20 thoughts on “WARNING: Don’t Let The Dealership Steal From You – Used Car Buying Tips

  1. Your so right about paying attention to taxes and fees. When I got my car about 2 months ago the taxes, fees, and registration cost $950 more on top of the car cost. Make sure to account for fees after buying in your budget!

  2. Jarrad congrats on over 4,200 subscribers! Thanks for the car buying tips. The biggest tip, let them you ain’t no sucka!

  3. Just purchase mine a month ago. It was love at first sight, bells and whistles included. LOL. I figured if I drop dead today my sister with whom I do not get along is my next of kin, pretty sure she will be buying a whole lotta things with my $$ I didn't think I could afford. Although not the smartest buy, lately I've been worried about dying and having some one else enjoy my $$$. (no kids and I save 70% of my salary)

  4. Thank goodness that my car is still doing good. I have a couple of little repairs that need to get done but I still need to start saving for a new one.

  5. Great content Jarrad..one more tip…if you're an airhead about cars and absolutely know you'll get ripped off send one of your younger male friends in to make the deal for you…

  6. I’m really glad my hubs knows so much about cars. I shouldn’t need one for a while, but I can rely on him when the time comes….except that I want a Tesla….and he doesn’t like Tesla’s. 🤣😂🤣😂

  7. Hey Jarrad, great video! I'm doing a mini series on how to start your life out of high school without college, and i really think a lot of your financial tips would be really helpful. Would you be open to doing an interview on that topic? Getting started on your own, getting your first car, how to live cheaply and your end goal would be the topics I'm trying to cover.

  8. I'll admit I am terrible with cars. I buy used, but tbh I don't know much what I'm looking for. Thanks for the vid:)

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  10. Very solid video. All these tips are very important – especially about buying used and not leasing (with certain exemptions).

    I do believe however, there are a couple other things that can be done to ensure you're getting the best possible deal, and save you lots of time in the overall shopping experience.

    – Always shop for financing and have a pre-approval before you let the dealer run credit to beat it

    – Don't buy the car inside the dealership. This is a good way to lose your standing and to waste hours of your time playing their games. Always do all of your negotiation and research ONLINE and only ever go inside a dealership to A. Test drive a car. B. Pick up a car for purchase. You should have an agreement to the Out the door number before you go inside any dealership

    – Always shop as many dealers as you can. Shoot for 50-100 dealers with the same car you're looking for and negotiate all of them to get the best deal available. The best deal isn't gotten from shopping 3-5 dealers.

    – Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection done by either a well reviewed mechanic, or a competitor dealership who does PPI's. Taking a risk on a 5 year old car and not knowing everything that's wrong with it can cost you lots down the road, or the PPI result can be used to renegotiate a better deal if a non-detrimental mechanical issue arises.

    – In over 150 car deals, I've never seen someone truly benefit from an extended warranty or protection plan…. they ALWAYS cost more than the policy pays out.

    – Take your best number that you want to achieve for a certain car, and subtract 1000 off of it.

    – Use car specific forums to find the best year models for a given car

    – As long as you're diligent about a pre-purchase inspection and are going to buy older used cars. Look into salvage title/rebuilt title cars. These will be the best deals on used cars available, and as long as a mechanic verifies the integrity of the vehicle, you will save thousands going with a salvage/rebuilt car.


  11. thoughts on my latest car purchase for a family member. certified used 2015 RAV4 LE w/ 58K miles for $15,495. during recertification process they put on 4 new tires, all new pads, all new rotors, new battery, all new fluids, new toyota oem windshield b/c old one had crack, and touched up all little nicks in paint with toyota oem paint etc.

  12. I never get attached to one vehicle but if I drive one I like I always, always have a mechanic spend an hour inspecting the car with a scan tool & also put it on the lift to check for shoddy repair work or unreported accidents. The $80 cost is worth it, even if u get a thumbs down. I am looking at a 2010 Lexus RX 350 (yup, cash deal). I’ve gotten the all clear from my mechanic but he wants the dealership to replace the rear tires & leaky shock. I won’t make an offer until they take care of these fixes. Even if they do, I’m making them drop the price by $1K or I walk. Car has been on the lot for six weeks & it’s a Honda dealership so I think they’ll bend.

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