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Upper Iowa River: Florenceville Park Access to 370th St

Upper Iowa River: Florenceville Park Access to 370th St

Respect the Upper Iowa River during your paddling
trip by following these suggestions. Respect private property by understanding
the Upper Iowa River is a meandered river, so river users only have public access to
float on the water surface and the stream bed and banks are private property. Plan ahead for extreme weather, hazards, emergencies. Travel in smaller groups (4-6) and camp on
durable surfaces in designated campsites on public land or campgrounds. Dispose of waste properly by packing it in
and packing it out. Leave what you find the rocks and plants are
happy where they are. Minimize campfire impacts by completely putting
out fires and only start a fire when permitted. Respect wildlife by observing wildlife from
a distance, do not approach animals in the wild. Be considerate of other river users and respect
the quality of their experience. Remember it is required to register canoes
or kayaks over 13 feet. DAMS are Dangerous! NEVER attempt to go over them. Life jackets save lives Life jackets save lives!

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