling it's thin enough for the pump and don't for get to install a blow off valve

  2. Капец, я из России смотрю этот канал оч класно, у нас такого не видел

  3. Wanna be super famous? Recreate fast and the furious original drag with these cars :p. Even make a wheelie dodge :p

  4. Awesome channel guy's you have inspired me to make some wacked out machines for my kids. I have a power wheels Mercedes G65 that's begging for a 110cc motor for my 6yo daughter, a radio flyer red wagon and 90cc motor for my 2yo son and my 11 & 13yo son's want something like the Barbie Jeep but turbocharged. I wonder if I could squeeze a Hayabusa engine into a power wheels for myself, I might have to look at something a little more old skool (1948) sidewalk Jeep upscaled to adult size for that. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  5. Subscribed. 30 seconds into my 3rd vid from u guys.. first 2 were the barbie truck.. I'm in..
    Idk where u are but if u were local I'd bust all my pipes and flood the house to meet u guys, even tho u apparently have too much money for dumb shit already. (When I say dumb shit I mean that in the best possible way- i love the dumb shit u guys are doing) keep it up guys.

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