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TWIN SHOWDOWN: SCOREBOARD CHALLENGE | Hot Hacks: Daredevil Edition | Hot Wheels

TWIN SHOWDOWN: SCOREBOARD CHALLENGE | Hot Hacks: Daredevil Edition | Hot Wheels

(rock music) – A Hot Wheels Production. Today, we’re gonna
play an awesome game with a Roto Revolution
and build a scoreboard to keep track of ’em
sweet, sweet points. I’m your host Andy
Reese-Meyer, let’s get hackin’. Ah yeah, oh no,
no, no, no, no, no. How is it still moving? (heavy rock music) Here’s what you’re gonna need. Some green foam
core, or any color, say, a few snippers,
kid’s glue, some tape, long white sticks, washable
paint, an old gift box. I hate these. Every year it’s a sweater. No good present ever
came in that box. And, an old magazine. Carefully cut your
cardboard into a rectangle. This will be for the
front of the scoreboard. If you don’t like rectangles,
if they offend you so much, then just make whatever
shape you want. You wanna make a rhombus. – [Deep Voice] Rhombus. – Make a rhombus. (imitates lightning striking) All shapes are created equal. (imitates a ghost haunting) Don’t do a circle. (heavy rock music) Next, cut and glue the rails. Cut the rails to be about
2/3 the length of the board, then shave off the end. – [Deep Voice] Nice. – Then glue the pieces together. The best way to
think about this, is to cut two strips of the
rails and then offset them by creating an overhang
between the two. Whoa, sweet offset! (making flute sounds) This doesn’t actually do that. Draw the numbers one through 10 on to the front
between the rails. Personally, I put
the numbers in order, like numerical order. (lively instrumental music) (heavy rock music) Use the other half of your
foam board to create the stand. Draw, cut, and tape
it to the back. And now you got– – [Deep Voice] Back flaps. – Now, we’re gonna
make the score tracker. So, it’s only one of those times where you wanna cut corners. (moan) Cut out a square from
the cardboard box, and then cut out the
inside of the square, so that it looks
like a little monocle to make your
scoreboard super fancy. This weekend, we’ll be
playing with Hot Wheel. I don’t know how rich
people are, I’m very poor. (heavy rock music) This next part is my favorite. To personalize your
team, make a logo. You can get one by cuttin’
out a picture from a magazine or, in this case, take
it right off the box. Me, I’m obviously the
gorilla, ’cause I mean, look at his hair. He’s like, Hey, I’m a gorilla! Can you tell the difference? Then just tape the back and
stick it onto your board. How exciting is that? Let’s see–
(suspenseful music) Oh no. – Well, well, well,
if it isn’t nice Andy. – Evil Andy. We meet again. – You goin’ down, nice Andy. – Not if you go down first. – Oh, that’s not
very nice, nice Andy. (neck cracking) That’s not very nice at all. – The game is pretty simple. All you have to
do is get your car in the Roto Revolution
and you get a point. You get two points, if
you knock another car out. – Well, how many points do
I get if I’m being evil? – Nothing, you don’t get
any points for being evil. – What do you mean? Look at this mustache, it
should get a ton of points. Again, I’m evil,
I’m the bad guy. – Let’s do this. (showdown music) Here we go. (upbeat instrumental music) – Come on, come one, come one,
come on, come on, come on. Hey! – Aah! (music continues) Yes! (slow laugh) (music continues) (slow laugh) – I got you, nice Andy! (music continues) – Yes! (music continues) Aah. (music continues) (clock ticking) (music continues) Yes! – Oh no! – Yes, yes, alright, come on! – I’ll get you next
time, nice Andy. If it’s the last thing I do. – Anyway, that’s how
you make the scoreboard for the Roto Revolution,
but obviously you could use it for all
kinds of other games. And registered users out there, we wanna know what
you’re keepin’ track of with this cool scoreboard. You can comment in the
comment section below for Hot Hacks Daredevil Edition. I’m Andy Woo, and we’ll
see you next time. Bye bye. Still there, isn’t he? Of course he is. (rock music) A Hot Wheels Production (fast-paced instrumental music)

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8 thoughts on “TWIN SHOWDOWN: SCOREBOARD CHALLENGE | Hot Hacks: Daredevil Edition | Hot Wheels

  1. That was an EPIC showdown! Will you take the scoreboard challenge? 🏁

    Find the Roto Revolution at these retailers:
    Toys R Us:

  2. Can you guys at Hot Wheels please make a BOOMco and Hotwheels crossover? A pull back car that shot darts would be really fun. Thanks big fan of the Mattel stuff!

  3. This was amazing plz make a jake paul lamborghini or his tesla blood shark or rainbrow his Ford focus!!!!! Plz plz plz

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