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  1. So I don't get why you are including all of the electricity used from midnight to 5am in your video? You are a 'data geek', and you are sill using bad data. On top of that, your mileage vs electricity costs during that period of time are all over the map. It makes no sense. Do you not have air conditioners or heaters in Cali? No late night usage of the stove/oven or dryer? No lights on? No TV? How is a Data Geek going to post two videos using bad data?

  2. If the Tesla hadn't been available, what vehicle would you have bought instead? What vehicle were you driving previously? I ask, because that's what you should be comparing it to. It's well-known that most people who bought Tesla's would never have considered a Mercedes.

  3. I love what Elon Musk is doing but it take serious mental gymnastics to completely ignore all of the family sedans that can get 40+ combined mpg and be far cleaner than the coal fired power plants that provide me with electricity to try and justify the purchase of a Tesla. Their are plenty of reasons to buy one but cost savings isn't one of them yet.

  4. Isn't there a point where the batteries need to be replaced and if so when is that? Or does Tesla do that for free as part of the yearly maintenance when the time comes? What is the cost involved with replacing the batteries and shouldn't that cost be added to the overall maintenance cost of the vehicle?

  5. What kind of energy production facility produces energy for your Tesla a NIGHT TIME?
    How many bicycles or flip flops can be produced for the resources for one Tesla?
    Why did the government bail out Tesla Motors?
    Justify driving to do ANYTHING.

  6. No matter how you compare new vs new or used vs used, gas cars are a lot less. Again as I mentioned before, approximately 50% of the Tesla cost are its batteries. Further, this reduced carbon footprint is also questionable. Look into Nickel, Lithium, Cobalt, etc mining not to mention the rediculous idea that electric cars are 'clean;' visit your local power station (coal or nuclear). China has practically environmentally destroyed parts of their country mining the raw materials; they don't care about environmental impact nor pollution.

    Ideally the future energy is going to be renewable; see algae biofuels (zero net CO2).

    The most comprable car is a Mercedes E Class, the primary difference between the Tesla S are the battery capacities. It's like Mercedes charging an extra $30K for a 25 gallon gas tank over a base 18 gallon. Mercedes offers an $800-$1,200 5 year maintenance option and BMW includes it.

  7. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    What are your thoughts on the coming model III? I'm super excited to see how (if) gets rolled out (400k reservations currently) but I'm worried that we will have to compare it with lower end cars a lot cheaper than the model 3 (30-35k). I mean, I can agree with that mercedes being an equivalent of the model S, but.. Which could be a gas equivalent of a model 3 in terms of "car quality"? It'll probably cost a lot less than 35k, making the fuel savings way less relevant.

    What do you guys think?

  8. Would I save at all if I just drive under 5 miles to work one way each day? I want one for the cool factor and I'm hoping to be able to afford a model 3.

  9. I would think an EV should be good for +20 years, >1,000,000 miles, with just tires and minor maintenance. You might need a batters. At 500K but by that time batteries will be <$10,000. Far less than they are now. My '09 Camry should last another 4 years, but then it'll be EV. Maybe a Tesla 3 or a used S.

  10. Ben, thanks.. I purchased 2x teslas, model x and s. We only pay 5.7 cents per KWh for offpeak in MN… so our savings is crazy over the gas.

  11. High end..? No high tech. A 42k 2016 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (41 city/38 Highway) has everything the Tesla has, except self driving. Try factor these numbers. the thing you're forgetting is that anyone who really cares about the fuel economy, Will probably buy a Fiesta Ecoboost or a Prius/Hybrid. Even a Mercedes C350e claims 45 city and 60 highway. and that cost 46k so the argument of it not being a cheaper to own in its class you might find is bullshit!

  12. Mercedes S class?!?! hahaha that's it. That is where I stop watching this video. Tesla is no where near the luxury of a S class. Get real.

  13. It's still completely wrong though – and I have actual numbers to back up my statement.

    An independent, Danish automotive association actually did a proper test on this, where they included all relevant maintenance and financing cost, as well as fuel, etc. They have been doing this for several years to any car they test, so although there may be variations between your actual result and theirs, much like rated MPG they serve as a very good base of comparison.

    Tesla Model S70D – Tested 2015 costs US$ 1,40 per mile (in Denmark). Registration tax 0%.
    Tesla Model S90D – Tested 2016 costs US$ 2,24 per mile. Registration tax 20%
    Mercedes E 220d aut. costs US$ 1,30 per mile driven. Registration tax 180%

    The Danish vehicle tax system means, that any personal car that isn't propelled exclusively by electricity gets a 180% registration tax and 25% VAT/sales tax applied to its import price – this is slightly simplified so the comment wont be exclusively about the ups and downs of Danish Tax Law. This means, that when danes see cars in Germany or the US, generally we multiply the price by 3 to get our home market price. Electric cars were excempt from registration tax untill 2016, where they had a 20 % registration tax applied. They've always had sales tax applied. Therefore, this comparison – even though it shows the Teslas being more expensive – is wildly in favor of the Teslas, due to the taxation system, as the cost per mile factor in financing costs, insurance, and so on. Even then, the Teslas are much more expensive, mainly due to depreciation. The vehicles were all given the same 5/6 score for the complete test, by the way – which is aligned with my perception of the vehicles also.

    I assume that your electricity consumption data is still originating from the wildly inaccurate source of nightly vs total electricity bill, which may include the dish washer, but may exclude the Tesla charging at other hours. You also make assumptions about depreciations in this video, that makes no sense. You are happy for the fact that you saved 50 % on a used Tesla, yet you want the assumption to apply that the depreciation of a Tesla will be the same as the most iconic car on the planet? This makes no sense. A used Mercedes is usually around 6-7 years old, when it finally goes below 50% of new price on a used car market, even with insanely high milage. For an S-class it may even be older. Teslas on used car markets here are typically sitting unsold at 50% of new price, even though they are only 2-3 years old and have done very, very few miles. Or in other words, where a Mercedes would be sold as a "demo car" from a dealership at maybe 85% original MSRP, the Teslas are down to less than 50%.

    I also don't understand the comparison of MPG. An S400h consumes 35 MPG. Should you opt for an S class diesel, it's 41 MPG and if you can settle for an E class, which is much more like a Tesla than the S class – you can get up to 57 MPG. So 20 MPG seems heavily in favor of the Tesla. That being said, we don't really have the S500 in the same way – as you can imagine with the taxation system, a car like that becomes stupidly expensive, so those are often leased instead, which changes the math completely. I wouldn't compare it to an S class either though: Remember that the S class has an endless list of features not present in Teslas anywhere, and that up untill recently, Teslas had many places where the quality "stopped" and some cheap solution was patched in – something you'd never experience in an S class even three decades ago.

    The new E-class from the comparison above has a substancially better interior than a Tesla, the quality is much better. It's very quiet (almost to the point of the Tesla), obviously not as fast, does have autopilot-like ACC (only more responsible), has significantly longer range and takes much less time to refuel and the fuel costs are very low for a car of that segment. And it is a "normal" car, like the Tesla is, not a limousine designed to be the pinnacle of automotive engineering. Hence it's my choice for the comparison. I could also have gone with something like a Volkswagen Passat GTE (hybrid), but I feel that's unfair as those vehicles often have very bloated MPG numbers due to the test cycles here. Those are also high quality cars, comparable in interior albeit with slightly fewer features, and they cost around 1/3 of a Tesla (and remember, they get 180% car tax, Teslas get only 20% at the moment), even though they can be used as electric cars in day to day driving, but still have unlimited range as they have ICEs in them also. Those are stated at 155 MPG. I feel that that comparison would be unfair, but a Mercedes E class is a similar, ICE powered, similar featured and also expensive "premium" car as well.

    I am absolutely no Mercedes fan, I find them way overpriced (as I do with Teslas), but in my opinion, a Tesla Model S cannot hold a candle to a Mercedes S class – it's like comparing first class in a commercial jet to a private jet; yes, the Tesla is fancy, but the attention to detail is miles off from the best premium vehicles of the German brands.

    And I would really like Teslas to be cheaper to run, as it should be based on electric cars in general (simpler technology, less maintenance, 80% fuel-to-road efficiency vs. 22-30% for ICEs), but Teslas are very expensive cars, and the depreciation is insane because they are the car version of an iPhone – they're constantly updated, so last years model isn't interesting. People are much better served with the truth, than with random fiction.

    Finally, I want to add a disclaimer; I am very pro-electric cars. I would love not standing out in the cold refuelling my car, not to mention saving the gas tax (yes, we have tax on #!¤&!# everything here) and I would especially like refuelling my car from our solar panels at practically zero cost. While I dislike the Model X, I love the Model S from the looks and think it's sexy as hell. I am not in any way trying to bring it down, but I have this OCD-like thing about numbers and comparisons, and how they need to be accurate and representative. 🙂

  14. wow great video i was thinking about 7 to 8 k per year .more reason get rid off my 9 gas cars .hopefully my order for the model 3 is ready that would really make a big change . especially savings

  15. You sound like Tesla fan boy with shady statistics. Forgot about battery replacement (25k or 55k depends on capacity) witch you will have to do especially if its used already..

    And i don't see any valid reason to compare it with Mercedess – People who drive Mercedeses don't care about savings, People like me who drive with used German cars who only cost 3-5k does, In my country we don't have any discounts on electricity or rebates on electric cars, cheap electric car costs around 25-30K + add batery replacement (1/3 of car price) after like 5-7years, there is no real world scenario where electric car is cheaper then ICE car..

  16. Awesome! I live in a country where the electricity is even cheaper and gas is even more expensive and I plan on adding some solar panels to my house. Imagine those savings then! Just awesome car! And to take into account that this is also one of the fastest cars out there (beaten only by limited production supercars) is just insane!

  17. We're paying 23 Eurocent per KWh, most of which is tax and transport costs, in The Netherlands. Gas is like €1.50 per liter which converts to like in the neighborhood of $6 / gallon.

  18. It is the greatest car ever made? I doubt it. Tech is great but interior fit and finish is not so great and cant even compare with BMW 3 series let alone Mercedes S class. I hope tesla will improve this on their 2nd gen model S. Camry door interior is better than tesla model S. Then theres no center console (now there is). Then there are no sun guard on panaroma roof (automated) we have to manually install a cover. Issues are endless.

  19. It is only a "high end" car because that is what they charge for it… They need to bring these costs down where an average consumer can afford it and THEN it will make an impact.

  20. bull shit compare it to a high end accord lease or a budget bmw lease. sorry did you include the cost of the charging station installed in your house? i get it high end products are about the value you place on ownership but a fucking car is transport, your ass doesn't care half as much as your ego says it does.

  21. Great car, but I would never buy anything from a company that treats it's workers as 18th century slaves…
    You buy a car from Tesla, you support slave labour… pure and simple.

  22. Tesla is not cheap!Basic is 60k with 250 mile range and cheap interior plastics and shitty interior! You can get brand new very luxurious Mercedes E class for 50k and 10 will be left for 10 years on gas!!!with 5 year free warranty!!!

  23. $600 a year maintenance?! Christ! I can put my own wiper blades, washer fluid and brake pads on the car with ease… there's no way that's worth their $600 charge.

  24. The cost of owning a Tesla comes down to cost of energy. Are you trying to use the randomly placed and oftentimes totally full Superchargers? If you can find space to charge and you use them often then no doubt owning a Tesla can be cost effective. If you paid for solar panels on your house ($25k – $55k) and it provides 100% of your power needs including the Tesla then agin the cost of ownership is near nil. However, if the aforementioned doesn’t fit your lifestyle then get ready to shell out for energy. Know your energy costs…know your ownership costs.

  25. Awesome video! I'm saving up for a Tesla myself. I'm documenting every week on my channel. Feel free to check it out! Great video. Keep up the good work!

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